10 best Marvel director movies outside the MCU, according to Rotten Tomatoes

During its 13-plus-year reign, the MCU has made superstars not only of its cast, but of its formidable line of directors as well. And in the same way, they’ve also helped make the MCU the greatest franchise on the planet. One of the many things that have helped the franchise flourish so well is its diversity of directors and writers. Since he doesn’t depend on one person (except maybe Kevin Feige), he’s also less risky.

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The journey began with Jon Favreau who directed the first Iron Man film and since then many other directors have joined and left the scene. For many of them, the MCU will be the highlight of their careers, while others will continue to work on even more exciting projects if they haven’t already. The list below features some of their best movies that prove that making superhero movies isn’t the only thing they’re good at.

ten Joe and Anthony Russo – Cherry (2021) – 36%

Tom Holland in Cherry starring

It would have been nearly impossible to cross or even reach the heights the Russo Brothers reached with historic blockbusters. Infinity war and End of Game, But cherry was a bigger flop than anyone expected of them.

A crime drama starring the MCU’s Tom Holland, it tells the story of an Army veteran suffering from PTSD who begins committing crimes to fuel his drug addiction. It was based on the book of the same name by author Nico Walker, whose life was the main inspiration for the story.

9 Scott Derrickson: Sinister (2012) – 63%

Ethan Hawke as Ellison Oswalt in Sinister

A scientific study that measured the heart rates of viewers while watching horror movies came to the conclusion that Sinister is the scariest horror movie of all time. Many people will surely disagree as they usually do when it comes to final rankings like this, but the results of the experiment speak volumes. Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson’s strength as a horror writer / director.

Inspired by the real-life nightmares of co-writer C. Robert Cargill, Sinister focuses on an author and his family as they move into a haunted house and uncover its terrible secrets.

8 Taika Waititi: Jojo Rabbit (2019) – 80%

Taika Waititi and Roman Griffin Davis in Jojo Rabbit

Anyone who has seen Taika Waititi’s films will know that he enjoys making appearances in the films he directs, either physically or through a character’s voice (which happened in Thor: Ragnarok). Jojo Rabbit is no different either, in which Waititi takes on the role of none other than Hitler himself, who in the film is a manifestation of the thoughts of the titular character Jojo.

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A 10-year-old living in Nazi Germany, he learns to disobey the ideals imposed on him when he finds a Jewish refugee who takes refuge in his home.

7 Jon Watts: Cop Car (2015) – 81%

Kevin Bacon Cop Car J Jonah Jameson Spider-Man

At the hands of Jon Watts, MCU’s Spider-Man The trilogy was a big hit, but the director wasn’t always so lucky when it came to attracting audiences. Cop car, his second film, produced with a budget of $ 5 million, was a massive flop that grossed less than $ 150,000.

Starring Kevin Bacon as a corrupt sheriff, it’s two young boys who steal a cop car. They soon discover that there is a man tied up in the trunk of the car and are hunted down by the sheriff so that he can erase the traces of his misdeeds.

6 Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck: Mississippi Grind (2015) – 91%

Besides the Russo Brothers, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are the only directorial duo in the MCU to have co-wrote and directed. Captain marvel together. Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn play two players in Mississippi Grind who have embarked on a road trip across South America for a high-profile game of poker in New Orleans where they hope to change luck once and for all.

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It was produced by A24, a household name in the independent film industry, and although it was highly hailed as a great dramatic film, it was a box office discouragement.

5 Shane Black: The Nice People (2016) – 91%

Ryan Gosling and Hugh Jackman in The Nice Guys

Shane Black’s Iron man 3 remains one of the lowest-rated MCU movies (although the second movie didn’t fare better either), but at least it ended the Iron Man trilogy.

Written by him, Deadly weapon is one of the many buddy movies that defined the Hollywood landscape in the late 1900s, and The nice guys try to find the feeling of that time. Set in the late 1970s, it stars Russell Crowe as a private performer and Ryan Gosling as an alcoholic detective in search of a missing girl.

4 Jon Favreau: The Jungle Book (2016) – 94%

Since Iron Man, Jon Favreau achieved many other successes for Disney, namely The Mandalorian and two remakes of classic Disney films.

One of the many live-action combined with heavy CGI remakes that Disney has started producing in recent years, The jungle Book is a tale of the classic story of Mowgli and his adventures with a jungle full of animals. It includes a set of voice actors that includes Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, and Scarlett Johansson.

3 Cate Shortland: Lore (2012) – 94%

Saskia Rosendahl, Kai Malina, Nele Trebs, André Frid and other child actors in WWII drama Lore

If things had gone as planned, Cate Shortland’s Black Widow the movie would have been released a long time ago, but unfortunately it wasn’t. The pandemic has destroyed the release schedule of every movie studio on the planet, and this movie was just one of many casualties.

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A German language film set against the backdrop of the end of World War II, Traditions revolves around five siblings abandoned by their parents and forced to travel the country in search of a safe place.

2 Chloé Zhao: Nomadland (2020) – 94%

Frances McDormand in a field in Nomadland

The Eternals is still months away from its release, but director Chloe Zhao has already made history with Nomadland, which recently won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director. Besides Kathryn Bigelow, she is only the second woman in 93 years of Oscar history to win in this category.

Written, directed, produced and even edited by Zhao, the film tells the story of a woman who adopts the nomadic culture after having lost everything in her life. Nomads are people who live nowhere and are constantly traveling from one place to another.

1 Ryan Coogler: Creed (2015) – 95%

michael b jordan belief

With Creed, Ryan Coogler has completely revamped the Rocky franchise at a time when he was starting to look like he had reached the end of his life line. The new films took the series in a newer and fresher direction, which is exactly what it needed, this time focusing on Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis Creed, while Rocky himself played a supporting role.

This was the second collaboration between Coogler and Michael B. Jordan, the third being the Black Panther who produced one of the best MCU villains in recent years.

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