10 Comic Book Stories That Could Be Used In The Disney + Show

With Loki Getting closer and closer to finally appearing on Disney +, fans are still wondering what to expect from the new series. The trailers have dropped several clues, most of which are incredibly open to interpretation. What’s clear is that Loki is embroiled in time-traveling shenanigans, and that means almost anything – from the MCU and beyond – is possible.

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Loki has been a part of dozens of stories in the comics, some big and some small. But that doesn’t make these little stories any less impactful. The fundamental premise of Loki offers the ability to play out many of these stories, some of which would be incredible to see on screen.

ten Acts of revenge

While Loki hasn’t done anything right in the comics on several occasions, Acts of revenge could be his crowning achievement. In disguise, he convinced the various Marvel villains to swap heroes and fight them. It was mostly for his personal amusement.

It’s an interesting storyline that could play out in the MCU with Loki handling the few villains still alive. It might be fun to watch Thor fight the Abomination, although Zemo may want to avoid that situation and go up against Hawkeye.

9 Trick Silver Surfer into fighting Thor

The Silver Surfer is one of those characters fans have been waiting for in the MCU. While he didn’t make his War on Thanos debut, fans are also hoping they won’t have to wait for the Fantastic Four movie to arrive. Loki could be the place.

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At one point in the comics, Loki manipulated the Silver Surfer into fighting Thor. Keeping in mind that the version of Loki in the Disney + series is younger with hostility directed at his brother, he might be more inclined to send a threat like the Surfer in his own way.

8 The classic story of Frog Thor

Thor Frog

While Loki longs for power and constantly seeks the throne of Asgard, his main motivation in the comics has long been to simply play with Thor. And when those two goals come together, it makes Loki a happy God of Evil.

One of the strangest stories was Loki’s odyssey turning Thor into a frog and sending him on an absurd journey involving a war between frogs and rats. It was even referenced in Thor: Ragnarok, but time-traveling Loki might end up seeing the prank again.

7 Accidental creation of Wrecker

Loki doesn’t always intentionally cause trouble. A confusion with one of her allies, named Karnilla the Norn Queen, ended with the granting of powers to a former construction worker. He became an overpowered villain named Wrecker, who in turn created an evil team named Wrecking Crew.

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It would be good for the MCU if this story happened. Their general world lacks regular villains, as many of them don’t survive the movie they debuted in. Having the Wrecking Crew, or at least Wrecker, around could do wonders for the overall storytelling process.

6 Loki’s trials

loki to thor ragnarok

Every hero and villain has some origin, even Loki. Loki’s trials showed fans a little more in-depth look at what turned him from a fun-loving young god to a murderous evil god.

Loki It actually offers him a great opportunity to explore these origins. He could easily time travel to relive those moments and give MCU fans the chance to see what motivates him to do what he does.

5 His strange feud with Deadpool

Loki tells Deadpool he's a comic

Every MCU Disney + series and movie is riddled with endless rumors and speculation online about when the Mutants will debut. Deadpool is a likely candidate to make the first jump to the old Fox X-Men cinematic universe. He’s the only character to have firmly announced an MCU movie.

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But there is an extremely strange relationship between Loki and Deadpool in the comics. At one point, there was even a storyline that briefly pointed out that Loki was Deadpool’s father. Playing this could be a fun way to bring Deadpool into the MCU.

4 Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers

thor and loki blood brothers

Not all comic book stories featuring Loki have been printed. Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers was a 2011 animated comic book produced and published by Marvel Knights Animation. He introduced Loki as the ruler of Asgard, trying to dominate the Nine Realms.

Time travel isn’t usually limited to a trip down memory lane. Loki might end up traveling to his own future and discovering the reality of Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers I’m waiting for him. The only question is whether he will like what he sees.

3 Kid Loki could debut

Kid loki

It’s not uncommon for comic book characters to find themselves in absurd storylines over time. Loki is certainly no exception. At one point, he seemed to be getting younger himself, although the truth of that was much more complicated.

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This could be a great bow to watch play in the Loki series on Disney +. This forced a heavy introspection on the evil God, enabling him to learn more about himself and his place in the universe.

2 Loki: Agent of Asgard


Part of young Loki’s journey to become a better god was to make up for his past sins against Asgard himself. The All-Mothers gave him the opportunity to become an agent of Asgard, solving mysteries and eliminating threats. Each time he did this, another sin was forgiven.

This path of penance and contrition could suit the series perfectly. Working for Asgard’s benefit would be a much different experience for Loki, especially his version of this series which dates from the run-up to his reconciliation with Thor.

1 Lady Loki arrives

Lady Loki 4 (1)

After the events of Ragnarok, Asgard was gone. But Thor would return and begin the process of rebuilding Asgard in Oklahoma. To be precise, several meters above Oklahoma. Loki would eventually return as well, albeit in Lady Sif’s body.

Based on what has been shown in the trailers for Loki, there is a distinct possibility that Lady Loki is on the way. Hopefully that’s the case because this iteration of Loki is both interesting and engaging, and is definitely a fan favorite.

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