10 Marvel Characters Could Switch Genders For The MCU

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From the first days of the mcu, Kevin Feige and the rest of Marvel Studios have been working hard to bring movie, TV and streaming audiences a new and fresh Marvel experience. Often this involves alternate portrayals of classic characters.

Instead of making every story and every character as accurate as possible, the studio put their own spin on things. Whether it’s altering characters’ backstories, giving them comedic styles, or creating entirely new characters, the MCU has become something that stands apart from its comedic inspirations.

As Feige and company continue to fashion a unique MCU from the comics, it’s not uncommon for them to switch characters’ genders. The Ancient One, Mar-Vell, Taskmaster, Karl Morgenthau, Ghost, Ajak, and Makkari were male characters in the comics but played by women in the MCU. All in all, they’re all important but supporting characters, but now is the time for a marquee name to be gender-swapped for the big screen. On that note, here are 10 breakthrough characters who might be perfect for a female lead with roots straight out of Marvel Comics.

10. Mr. Sinister

There’s so much reason to believe that Mister Sinister will be the X-Men’s first major villain when they debut in the MCU. Actor Jon Hamm recently confirmed he was in talks to play the character before Disney bought Fox, and he says he’s open to taking on the role. Sinister also had a more comedic personality makeover in the House X comics in 2019, which happened to be around the same time Disney bought Fox and all of its properties. It was recently announced that next year Sinister will be starring in his own crossover, sins of disasterand that could be the proverbial icing on the cake.

In the comics, the former Nathaniel Essex happens to have a female double of himself. As the story goes, Sinister planned his own death. In a moment of pure comic book logic, he managed to turn his DNA into a virus, which he injected into a human test subject, Claudine Renko. When Sinister died, he activated the virus, effectively copying all of her traits onto her DNA and causing her to become Miss Sinister.

9. Black Panther

Marvel Studios has unveiled its spellbinding Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer at San Diego Comic-Con. The footage revealed Namor the Submariner and his Atlantean army as well as Ironheart herself, Riri Williams. The real mystery is who will be the next Black Panther? Kevin Feige has said the studio will not be recasting the role of T’Challa after Chadwick Boseman’s death. This has led to theories about which character will hoist the banner.

Most experts tend to agree that the most likely candidates are Shuri and Okoye. The comics saw Shuri take over as Black Panther in 2009 Dark Reign crossover event. The wakanda forever The trailer teased just enough of the new Black Panther to keep us guessing, so it could be anyone under the mask.

8. Kang

Of course, Kang would have a female counterpart. After all, the time-traveling interdimensional Conqueror has a wide range of variants, ranging from genius kids to old men and everything in between. This includes versions of Kang that are good, bad, and somewhere in the middle. With so many variations of all shapes and sizes, it makes sense that some worlds spawned female Kangs.

Kang was combined with some surprising choices to make for interesting female Kangs. One possibility for the MCU is Kamala Kang, a variant of Kamala Khan who became Kang the Conqueror of his dimension. There was also a Sue Storm-Kang mashup in the Ultimate Universe. Once the Fantastic Four is established under the Marvel Studios banner, this Sue from an alternate future might be in line for a live-action debut.

7. Venom

What does Marvel Studios have in store for Venom? Symbiote fans were extremely disappointed when this on-screen Tom Hardy/Tom Holland reunion was pushed aside for a cheap laugh in the post-credits scene for Spider-Man: No Coming Home. However, after Eddie Brock was shot in The infinity saga, it was referred to the Sony verse. Upon exiting, Venom left behind a piece of the symbiote. There is supposedly a leak No coming home artwork featuring the black suit crawling over Holland who lit the beacons.

Between Hardy and Spiderman 3from Topher Grace, fans have already seen two male Venoms. Marvel Studios may be looking for a sea change, and that could come in the form of She-Venom. The first one Venom The 2018 film teased the character when Eddie’s ex-wife, Anne Weying, briefly carried the Venom symbiote. This comes straight from the comics as Anne was briefly possessed by Venom. The ordeal was so traumatic for her that she later committed suicide.

6. Deadpool

There’s no doubt that Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. Feige said we’ll see Reynolds return as “Merc with a Mouth” in Dead Pool 3, a film that the head of Marvel has added will be rated R. Given the state of the MCU and the great importance of the multiverse, it would not be surprising if Deadpool took a hilarious journey through time and space as he had done in the comics. . Along the way, he might venture into other dimensions where he would encounter a few female versions of himself.

The most obvious choice is Deadpool’s wife, Wanda Wilson, aka Lady Deadpool of Earth-3010. However, there is a more interesting choice lurking in the comics. As her name suggests, Gwenpool is a variant of Gwen Stacy hailing from Earth-TRN565. In fact, Deadpool discovered her during his parody story, Deadpool’s Secret Wars. Gwenpool is just as crazy and comedic as the original, and they would make a great bloodthirsty buddy-cop pairing.

5. Moon Knight

The world learned about Marvel’s first Egyptian superhero, the Scarlet Scarab, when Layla El-Faouly became the avatar of Taweret in moon knight. Until then, the show hinted that Layla could succeed her husband, Marc Spector, as the next Fist of Khonshu. After the final, Layla was committed to Taweret while Marc/Steven was back alongside Khonshu. However, that doesn’t mean a female Moon Knight isn’t on the table, and there have been multiple versions in the comics.

One of the most famous occurred during the Infinity War crossover event. Created by Magus, the evil version of Adam Warlock, Moon Shade was sent across the multiverse to absorb all variants of Moon Knight. Moon Shade ventured through dimensions to find all versions of Moon Knight, which included two women, Crescent Moon and the Moon Knight mermaid, Moon Maid. It feels like a plot point for a second season, especially since it fits perfectly into The Multiverse Saga.

Speaking of the multiverse, there are strong indications that the world of Earth-928 will finally come to the MCU. We’ve already encountered Spider-Man 2099 in the Into the Spider-Verse post-credits scene, and he’ll be a featured character in next year’s sequel, Through the Spider-Verse. Do not forget this Loki hinted at the Marvel 2099 universe, and it’s led to many theories that we’ll eventually see Earth-928 one way or another. If we do, it could lead to the future Moon Knight, known simply as Tabitha.

It doesn’t stop there. In an alternate reality tale, Marc Spector died of cancer and his daughter inherited the mantle. As a trained martial artist and archaeologist, Jessica Spector carried on the legacy of Moon Knight.

4. Daredevil

Ever since the Netflix Daredevil universe was introduced to the modern MCU, fans have been eager for Charlie Cox to appear in costume. Over the next few phases, we’ll be stocking up on Daredevil as he’s set to make several appearances en route to his own series, Daredevil: Born Again. While we know Cox will be under the mask leading up to this moment, there’s no telling he’ll be the only DD when it comes to premieres.

Two years ago, the comics saw Matt Murdock imprisoned for his vigilante escapades. In his absence, Elektra took over the role of Daredevil, and she has remained in that role ever since. It could be on the agenda born again with Elodie Yung behind the mask at the end of the show.


The vast Spider-Verse and the seemingly limitless number of variations of Spider-Man lend themselves to plenty of options for Spidey. We saw a version of this in Into the Spider-Verse with anime-inspired Penni Parker and, more importantly, Spider-Gwen. We got to see an MCU adaptation of Gwen Stacy from Earth-65, who was bitten by the radioactive spider, rather than Peter Parker. Don’t forget that there is a Spider-Girl, Mayday Parker, who is Peter and Mary Jane’s daughter on Earth-982.

2. Doctor Doom

In the alternate reality of Earth-99315, Doctor Doom is considered a hero. Although it is unclear if he is a combination of Reed Richards and traditional Doom, in this dimension Victor Von Doom is the leader of the Fantastic Four. Replacing Mister Fantastic, Victor marries Sue Storm and the two raise a child together, Valeria Von Doom. However, it is not their biological child.

On Earth-616, Reed and Sue conceived a child while in the Negative Zone. Because of this, the unborn child Valeria began to emit radiation. Despite their best efforts, the couple could not save their baby and she was stillborn. Her brother, omega-level mutant Franklin Richards, was so grieved by Valeria’s death that he wanted her alive and sent her body to another dimension, where she was raised by Earth-99315 Victor. and Sue Von Doom. Years later, Valeria Von Doom traveled to Earth-616 to meet her biological parents.

It would be an interesting twist for Marvel to use in the The Fantastic Four franchise. Having the daughter of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman become the Marvel-616 Doctor Doom would be a moment from left field.

1. Wolverine

The character most likely to be gender-swapped in the MCU’s future is Wolverine, and fans of the X-Men movies have come across her before.

Chances are Taron Egerton will be the next Wolverine. The actor has confirmed he’s spoken with Marvel Studios about this specific role, so it’s likely a matter of time before the official announcement is made. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t eventually see female Wolverine Laura Kinney.

As we saw in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine sendoff movie, Logan, the most popular X-Man has a number of clones. The best known of these clones is Laura, aka X-23. After Marvel Comics Death of Wolverine in 2014, she dropped the X-23 name and took over the mantle from Wolverine. After Logan returned from the dead, the two have since shared the codename. It’s not impossible for a similar story to unfold in the MCU.

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