10 Period Dramas With A Romantic Dilemma Like Persuasion

Persuasion finally hit Netflix this month after months of anticipation from fans of the period drama and is the third adaptation of Jane Austen’s acclaimed novel. Starring Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot, the film takes fans on an adventure as she faces the decision of whether to leave her resurfaced lost love Fredrick or give him one more chance.

The romance flick reignited viewers’ love for those all-important romantic dilemmas that period dramas are known for and encouraged fans to seek out more love stories that left their characters and fans guessing. Here are 10 period dramas with romantic dilemmas guaranteed to leave you screaming at the screen!


ten The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

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The other Boleyn girl stars Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson as the two Boleyn sisters, known to history buffs due to Anne’s marriage to Henry VIII, which ultimately led to her beheading. The film shows the two sisters as they both attempt to woo the king and ultimately become the next queen, with the plot focusing solely on a romantic dilemma.

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The film stays close to typical period drama by showing how women’s lives were usually dictated by their fathers and eventually their husbands, with the sisters choosing between their bond or a romance with the king. The other Boleyn girl is a fiery drama that puts family relationships to the test and through incredible performances, acts as a cautionary tale that family should always come before love.

9 Titanic (1997)

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Titanic tells one of cinema’s most epic love stories to date that left fans in tears before they realized Jack and Rose’s romance was inspired by a true story. Rose may have boarded the Titanic as an engaged woman, but she had to decide whether to fall in love with a poor man or save her family’s status by entering into a loveless marriage.

The chemistry between Jack and Rose was undeniable from the moment they met and resulted in some memorable scenes, with many referencing Rose’s famous “paint me like one of your French girls” line. However, their romance constantly saw Rose torn between true love and her loyalty to her family as the film explored the role of wealth in relation to marriage, providing fans with a period drama that contained many moral and romantic dilemmas.

8 The Favorite (2018)

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The favourite reinvented the way viewers thought about the monarchy by delivering a hilarious and fun depiction of royal life through the story of Queen Anne as she fell ill. In her illness, her closest aide Sarah takes over but soon finds herself in love competition with her cousin Abigail as the pair fight for the Queen’s attention.

The two cousins ​​have a tumultuous relationship centered around who is the Queen’s favourite, which has many fans squirming as they watch the two women go above and beyond to achieve Queen Anne’s love. This led to the pair finding themselves in a dilemma of whether to get rid of each other (however they know how) or call a truce, making it a comedy extravagant too. brutal than funny!

seven Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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Pride and Prejudice may contain some of the best costumes from any Jane Austen adaptation, but it was the unlikely romance between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy that really captivated fans due to its famous enemies-to-lovers trope.

This romantic film played with the idea of ​​class with Mr. Darcy seeing Elizabeth and her family as below him and in a turn of events sees her rejecting and scolding him. The pair build a reputation for bickering, which results in them both having their own doubts about their obvious love for each other and whether they can overcome their pride and prejudice.

6 Poldark (2015-2019)

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The romance between Demelza and Ross may have captured the hearts of fans, but it was Demelza’s brother Drake and his romance with Morwenna that led to the ultimate dilemma. After falling in love with Drake, Morwenna is forced to marry Reverend Whitworth when George accuses Drake of theft due to his ongoing feud with Poldark.

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Morwenna’s story ranges from heartwarming to heartbreaking, with many fans holding George responsible for the abuse she suffered while saving Drake’s life. The dilemma she faced offered fans an accurate depiction of how women and marriage were handled in the 18th century and ultimately resulted in applause from fans as Morwenna finally got her happy ending at the reverend’s expense. Whitworth.

5 Dickinson (2019-2021)

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Dickinson is one of the best original television shows to grace AppleTV and explores the constraints placed on women in the 19th century through the eyes of Emily Dickinson as she delves into a less-than-simple romance with Sue Gilbert.

Their relationship begins as a friendship and slowly turns into something more romantic, but the two characters must decide whether to continue or follow the norm. Their relationship is a complicated relationship that fans have praised for its LGBTQ+ storyline while simultaneously encouraging Emily and Sue to stay true to their love rather than pleasing those around them.

4 Far from the Madding Crowd (2015)

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The 2015 version of Far from the madding crowd sought to revamp the 1967 film and tells the story of Bathsheba as she finds herself being chased by three very different men, but it’s not without its problems.

Throughout the romance film, viewers get to know each suitor alongside Bathsheba and can’t wait for her to marry the right man. However, the conundrum as to who will be the better husband sees her prioritizing lust over love which ultimately is the wrong decision and has led many viewers to seek out the charming Mr. Oak to inevitably save her life. miserable with Seargent Troy. Luckily for the fans, it was Mr. Boldwood who gave them the happiness they wanted for Bathsheba.

3 Little Women (2019)

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Little woman first hit the big screen in 1994, but returned in 2019 with a star-studded cast that captivated fans just as much as the first film. The film follows the March girls as they grow into women and decide who to marry alongside what they want from their future, but Jo and Amy find themselves at the center of a love triangle.

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The romance between Laurie, Jo and Amy is a major plot point in the film and is the source of many heartbreaking scenes, with fans feeling empathy for all three characters, but especially Amy, who longs for Laurie. . Laurie often makes Amy feel like a second option while Jo shuns her for her freedom, creating a dilemma where each character must choose between love and logic.

2 Emma (2020)

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Emma is by far Anya Taylor-Joy’s best film, as she takes on the role of a matchmaker and continually tries to set her friends up with single suitors, which leaves her in a tough spot.

While the film provides fans with tongue-in-cheek period drama, it also contains many moving scenes, the most notable showing Emma in tears as Mr Knightley asks for her hand in marriage. Emma is then faced with the question of whether to go through with it or tell her friend Harriet who is also in love with Mr Knightley, showing how horribly wrong pairing can be, especially when it affects her life. in love.

1 Bridgerton (2020- )

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Bridgerton sparked something of a cultural phenomenon when it hit Netflix in 2020 and its second season proved to be just as popular as the first. The series follows the Bridgerton family as they seek to find the one, but it was Anthony who was faced with the dilemma of all dilemmas when he had to choose between the Sharma sisters.

The chemistry between Kate and Anthony was off the charts, although the couple had a strained relationship as Kate was proudly independent and didn’t quite fit the standard of a bride, unlike her sister. But fans were happy when Anthony chose his heart over his head. Many swooned over his unforgettable speech at the end.

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