10 Teen Wolf Villains, Ranked By How Bad Their Plans Are

Paramount’s announcement of a new Teen Wolf The film has created a lot of buzz and fans of the series have high expectations for the villains in the film. The Teen Wolf is famous for the cold, ruthless villains who relentlessly tormented Scott McCall’s pack and the entire town of Beacon Hills. These villains would do anything to achieve their goals, but some were more malevolent than others, often going the extra mile in their plots and intrigues, oblivious to anyone around them.

Sometimes those plans were small and other times they were big, but without a doubt, these villains and their diabolical plots made the series a fan favorite. It’s unclear how many villains will return for the film, but these are the ones remembered for their unique brand of villainy.


ten Matt Daehler

He presented himself as an innocent photographer and lacrosse player, but he was responsible for the death of Mr Lahey and the ongoing murders of the 2006 Beacon Hills High swim team. As Master of Kinama (Jackson Whittmore), he killed many innocent people, including several Deputy Sheriffs.

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Matt wasn’t overtly cruel, but he was quite good at plotting and manipulating. He was able to hide his involvement in the murders for a long time and even went to great lengths to keep the sheriff off his trail. Although his murders began as a righteous vendetta, he slowly evolved into a heartless villain, willing to do anything for revenge and cover his tracks.

9 The Desert Wolf

desert wolf teen wolf mtv

Corrinne, better known as The Desert Wolf, was a little villain, but her actions were cruel enough to leave a mark on audiences. Angered by the loss of her were-coyote powers to her daughter (Malia Tate), she attempted to kill her twice, and one of those attempts resulted in the death of the adoptive mother and sister. from Malia.

Corrinne was a heartless assassin and cold-blooded murderer who had no value for human life. His plans didn’t have a massive effect on the heroes, but they definitely affected his daughter, who spent eight years living as a coyote and struggled with the deaths of her adoptive mother and sister. Corrinne may have played a small role, but she will always be remembered as the mother who plotted to kill her daughter for power.

8 Peter Hale

Ian Bohen as Peter Hale in Teen Wolf

Peter Hale was Teen Wolfis the first villain, and he kicked off most of the series’ initial events. After recovering from the severe burns he suffered in the Hale house fire, he killed his niece (Laura Hale) and stole her Alpha power. In an effort to create a pack that will live up to his expectations, he turned Scott into a werewolf and activated Lydia’s banshee powers. He was also behind Deadpool‘s hit list in Season 4 and attempted to steal Scott’s Alpha powers.

Initially a selfish and reckless opportunist, he was known to lie and manipulate others to achieve his ever-changing goals. His many plots were not always successful, but he never failed to cause damage to the heroes and create trouble in Beacon Hills. He eventually turned over a new leaf, but his past projects made him an unforgettable villain.

seven Kate Silver

An image of Kate Argent smiling in Teen Wolf

Kate Argent was a power-hungry hunter and an unhinged demon. A major antagonist for the entire series, she was responsible for the fire that killed the Hale family and burned Peter Hale, thus setting in motion the events that spurred the entire series. She was killed off at the end of Season 1, but was unexpectedly resurrected as a were-jaguar and continued to intrigue until the end.

Kate was obsessed with killing and torturing anything supernatural, but she quickly and hypocritically embraced the life of a supernatural when she was turned. Even though most of her plans were foiled throughout the series, she remained a thorn in the heroes’ flesh, tricking, controlling, and killing others to achieve her goals.

6 Deucalion and the Alpha Pack

Teen Wolf Season 3 Deucalion

The arrival of Deucalion, the Blind Alpha, and his Alpha Pack changed the game. Deucalion wanted a pack of Alphas and he achieved his goals by killing members of his original pack, convincing others to do the same. He planned to create the perfect Alpha pack, one that included a real Alpha (Scott McCall) and he was ruthless in his pursuit.

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Deucalion proved to be a conniving and intelligent villain when he killed Ennis, a member of his own pack, and framed Derek Hale for the murder. He did all of this to destroy Scott’s pack and nearly defeated the heroes. He started out as a good guy, turned into a bad guy, and eventually became a good guy again, but the storylines of his villainous days make him one of the show’s most dangerous villains.

5 Julia Baccari

Julia Baccari, better known as Jennifer Blake or The Darach, is a major antagonist in season 3 of Teen Wolf. After being disfigured and left for dead by Kali, a member of the Alpha Pack, Julia hatched a plan to get revenge on Kali and the rest of the Alpha Pack.

She first pretended to be a normal schoolteacher and carefully carried out her plans in the shadows. As Darach, she performed a series of human sacrifices and killed many innocent people to achieve her goals. The consequence of these sacrifices lingered throughout the series and led to the sad and unexpected death of Allison Argent. There’s no doubt that Julia was a victim, and her decision to get revenge might be justified, but deliberately killing innocent people showed that her plan was more bad than good.

4 Theo Raeken

Theo was a classmate of Scott and Stiles and was the first Chimera created by the Dread Doctors. He plotted to steal Scott’s power and become the Alpha by befriending members of Scott’s pack and turning them against Scott.

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Although he eventually joined the heroes, he was definitely one of the most formidable villains they had ever faced. He managed to tear the pack apart and nearly killed Scott and Malia. Theo’s villainy was well hidden behind his friendly demeanor and reassuring smile, making him one of the show’s most evil villains.

3 The fearsome doctors

Dread Doctors in Teen Wolf

The Dread Doctors were introduced in Season 5. They experimented on teenagers, creating powerful supernatural beings known as Chimeras. They also performed procedures and experiments on several supernatural creatures, all with the goal of resurrecting the world’s perfect killer, the Beast of Gevaudan.

They were cold and emotionless, showing nothing but blind loyalty to their mission and a murderous disregard for any experiment they deemed a failure. After countless gruesome deaths and numerous complications, the Dread Doctors managed to resurrect the Beast, resulting in more deaths in Beacon Hills. Fortunately, their success was short-lived as the Beast was slain by Scott, but the repercussions of their villainous plans lingered until the end of the series.

2 Meredith Walker

Meredith is revealed as the benefactress in Teen Wolf.

She was first introduced as a patient in the Eichen House mental institution, and she occasionally helped Lydia Martin, her fellow Banshee. It was later revealed that her innocent actions were a misdirection and that she was behind the Deadpool of supernatural people/creatures in Season 4 of the show. Although she had the idea for Peter Hale, she ensured its meticulous execution.

During her reign as Benefactor, Meredith manipulated and deceived the heroes, and she also included her name in the Deadpool list to avoid raising suspicion. She pretended to be a helpless spectator, but she was pulling the strings behind the curtains. His execution of the Deadpool resulted in the deaths of many supernaturals and caused a stir in Beacon Hills.

1 Gerard Argent

Arguably one of the baddest old men on TV, Gerard Argent was a well-trained hunter, who had a strong aversion to anything supernatural, but he was willing to become a werewolf when he thought it suited him. would be beneficial. Gerard was an accomplice hypocrite and sociopath who repeatedly murdered anyone who stood in his way.

As an opportunist and manipulator, he constantly used his wealth of knowledge and experience to manipulate the people and situations around him. Gerard was a power-hungry man who was willing to sacrifice his own children to get whatever he wanted. Eventually meeting his end at the hands of his daughter, he was certainly the smartest and most memorable villain of the entire series.

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