10 Things That Make Yelena A Better Black Widow Than Natasha

With the release of Black Widow In 2021, it looks like Natasha Romanoff’s time as actress Scarlett Johansson is over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her adoptive sister Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh, is the new Black Widow (or maybe White Widow). What exactly this means for the Avengers and the MCU at large remains to be seen.

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Yelena Belova is different from Natasha Romanoff in many ways. She has a different personality, a different backstory, and a different position to occupy the MCU in the future. She’s not privy to the same insider information that comes with being an Avenger, which means she has a very different perspective on the events that have since unfolded. Iron Man In 2008.

ten Yelena is incredibly charming and funny

Yelena Belova eats macaroni and cheese in Kate Hawkeye's apartment Episode 5

What stands out most about Yelena is her charisma and sense of humor. While Natasha Romanoff lacked neither quality, Yelena Belova stole just about every scene she was in in both. Black Widow and Disney+ Hawk Eye series. She was really funny in a bubbly but menacing way.

Even as she openly threatened Kate Bishop in Hawk Eye, it was hard not to appreciate his presence. Moreover, her acknowledgment of Kate’s positive qualities showed that Yelena had not gone completely cold since the events of Black Widow.

9 Yelena’s history in the comics provides a bit of a blank slate to work with

Yelena Belova Black Widow Red Room

The weird thing about Yelena Belova in the comics is that, despite the pedigree of the Black Widow name, not much has been done with her as a character. She first appeared in Inhuman comics in 1999 and was created by Devin Grayson and JG Jones. She later clashed with Natasha Romanoff before being critically injured during an encounter with the New Avengers in the Savage Land.

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She was then augmented with the same technology that created the Super-Adaptoid and brainwashed. She became part of Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign era Thunderbolts and later part of the AIM council. She was apparently killed off-panel by Natasha Romanoff, but then returned out of control and fled Russia’s first superhero team, the Winter Guard. In short, Yelena has a very short and confusing story, giving MCU creators plenty of leeway to do whatever they want with the character.

8 Any difference at this point is an automatic upgrade


The MCU has been running and streaming content for almost 15 years at the time of writing. There is now a vast web of interconnected stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and each new show or movie threatens to render the whole thing obsolete.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever for the people behind the MCU to keep things fresh and exciting. They are largely popcorn movies after all, and the worst thing a medium can do is bore its audience. A major new character like Yelena Belova and a rising new actress like Florence Pugh could be the adrenaline rush the MCU needs.

seven She seems to favor slightly more brutal methods

Hawkeye Trailer Teases Black Widow Yelena Belova's Accurate Look

Since Yelena Belova hasn’t been domesticated by the Avengers and has gotten used to an easier life in the United States, she always seems to favor more brutal methods. While Natasha wasn’t averse to taking someone out when needed, Yelena seems to go for the deadly methods much quicker.

She didn’t hesitate to try to kill Clint Barton after Natasha’s death. Clint eventually managed to talk Yelena out of it, but it took a lot of talking and punching in the face. It’s unclear where Yelena will go from here, but it’s doubtful she’s suddenly become a model pacifist or superhero.

6 She’s not beholden to SHIELD and Nick Fury

Natasha Romanoff owed a lot to Nick Fury and the SHIELD organization. While the latter has collapsed, it is clear that Nick Fury is still trying to influence things behind the scenes. He’s a much more benevolent actor than Baron Zemo, and the Contessa looks incredibly sleazy. However, he still has his own agenda and has taken morally bankrupt actions in the past, such as keeping the Winter Soldier’s existence a secret from Captain America. Yelena has no such ties yet. Although it seems like she works with the Contessa to some degree, it seems unlikely that Yelena will trust her completely.

5 It is not yet completely linked to any establishment

Also, Yelena is not tied to any organization. The Avengers became a branch of the United Nations after the adoption of the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War. Even before that, Black Widow, Captain America, and Hawkeye worked with SHIELD. Thor may be out of it all, but he still has to mind the business of Asgard.

Yelena is not linked to any such organization. Her experience with the Red Room has left her disillusioned with her homeland, but that doesn’t mean she’s automatically loyal to any other government. She’s a free agent, which gives her the ability to do things her way.

4 She brings an outside perspective to Operation Avengers

Earth's Mightiest Heroes Unite in Avengers Infinity War

The state of the Avengers lineup is definitely up in the air after Avengers: Endgame. It seems likely this will involve Sam Wilson’s Captain America, Doctor Strange, the Scarlet Witch, possibly Ant-Man and the Wasp, Shang-Chi, and some version of Thor.

It also seems very likely that Yelena Belova is involved in some way, either as Black Widow or White Widow. She had a very different life than most of these heroes, and she wasn’t on the inside of many of the more questionable and risky decisions they made. She can criticize the team as someone who was not involved in these actions, and that could do the team good.

3 Actually, she’s not an avenger…yet.

Yelena Belova tries to kill Clint Barton in Hawkeye

It’s also possible that Yelena Belova won’t join the Avengers. It looks like the Contessa is building her own team, starting with Yelena and John Walker. Whether this is a manifestation of the Thunderbolts or a counter-team of the Dark Avengers remains to be seen.

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It’s also possible that Yelena will remain a free agent and not get involved with any superteams. She could also work as a balancing force for the Avengers.

2 Florence Pugh is an amazing acting talent

midsummer summer

Scarlett Johansson is undoubtedly an immensely talented actress, and that doesn’t mean that Florence Pugh is necessarily a better actress than her. This is only to say that Florence Pugh is a phenomenal actress with an impressive range of roles, especially considering her youth.

Pugh’s performance in The Haunting Midsommar is absolutely unforgettable, and its role in Little woman is widely celebrated. Going from that to popcorn superhero movies is no small transition, and she took it with an impeccable stride.

1 The first thing she did after being freed from control was try to help her sister Black Widows

Natasha, Yelena and their father in the movie Black Widow

After being freed from control of the Red Room, Natasha Romanoff seemed to immediately transition into a working life with SHIELD and, later, the Avengers. She didn’t seem to go back to her old life, at least not on screen at any time. It took Yelena’s packet of Red Dust to bring Natasha back to the world of the Black Widows.

By comparison, the first thing Yelena did was try to get the Red Dust into the hands of someone who could help the Black Widows. She was the one who brought Natasha back to this underground realm of assassins and mind control, and Yelena is the one who kept trying to heal the other black widows after the events of the Black Widow movie.

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