5 funniest comic book superheroes of all time

It’s not uncommon to break into a fit of hysterical laughter when reading something aptly called a comic book. Our favorite superheroes who fly, swing and save the world are originally comic book characters. A silly joke, sarcastic quip, or running gag is the least you can expect from them.

Although usually action-packed, comic book writers tend to associate the genre with humor. The medium has seen tons of colorful characters successfully tickling our funny bones. Let’s count the 5 most hilarious superheroes in comics.

Many Marvel and DC comic book superheroes created purely for comic relief are now masterstrokes

5) Spiderman

Our friendly neighbor is an expert in delivering punches and punchlines. The witty one-liners and sarcastic humor are what made us fall in love with the headliner. Usually introverted and nerdy when masked, teen superhero Peter Parker opens up and turns into a comedic maestro when his mask is on.

Parker uses humor as a form of psychological defense mechanism in stressful situations. His jokes with criminals, his jokes with J Jonah Jameson and his prank rivalry with other superheroes like Deadpool and Johnny Storm make Spider Man comics a fest of absolute fun.

4) Flash

The fastest man alive is also a quick-witted comedian. DC comics are filled with serious superheroes, so a light-hearted comic character in such situations is a breath of fresh air. Flash’s humor, when clashing with the earnest demeanor of his teammates (especially Batman), is laughter galore.

His crazy antiques and interactions with his colorful gallery of rogues make Flash readers laugh. Villains like Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang and more are funny to each other, add Flash’s humor and super speed to the equation and we’ve got comedy gold.

3) Rocket Raccoon

The image of a talking raccoon will always be funny. Right from his character design, his personality, and even his name – Rocket, creators Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen wanted the raccoon to be hilarious and he sure is.

Thanks to his source material, the fun character has been successfully adapted to the big screen we all know and love.

The majority of Rocket’s humor comes from the fact that his small size is host to a passive-aggressive personality. The interactions with his friends Peter Quill and Groot are the funniest moments not only in Guardians but in the entire Marvel library.

2) The plastic man

@msdanifernandez Batman vouches for PLASTIC MAN. A reformed criminal with nearly unlimited power that’s FUNNY, he’s one of the best things about DC. https://t.co/utGGijHvkS

A superhero who can transform into anything he wishes, the Plastic Man uses his stretchy body to pull off hilarious pranks. Whether he transforms into an anvil, a plane, a woman’s dress or a chest of drawers, Plastic Man is the master of physical humor. He has exceptional comedic timing and never tires of cracking jokes.

Originally created for Quality Comics by Jack Cole in 1941, The Plastic Man has been DC’s comedy king for 81 years, keeping comic book readers entertained to the max. The Plastic Man was one of the first comic book characters to break the fourth wall.

His interactions with members of the Justice League like Batman and Superman are hilarious. Hardcore comic book fans are still waiting for this hero’s big screen debut.

1) Deadpool

Some call him a deranged psychopath, while others call him a naughty wolverine; call it what you like, but the Merc with a Mouth is hands down the most hilarious character, not just in Marvel comics, but in the entire genre of superhero comics. Created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, the character of Wade Wilson himself was a parody of DC character Slade Wilson aka Death Stroke.

Deadpool has mastered the art of breaking the fourth wall. From speaking directly to the reader to acknowledging that he’s a comic book character, Deadpool consistently delivers a comedic gimmick that always has audiences cracking up.

Once Deadpool came out of his comic book and killed the comic book writer. The character’s personality is so hilarious that Ryan Reynolds successfully adapted it for the big screen.

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