7 Hollywood Stars Rumored To Join MCU At Next Weekend’s D23 Expo

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like next week Expo D23 approaches, rumors are rife. What does Marvel have up its sleeve for its next round of announcements? Word on social media is that the studio has signed some big A-listers to join the MCU.

Rumor catching fire on Twitter claims that, among several others, Superman himself, Henry Cavill, will be trading his DCEU membership card for Marvel. That’s not all. The thread also claims that award-winning actor Denzel Washington has signed with Marvel Studios along with John Boyega, Giancarlo Esposito, Jodie Comer, Daisy Edgar-Jones and John Krasinski.

While this is all just rumor and speculation, the most likely candidate on the roster is Esposito. The famous actor, known for playing the bad guys in breaking Bad, You better call Sauland The boysconfirmed that he had conversations with Marvel Studios about a variety of roles.

No current MCU gossip can exclude John Krasinksi from the list. Famous for his role as Jim in Office, he was heavily rumored to be playing the Fantastic Four’s Mister Fantastic long before the movie was officially announced. He appeared in the role as part of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, though he met a sudden demise at the hands of Scarlet Witch, and it raised questions about his MCU return. Still, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating, and it has fanned those flames.

If Krasinski is officially the one and only Reed Richards in the MCU, he could be paired with Edgar-Jones. She herself has been rumored as many suspect she will be FF’s Sue Storm Richards aka The Invisible Woman. Then again, Comer has also been speculated as the next live-action invisible woman.

In the case of Boyega, the star wars the alum has been rumored for months. Although he says he’s eyeing other roles at the moment, fans are certain his comments were an attempt at misdirection.

Every time Marvel Studios is scheduled for a convention panel, it fuels gossip and theories. No doubt all eyes will be on Kevin Feige when D23 kicks off on September 9.

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