A white and gray kitten named ‘Scarlett’ is a fugitive from Monclair Ave

This is Scarlett, a nearly 6 month old cat who lives on Monclair Avenue in town. She has never been outside, until now of course, and her family is in the throes of her sudden disappearance.

Naturally, you are expected to keep your eyes open and find this feline, which, by the way, was named after the fictional heroine Scarlett O’Hara and not Scarlett Johansson from Hollywood.

“She almost looks Chinese, but she isn’t,” says her mother, Tracey Cook. (Did she mean Siamese?)

She suspects Scarlett was out last night around midnight when her son, who lives happily in the basement, left to take his girlfriend home.

This morning at 8 a.m., the neighbor of the neighboring duplex reported seeing a thin snatch of a white and gray cat on her back porch but had no idea it was Cook’s cat – because he didn’t. had never been outside, until he was outside, you know.

Until then, the neighbor only knew about Scarlett’s older brother, who is neutered and comes in and out as he sees fit.

“I would have picked it up,” lamented the neighbor of the missed opportunity.

The neighbor said Scarlett was lying on the back porch. She is said to be basking languidly, unconscious, in a sunny place before rushing somewhere in search of naughty pleasures.

“I’m afraid she’ll be hit by a car … we live near Main Street,” Cook wrote in his email, which also mentioned the prospect that someone might try to steal the kitten!

“She is an emotional support animal and is in the process of being recorded as the same,” according to Cook.

Where is that emotional support when you need it most?

Scarlett’s family and friends have walked the neighborhood, scrutinized trees, beaten bushes, and even went to – “Holland Ave,” a known “hot cat spot”, “Cook said, to see if she made it there.

Meanwhile, there are three “cat ladies” (they know who they are) who have been made aware of this security breach – unauthorized access to the outside world – and they are pretty good at decoy techniques.

Hopefully it’s only a matter of time. And it turns. Scarlett is due to be spayed at the vet in a few days.

Unspecified reward is offered.

If you see Scarlett, call or text Tracey Cook at (585) 356-6082, or email: [email protected]

Photos courtesy of Tracey Cook.

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