AI brings Rainn Wilson’s Wolverine to life and Marvel needs to launch it, now!


The internet has done it again with an AI model, this time taking Rainn Wilson and Wolverine from the X-men as their latest lucky victims, much to everyone’s delight.

Twitter user and TV executive, Micheal McWhorter, going through TizzyEnt on the platform, just couldn’t help himself and gave everyone exactly what they wanted – a Marvel and Office hybrid – using an AI model to generate images from any prompt. Inspired by a photo circulating online from Wilson’s Office character, Dwight, to Hugh Jackman’s ripped figure of Wolverine, the user on Twitter continued to create even more exciting AI-generated images of this fictional character.

Though a bit traumatically realistic, the internet just couldn’t get enough of the idea of ​​Rainn Wilson, known for playing iconic and beloved character Dwight Schrute, to be the next Wolverine, revamping Marvel as we know it. know. Maybe Logan was just part of the plan to bring this new cast to life.

The responses made for mixed reactions, with some fans loving Wilson’s new look, others simply responding with GIFs and quotes from Dwight, naturally pointing out that Schrute would most definitely keep a Wolverine suit in the office.

The AI-generated image also prompted a user to share their own take on another cast member from Officethis time taking on Brian Gaumgartner’s Kevin, as Deadpool in a hilarious yet simple montage.

We’re not sure exactly how, but one thing is certain: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have to make room for Marvel’s new Wolverine and Deadpool duo.

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