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Joselin appeared in a few episodes of Scrubs, where Judy’s sensible nurse Carla ruled the roost, but otherwise the Bronx-born actresses have kept their own plans – most recently Valley-P for Joselin and One day at a time and Research group for Judy.

“It was my twin sister who wanted to be an actress,” Judy told Shondaland in 2018. “She made my mom take her to acting class. My mom was so upset because she made her to leave and the man wanted, like, $ 150 for pictures. “

Neither sibling was bitten by the acting bug at that time, with Joselin earning a master’s degree in social work before returning to the camera and Judy wasn’t quite sure. what she wanted until her late teens. “But once it clicked for me, there was no going back,” she said. Shattering interview magazine in 2011.

When asked if anyone ever had a hard time parting with her and Joselin when they were children, Judy replied, “No, we are actually fraternal twins. look like in fifth grade and now that we’re past our fourth decade of existence we’re starting to look like each other again, so maybe it will happen again. ” So they weren’t “as lucky” to be able to play pranks like identical twins could, “but maybe that’s why we became actresses.”


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