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Among us, independent sport has achieved a huge reputation with its mix of healthy multiplayer collaborations and devious sabotage. The sport tops the charts in 2020 and is arguably one of the most popular video games in the world.

With its growing reputation and hype, fans of Among Us have also started to develop custom modes and types of animation for the sport. Recently, in style, YouTubers love ItsFunneh, Jelly, and Craxel created Among Us 3D on Roblox, and the gameplay and live streams garnered hundreds of thousands of views in the first few weeks!

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Between us 3D mode activated Roblox

Roblox is a web-based sports creation and sports platform system that allows gamers to create and modify video games on their own. As a result of the same, ItsFunneh and Jelly tried to create the best variations of Among Us here, and the epic reactions on their films and Twitter show their success.

ItsFunneh’s YouTube gameplay was fun to watch, and it looks like viewers liked the changes too much. Even if Roblox would not allow high-quality 3D graphics modifications, the interpretation of Among Us is somehow spectacular, and the creators have done a good job developing the sport body by body.

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With all the tasks and map rooms included, the 3D model of Amongst Us is a great copy of the unique. The creators also developed The Skeld map and did a pretty good job of representing it.

It is spectacular how much minimalist details such as chairs and tables in communications, ventilation slots in bedrooms and tables with rounded corners in the cafeteria have been added while increasing the fashion.

The graphics of the 3D model are not visually pleasing, although followers nonetheless enjoyed watching the entire presentation. The hilarious homicide scenes and impostor performances are a big deal for viewers.

Image via: ItsFunneh
Image via: ItsFunneh

Followers have also taken to Twitter to encourage developers to quickly release a 3D model of Among Us.

The 3D variations among us on Roblox have instilled a glimmer of hope in the hearts of the faithful. Hopefully there will be a day soon when the developers release an authentic and decent 3D model of Amongst Us with great graphics and high quality visuals that gamers can treasure.

Revealed Nov 21, 2020, 1:54 p.m. IST

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