Antonio Banderas to star in Hollywood movie set in Thessaloniki

Banderas Thessaloniki
Antonio Banderas will be in Thessaloniki in the next few days to shoot an upcoming Hollywood film. Credit: José Antonio Berrocal Pérez/ Wikimedia Commons /CC BY-SA 4.0

Antonio Banderas and Kate Bosworth are just a few of the world-famous actors who will be filming in Thessaloniki, Greece over the next few days for a star-studded film whose name is still in the works.

The president of the National Center for Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME), Panos Kouanis, spoke on the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency radio station about the upcoming production on Monday.

Banderas in Thessaloniki

Greek authorities are hopeful that the soon-to-be Hollywood production in Thessaloniki will usher in a new era of filming in the city in northern Greece.

Kouanis spoke about the film Banderas, stressing that “A lot of roads will be closed for filming. For about a month, everyone (movie stars, the team) will be in Thessaloniki.

“And then the plan, if all goes well, is that over the next few months and by the end of the year, more films can be shot in Thessaloniki,” he continued.

The production flies 300 actors and crew members for the production. However, local technicians and artisans of all specialties will be needed on the set. In total, Kouanis says more than a thousand people will be involved in the filming of Antonio Banderas’ new film in Thessaloniki this summer.

Kouanis explained how it was decided that the film would be shot in Greece and pointed out that the producers are also considering other Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain and France. He also spoke about the bidding process where Kouanis and other senior executives fought for Thessaloniki to be chosen among other beautiful potential backdrops.

Greece to become a filming hub

Up to eighteen international films will be shot in Greece in 2021, confirming the industry’s demand for the almost endless variety of breathtaking landscapes and landmarks in the country.

The director of the Hellenic Cinema Center, Venia Vergou, recently said that expected revenues from foreign productions in 2021 could reach 90 million euros ($ 106 million).

She added that this foreign interest creates a “positive domino effect” which will help attract new productions.

Huge Hollywood film productions such as “Knives Out 2”, which stars Greek-Filipino actor Dave Bautista and “James Bond” actor Daniel Craig are set to shoot in Greece this year.

A film about the life of Giannis Antetokounmpo, titled “Greek Freak”, has also just finished filming in central Athens.

The biopic, produced by the streaming service Disney +, filmed scenes in the hot Athens sun to accurately represent the city in which Antetokounmpo grew up.

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