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Princess Diana died more than 20 years before the birth of her grandson Archie, but a two-year-old got to know her from a photo in the nursery.

Prince harry Open to the death of his mother, princess diana, In his new documentary Apple TV + I can not see you..Harry has a son in an all-telling conversation Archie, 2 has a photo of Diana, who died in 1997, hanging in a nursery school. This photo tells Archie about his grandmother, who passed away long before she was born in 2019.

“It was one of the first words he said. Except for mom and dad, it was “grandmother”. “Grandma Diana,” Harry revealed. “It’s the sweetest thing, but at the same time, I’m really sad because she should be here.” Note: Harry had previously revealed that Archie’s first word was ‘crocodile’. did.

Prince Harry, Megan Markle and her son Archie. (Shutterstock)

Harry was only 12 when Diana died in a tragic car accident. Her mother may be there All the amazing things that happened in her life, especially her marriage Megan Markle And the birth of their son. “I wish she had met Megan,” he admitted. “I wish it was for Archie. Harry also said, “Without a doubt. [his] Mom will be incredibly proud of him. “He and Megan are now expecting a baby girl, their second child.

Like his mother, Harry has spoken of the difficulty of being part of the royal family. Indeed, in January 2020 he and Megan made the difficult decision to give up their royal obligations and start their lives in the U.S. They are currently living in California and in March 2021 they interviewed the bombshell. About why they left..

Princess Diana and Prince Harry in 1985 (Mauro Carraro / Shutterstock)

Harry developed the description in I can not see you, Ash Admitted that he was afraid His half-black wife will suffer the same tragic fate as his mother if they do not leave. “My mother had a relationship with someone who was not white and who was cast out by her death after seeing what was happening now,” Harry explained. “Are you talking about history repeating itself?” They won’t stop [Meghan] die. “

Archie said ‘grandma’ as one of his first words – Hollywood Life

Archie said ‘grandma’ as one of his first words – Hollywood Life


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