Benjamin Percy plunges into danger with Wolverine and Deadpool

One slices people with razor-sharp claws; the other cuts people to the quick with his sharp wit. Together, they make Marvel’s perfect odd couple. Wolverine and Deadpool have worked together several times, such as in Rick Remender’s 2010 Odd XStrength series. Every time the dynamic duo fight side by side, fans can expect sparks and jokes to fly – and Wade Wilson to get under Logan’s skin.

The current arc of Wolverine, by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Adam Kubert, is no exception. The story thus far has placed the duo in the crosshairs of government agents and old enemy and former X-Men ally Danger. The most recent issue followed Logan and Wade as they bump into another odd couple: Deadpool‘s former friend Weasel and Wolverine’s former X-Team comrade Maverick. CBR spoke with Percy about the series, the joy of bouncing Wolverine and Deadpool on each other, the famous X-Locale the duo is about to visit, and their long-term plans for the series. . He also shared two exclusive pages from the upcoming Wolverine #22.

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CBR: It feels like the current scenario in Wolverine is a way to deepen the book’s plot and black ops storylines with new wrinkles like sci-fi-style robots and buddy comedy. Was that your intention?

Benjamin Percy: The X Lives/Deaths of Wolverine event was dark and impactful. When we came back to the main series, I wanted to offer a variety of tones and a kind of pressure valve. This story arc is propulsive and wild, but it’s also funny. Like you said, a buddy action comedy inspired by movies like Midnight race.

It’s very clear from these last few issues that you’re having fun writing Deadpool. How does it feel to bounce it off Wolverine?

Kirk and Spock. Oscar and Felix. Riggs and Murtaugh. Sonny and Cher. Everyone loves an odd couple. Wolverine and Deadpool’s pairing sells out. The grumpy and the goofy, united by their mission and their common healing factor, come together for murderous comedy and brutal action.

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Wade desperately wants Logan’s approval and seeks it in a way that clearly annoys him. But does Logan only feel annoyance towards Deadpool? What do you think of how he sees their history together on teams like X-Force?

I’ve been teasing Wade for a long time. Regular readers will know that he tried to work his way up to last year’s Hellfire gala, and he made efforts to join X-Force because he is, after all, a member of the old school and basically kind of, mostly a mutant. He wants that Krakoan green card. He wants to ride his tab at the Green Lagoon and roll around in flowery, fragrant meadows, but… The subtext is this: what he really wants is family and community.

But Wolverine finds Wade boring and childish – though he grudgingly respects his skills and even feels faint affection for the guy, given his history. I knew I had to put them in a situation where Wade is basically auditioning for X-Force and Wolverine has no choice but to work with him because he’d rather say no.

The end of Wolverine #21 suggests we also get some friend-action dynamics from the antagonists with the pairing of Weasel and Maverick. What can you tell us about how they work together?

I like to play with themed mirrors and shadows, so yes, in the “villains” of this story arc, you’ll see some fun reflections of the protagonists. I’m not just talking about Weasel and Maverick here, but also about Danger and the mutant robots she built.

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Speaking of danger, wwhat made you want to include it in the book? What can you tell us about his motivations?

The X Office has been talking for a long time about how to bring Danger back. To me, she’s one of the most interesting mutant adversaries because she’s studied them so closely, knowing their strengths and weaknesses after testing them for years. And she has a sick, almost familial obsession with them, because she was essentially both a mother and a slave to them. Every time they fought in the Danger Room, they attacked him, didn’t they? Her very sensibility was born from being treated as a constant enemy.

Given her absorption of all their wits, blood, and sweat, she might as well be a mutant, but they left her behind. She wasn’t part of the Krakoan experiment – and the resentment and jealousy she feels isn’t all that different from Wade’s. She just overcomes her injury in a much different way.

What else can you tell us about the action in the rest of this arc? Looks like you’re visiting one of the X-Men’s former playgrounds in July.

Yes indeed. We will return to the ruins of Westchester Manor, where many secrets await. He may not be as forsaken as he first appears… And readers will finally learn if Deadpool has earned his way onto X-Force. Stay tuned.

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What’s it like writing this arc for Adam Kubert? Seems like it plays perfectly with his knack for action and humor.

Adam is a legend, of course. Everything he touches is comic book gold. The “stained glass” layout schemes he uses in the first four or five pages of each issue are unreasonably brilliant. And yes, his sense of action is matched only by his gift for humor. The pages of Blind Al’s basement apartment are rich in Easter eggs and sight gags.

Finally, can you give any hints about your plans for Wolverine during the summer and early fall?

We have the big AX event coming up. Solem will return, and some unfinished business in Hell will come back to haunt them both. Beast and Wolverine are allies but also at odds, and I’m slowly heading towards an explosion in the ranks of X-Force. That moment is fast approaching.

Wolverine #22 is due out Wednesday, June 15 from Marvel.

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