Best Friendships in the X-Men Comics

Teamwork and friendship were central themes in x-men comics since the first issue. While the mutants team up to fight off all sorts of human and alien threats, most members have a few “best friends” they can fall back on when needed. Duos like Iceman and Angel as well as Storm and Jean Gray easily qualify for the “best friends forever” label.

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In some cases, like Wolverine and Cyclops, the pairs engage in conflict with each other but still respect each other in the end. Then there are those friendships in x-men comics that develop from a sense of paternal care on the part of the couple, as seen in Gambit’s friendship with X-23.


Wolverine and Cyclops

Cyclops thanks Wolverine for always watching over him in X-Men: Schism

Cyclops and Wolverine are often at loggerheads, mostly due to their ideological differences as team leaders of the X-Men. A love triangle with Jean Gray also contributed to tensions between the two. But ultimately, they support each other, and even if they don’t show it all the time, the two X-Men heroes respect each other.

Even though Wolverine can be reckless in general, he still understands that responsible leadership from Cyclops is necessary for the team. On the other hand, even Cyclops is ready to embrace Wolverine’s wild side, like when they both joined X-Force.

Storm and Gambit

Teenager Storm and Gambit

Gambit and Storm understand each other well due to their similar origins. Both know what it is to be a misfit as they had to leave their families at an early age and resort to stealing.

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While Storm has become a rule follower, Gambit is still impulsive and unpredictable. Yet even their opposing energies seem to draw them together. There are times when their relationship can even turn romantic, but they have largely remained friends.

Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde X-Men

Nightcrawler is generally courteous to everyone in general, but with Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) he is nicer than usual. Initially, Kitty had apprehension with mutants like him because they seemed different from her, but she let go of her naive fears when Nightcrawler began to open up to her.

Their friendship only grew stronger over the course of future adventures. Whether as members of the X-Men or forming the British band Excalibur, they have stuck together. Nightcrawler’s thoughts on his loss come out in an emotionally moving scene from the 2000s X-Men comic issue Messiah complex in which Kitty is presumed dead.

Professor X and Magneto

X-Men House of X Xavier Magneto Blueprint

Professor X and Magneto are symbolically both enemies and friends. Fighting together for the mutant cause, they teamed up in their youth. But while Xavier advocated a peaceful approach to assimilating mutants into human society, Magneto argued for a more extreme solution with members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

This difference in opinion forced them to break up, but they surprisingly continued to be friends later on, especially in comics like House X. Despite their conflict, the two characters are willing to team up for the mutants’ safety. Even during less chaotic times, they can be found playing chess or engaging in friendly debates.

Cable and Deadpool

Cable and Deadpool in a shootout together.

Deadpool and Cable form one of the strangest friendships in the X-Men comics. Traveling through timelines, the talkative mercenary and uptight X-Force alumnus are unexpected partners and have gone on to star in their own comic book series. In fact, a number Cable and Deadpool even found Deadpool caring for an aging infant version of Cable.

Their energies never match and Deadpool annoys Cable whenever the moment arises, but during the battle the two use the full extent of their powers to support each other.

Iceman and Angel

Angel and Iceman prepare for an attack in the comics

Bobby Drake (Iceman) and Warren Worthington (Angel) debuted together in X-Men #1 and stayed together even when the original version of the team went on hiatus. In fact, they became such close friends during their adventures that they even embarked on a trip to Los Angeles to briefly join the Challengers. They later joined the Defenders as well.

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Knowing each other from a very young age, Iceman and Angel are almost inseparable. They may not break down into dramatic monologues about friendship all the time, but they are always there for each other when needed. When Angel transformed into the evil Archangel, Iceman began to react violently and was ready to do anything to restore his friend to his normal state. Such cases show the strength of their bond.

Storm and Wolverine

Wolverine and Storm

Wolverine and Storm share a very mature friendship in the comics. They indulge in friendly banter, joking about each other’s powers, but ultimately it’s the mutants who inspire the other younger members. Therefore, their friendship is that of equals. The two mutants serve as teachers at Professor X’s school as well as the strongest members of the X-Men.

While most of Wolverine’s friends on the X-Men team are younger than him, Storm is a relatively mature companion. Storm is also one of the few peers who can handle Wolverine’s temper tantrums.

gray and storm jeans

Storm and Jean Gray kiss in Marvel Comics.

Jean Gray was subjected to dark forces in her Dark Phoenix form. Storm has also caused unintended damage whenever she is possessed by the X-Men villain Shadow King. Due to such experiences, the two share a special bond and are able to offer comfort to each other when needed.

That doesn’t mean they haven’t had their weak points. From judging her wardrobe choice to reading her mind without her consent, Jean has aroused Storm’s suspicions on more than one occasion. But over time, Storm seems to have forgiven her and they grew closer as they aren’t afraid of being vulnerable to each other.

Wolverine and Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler hugging Wolverine in the snow.

Wolverine is thick-skinned, and it’s only in front of friends like Nightcrawler that he melts. Touched by Kurt’s good-natured personality, Wolverine loves teaming up with the blue-skinned teleporter, even on solo operations.

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Even in the face of differences, Kurt and Logan bond well. While Wolverine is a cynic who has abandoned the world, Nightcrawler never loses hope and leans on his spiritual faith in difficult times. Although they are poles apart, they find comfort in talking to each other. After all, not everyone is the place Wolverine will open up for a hug.

X-23 and Gambit

X-23 and Gambit

Gambit served as an older brother figure to Laura Kinney (X-23), helping her get used to the real world. Since she spent most of her early years in the seclusion of secret labs, she needed some sort of caretaker. While Wolverine can also play this role, it’s still not as laid back and warm as Gambit.

The telekinetic, card-wielding mutant can often sympathize with Laura’s traumatic childhood. He helped her embrace her humanity, accepting the fact that she can be herself instead of just the deadly weapon called X-23.

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