Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds reportedly ‘hoped’ for a baby boy

Somebody alert Gossip Girl! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds reportedly ‘hoped for a boy’ after announcing they were expecting their fourth child. ICYMI, at the Forbes Power Women’s Summit on September 15, Blake Lively revealed that she is pregnant with baby no. 4. And while the couple haven’t shared many details about the pregnancy (at least not yet), it looks like they’re ready to add a baby boy to their family.

“They’re hoping for a boy this time around,” a source says We Weekly. But regardless of gender, Lively and Reynolds “just want a healthy baby,” the source added.

Lively and Reynolds already have three daughters, James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2. According to We source, the couple “love[s] being parents,” and their newest addition couldn’t come at a better time. “The timing is perfect because all of their children are two years apart, so they’re following the pattern.”

Although the couples are hoping for a boy, Reynolds has definitely embraced the “Girl Dad” title over the years. During an interview with To access in November 2020, he revealed his penchant for the title. “I love being a dad girl. I have three daughters, which I never would have imagined in a million years,” he said. “I come from all the boys. I have three older brothers. So for me having three daughters has been such an adventure and I love every second of it.

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Lively and Reynolds take their role as parents very seriously. Despite Lively’s busy career, a source said she always puts the needs of her children first. “You never would have thought that superstar and beautiful woman Blake Lively would be this ordinary person who cooks dinner every night and takes care of the family, but she is truly wonderful with the children,” a source says. . People September 16. “She wants to be that kind of old-fashioned mom — when the kids are out or sleeping, that’s when she takes the time to do work stuff.”

At the summit, Lively opened up about how her mother Elaine Lively influenced her outlook on parenthood, showing her that you can have both a career and a family. “Its important to me [and] for my children to see that you don’t have to choose one or the other. I don’t need them to choose to be a businesswoman or a mother,” she said. “They can be both or neither. But just for them to see that anything is possible.

While teaching their children such important life lessons, Lively and Reynolds also strive to keep them out of the spotlight. On September 17, Lively shared candid photos of herself and her baby on her Instagram account in the hope that photographers would leave her and her children alone. “Here are real life pics of me pregnant so the 11 guys waiting outside my house for a sighting will leave me alone,” she wrote. “You scare me and my children.”

Here’s hoping for a healthy (and private) pregnancy for Lively and Reynolds.

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