Blake Lively has started celebrating his birthday with Star Wars and Pixar at Disneyland, but where’s Ryan Reynolds?

Blake Lively was in a celebratory mood as her birthday is just days away. As part of her pre-birthday celebration, Lively decided to take a moment and celebrate herself at the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland. Of course, she appreciated the time she spent being surrounded by star wars Pixar characters and icons, as seen on social media. But something seemed off when subscribers asked where her husband, Ryan Reynolds, was.

The rhythm section decided to make her birthday a girly getaway filled with sisterly fun. Blake Lively hopped onto her Instagram account to show her followers all the fun she and Robyn Lively had in the happiest place on Earth. She proved herself to be a true Disney lover as she toured the theme park participating in all things Disney. You can see the wonderful time the Livelys had at Disneyland in her sweet post below.

The Lively sisters had a lot of fun living their best life surrounded by all things Disney. The actress left herself free as evidenced by the photos. She tapped into all her emotions of being awkward with Jasmine from Aladdin comfortable being around the menacing presence of Stormtroopers. Each photo showed the sheer joy Blake Lively had while spending her special day at the iconic amusement park. Even the A simple favor The star summed up her entire experience by wondering if there was “a happier place on earth” for an early birthday celebration.

While it was a joy to see Blake Lively celebrate her birthday with her family, the real question is… where is her husband? Even a sharp-eyed fan couldn’t spot Ryan Reynolds in any photo. You might expect Reynolds to be there with her as she mingles with multiple Disney properties in one place. It was a surprise decision given that the Hollywood couple were among the most searched celebrity couples on Google. While her comments section was filled with several A-listers sending her well wishes, her movie star husband didn’t even leave a sarcastic comment on her post, which is unusual for a couple whose relationship history is based on trolling.

For some fans, this could mark trouble in heaven, or it could be that Blake Lively just wanted to hang out with her actress sister.

But Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds not celebrating her birthday together might not be as serious as her photos show. After taking an acting sabbatical, it has emerged that Ryan Reynolds is back at work as he trains for dead pool 3. While not much is known about the threequel, working with celebrity trainer Don Saladino has signaled the dead Pool the actor is gearing up for more hilarious action. Although the sarcastic mercenary is now a Disney property, the third film would retain the R rating of the first two films received, with Project Adam director Shawn Levy attached to direct it.

However, Marvel hasn’t announced the sequel’s release date as it wasn’t mentioned in the upcoming MCU lineups. But where almost all of the Phase 5 slots are filled, Phase 6 has empty slots outside of the two Avenger movies and The Fantastic Four.

As Blake Lively celebrates her birthday month, her movie career hasn’t slowed down. She has a busy schedule with several projects going on, including meeting with Anna Kendrick to A Simple Favor 2. In the meantime, you can check out our 2022 movie schedule to see which movies will be released by the end of the year.

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