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Who would have thought that a dead Pool-performance inspired by Stray children on the competition program Kingdom: legendary war would lead the group to become Ryan Reynolds’ best friend? Well, that’s exactly what happened!

The group caught Reynolds’ attention on Twitter after a Stray Kids fan (@leeknow on Twitter) created a fan video this featured member Felix chatting with Deadpool while cosplaying like him for the group Kingdom performance. “Oh hello,” Reynolds wrote after watching the clip.

Band leader Bang Chan then shared his excitement for Reynolds to see their performance on the live streaming platform. VLive. “To be noticed by someone you really, really admire and someone you really see as a role model is just different,” he said. He also admitted that he would also like to receive an autograph from the actor.

In response, Reynolds tweeted photos of him posing with a signed bottle of Aviation Gin for Bang Chan before also asking for his autograph. He also made a note to dead Pool team to ship Bang Chan a real deadpool mask after wearing one during its live broadcast. Bang Chan then posted its own set of images holding a signed copy of In life album addressed to Reynolds. He also apologized to Hugh Jackman for usurping his role as Reynolds’ “Favorite Australian”.

But that’s not all gray skies for Hugh Jackman; the actor also contacted Stray Kids told Bang Chan he was okay with losing his title but was “worried” about the band because Reynolds can “be a lot”. He also shouted at fellow Australian Felix.

“Haha thanks for the focus! We’ll be keeping an eye on him,” Bang Chan and Felix wrote. “Fortunately, all of our members are like him, so we think we’ll be able to handle him.” And so it is, dear readers, that a single performance sparked the healthiest internet celebrity friendship. We can’t wait to see their reactions when they both receive gifts!

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