Can RIPD 2 Solve Ryan Reynolds’ Comic Book Embarrassment?

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to embarrassing comic book adaptations; however, in an unexpected announcement, it seems almost a decade later, RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned may be able to resolve issues with original sound RIPD film. Whether it be The Green Lantern Where X-Men Origins: WolverineReynolds in the past has struggled to shine through critical and immemorial comic book movies, including RIPDa 2013 horror comedy. Although Ryan Reynolds later had the opportunity to shine in films like the dead Pool series, it still raises the question of why Universal would greenlight a sequel to RIPD and if it can fulfill the series’ potential and top Ryan Reynolds’ worst movies.


Based on the Dark Horse comic of the same name, RIPD starred Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges as paranormal law enforcement tasked with bringing in souls trying to escape final judgment. Recalling films such as men in black, Hellboyand ghost hunters, despite its talented cast, the film failed to achieve the same level of success and cultural relevance, with most critics unimpressed with its spin-off plot and bizarre sense of humor. However, while it wasn’t the next supernatural buddy-cop comedy Universal Pictures was hoping for, it was in 2022 that an MPA listing confirmed. RIPD direct-to-video sequel with very little detail beyond a PG-13 rating.

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It’s unclear if Ryan Reynolds or movie icon Jeff Bridges is returning, but not unlike the undead detectives of RIPD they portrayed, the series gets a second chance. It might not make sense to invoke the name of an obscure comic book movie that didn’t take off, but it does offer an opportunity to redeem it, which is probably why RIPD gets a sequel rather than a remake. A series like RIPD can survive a disappointing movie, a sequel can fix its past mistakes, and for it to grow into a successful franchise, sometimes all it takes is a new opportunity. This suggests that whether or not Reynolds himself is part of the project, a more successful sequel could still undo some of the damage done by his original. RIPD film.

Will RIPD 2 really work?

Ryan Reynolds was a champion of second chances, and after playing Deadpool in the lackluster X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it proved that all it needed was a best-case scenario. Depicting the “thank you with your mouthin a series of hit spin-offs, dead Pool proved that there can be life after a brutal introduction. This was also the case with other superhero films, such as suicide squadwhich produced the most favorable review Peacemaker series and The Suicide Squad. Meanwhile, movies like Ghostbusters: Afterlifea sequel to the original 1984 film that revived the franchise after the 2016 split ghost hunters reboot of the film, were able to prove that it is never too late to save a series. RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned may not bring together Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges to save the universe, but with a better story, a unique identity, and another chance to reach the public, it may ensure that their talent will not be wasted building on this that they tried to establish. After all, if Universal didn’t see potential in the RIPD name nearly a decade later, he’s unlikely to use it for a sequel, even if it’s straight-to-video.

The original RIPD was a film about redemption, and thanks to Universal, the series could finally find it. Ryan Reynolds may have ditched this embarrassing comic book movie, but maybe RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned can do it justice by making the series a hit and the horror-comedy franchise it intended to be back in 2013. Reboots, revivals and sequels like this never happen. not always, but when studios give them the green light, there’s always potential to be better than what came before. As such, despite all the flaws of the first movie, there’s still a chance that RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned may indeed restore the reputation of Reynolds’ first film.

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