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Brad Pitt is negotiating a role in Deadpool 3.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Brad Pitt is currently in negotiations to appear in the highly anticipated Dead Pool 3. Although the only people confirmed so far to star in the third Deadpool movie are Ryan Reynolds (obviously) and Leslie Uggams (who portrayed Deadpool’s elderly roommate in the first two movies), the cast of one of world’s biggest stars would be a pretty big get for any movie. It is not yet known if Brad Pitt is considered for a leading role in Dead Pool 3 or whether he will return for another potentially macabre cameo.

If chosen, Brad Pitt would not meet Ryan Reynold‘s super-powered mercenary for the first time in Dead Pool 3. In Deadpool 2, the fight club the actor showed up for a one-shot appearance as a member of X-Force; specifically, he played a character named the Vanisher, whose power of invisibility keeps the actor’s identity a secret until his violent death by electrocution. Interestingly, the traditional Marvel Comics version of the Vanisher usually lacks the power of invisibility, but is known as a teleporter; given that he only shows up for a few seconds for a darkly comedic death, that probably doesn’t matter much.

In fact, it’s entirely possible that Brad Pitt will show up (as is) as the Vanisher one more time if he’s cast in Dead Pool 3. Using clever time-travel technology courtesy of Cable (Josh Brolin), Ryan Reynolds spent the mid- and post-credits sequences of Deadpool 2 jumping through reality to bring various people back to life and kill some. others, notably Deadpool’s version of the universally despised X-Men Origins: Wolverine and a version of Ryan Reynolds the actor. In theory, there’s really no reason Brad Pitt can’t return as the Vanisher in Dead Pool 3though that might be a dumb use of his star power.

On the other hand, Brad Pitt could join Dead Pool 3 as a multi-dimensional variant of Cable himself; at one point, he and Michael Shannon were in the running to play the mighty mutant soldier, so having him appear as an alternate version of Josh Brolin would be a typical Deadpool meta-joke. Josh Brolin himself reportedly signed a four-movie deal to appear in movies as Cable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll appear in Dead Pool 3. After all, now that Disney has access to mutantkind, we could have Cable in all sorts of projects.

Dead Pool 3 will be the first movie in the series to be set in the mainstream Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the first MCU movie confirmed to be rated R. That’s a pretty big change for the show and Marvel, and it looks like Ryan Reynolds plans it close to the chest as to what it means for Deadpool. However, if that means we see Brad Pitt showing up, only to die horribly yet again, we’re okay with that.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds celebrate their pregnancy with a photo of Deadpool Sun, 18 Sep 2022 19:41:59 +0000

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting another baby! Lively is pregnant with the couple’s fourth child and took to Instagram to celebrate the exciting news.

Lively and Reynolds tied the knot in 2012 and have three daughters together so far. James was born in December 2014, Inez was born in September 2016, and Betty was born in October 2019. It’s unclear what gender this fourth child will be, so it’s unclear if they’re expecting their first son or a fourth daughter. .

On Saturday, Lively posted a series of photos showing her pregnancy. In the post, Lively spoke out against the intrusive press and media outlets trying to get photos of her children.

Steve Granitz/Wire ImageGetty Images

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“Here are real life pics of me pregnant so the 11 guys waiting outside my house for a 🦄 sighting will leave me alone. You are scaring me and my kids,” Lively wrote.

She continued: “Thank you to everyone else for all the love and respect and for continuing to unfollow accounts and posts that share photos of children. You have all the power against them. And thank you to the media who have a “No Kids” policy. ‘ You all make all the difference 🙏♥. Lots of love! Xxb”

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

One thing that movie-focused publications have picked up on, however, is the fact that one of the photos featured Reynolds in a Deadpool costume. Fans and publications have speculated that this is a hint of a new dead Pool film, with Comic Book reporting that, although the costume resembles one of the designs by Deadpool 2, Lively was not actually pregnant during the filming of this film. So we don’t know how recent this photo is.

However, this is just speculation as nothing has been officially confirmed, let alone a release date. Fans were hoping for an official Dead Pool 3 announced at this year’s D23, but no such news came. What we do know, however, is that Dead Pool 3 is, at least, in development and will maintain an R-rated status. But, for now, that’s all we know.

Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are streaming on Disney+and also available on digital download, DVDs and Blu-rays.

Stranger Things Producer Considered a Deadpool Crossover Fri, 16 Sep 2022 12:30:00 +0000

Disney transformed the Marvel Cinematic Universe into one of the most successful media companies in history, and every studio under the sun has been trying to jump on the mega-franchise bandwagon ever since. Netflix has been a bit more transparent than some of its competitors in terms of its desire to have a cinematic universe of its own, with a bunch of projects based on the witcher in production, threats of a “gray man cinematic universe” looming, and teases that stranger things could get spinoffs galore.

Fortunately, stranger things creators Matt and Ross Duffer have so far mostly focused on the original show. We know that a stranger things spinoffs are in development, but won’t happen until after the parent show ends and will be “very different” from that series.

pa0364_comp_v3014.1021 – Ryan Reynolds portrays Deadpool in Twentieth Century Fox’s DEADPOOL 2. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

Shawn Levy says a stranger things/dead Pool the crossover is “on the table”

That said, Netflix and the producers behind the show are obviously thinking longer term about how to create a lasting franchise out of Foreign Things. And why wouldn’t they, when it’s become so universally popular and widely watched?

“Yes, we’re building the STCU, and now that I’m spending time with [chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment] Kevin Feige, I’m learning a lot about how to run a universe,” stranger things producer Shawn Levy said Variety at the Emmys the other night. “So I take those skills and apply them to the STCU.”

Levy has worked on a ton of projects over the years, including a slew of films with Ryan Reynolds, including free guy and The Adam Project. He was also asked to direct the third dead Pool movie, which will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Variety asked Levy if a Deadpool/Stranger Things crossover could be in the future, a prospect that sent a shiver of horror down my spine.

“Pretty amusing, [Deadpool star] Ryan [Reynolds] and I was trying to figure out how the hell could we make a Deadpool – Stranger Things crossover,” Levy said. “We haven’t cracked it yet, but it’s on the table.”

Given the Merc with a Mouth’s nature as a superhero who constantly breaks the fourth wall, this sort of absolutely crazy proposition might work…maybe. But I for one hope Levy is joking here. He and Reynolds make funny movies together, after all. He can’t be serious about it, can he? …Right?

stranger things Season 5 is currently in production. No release date has yet been announced.

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Deadpool’s MCU Debut Could Use Forgotten X-Men Character Agent X Wed, 14 Sep 2022 20:00:00 +0000

Ever since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been waiting to see how the many beloved Marvel characters Fox owned the movie rights to will be adapted to the screen. Ms. Marvel surprised audiences with the reveal that Kamala Khan is the MCU’s first mutant and set the stage for the arrival of the X-Men. However, there’s no indication how the franchise will feature the team’s longtime co-star Deadpool.

With Dead Pool 3 Already confirmed and set to take place within the MCU, it’s only a matter of when and how the Merc with the Mouth will make its long-awaited debut. While Deadpool‘s entry may end up being straightforward, there is a plan for a more creative and appropriate “meta” introduction in the form of Agent X. This obscure character served as the cornerstone in one of the storylines. most aware of Regenerating Degenerate. .

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In the early 2000s, long-term sales dead Pool had reached unprecedented lows and many attempts to revitalize them had failed. Ultimately, Marvel Comics management opted to end the series with one final storyline before rebooting it from issue #1 with a new “X-theme” title to tie it into the larger X-Men franchise and hopefully… the, increase sales. However, instead of giving Deadpool a new identity to reflect the title and tone of the upcoming series, incoming writer and industry veteran Gail Simone decided to play with readers’ expectations by embracing the self-referential nature. by Merc with the Mouth.

Agent X, aka Nijo, was first introduced in dead Pool #65 (by Gail Simon, Udon Productions, and David Sharpe), the final issue of the series, as the right-hand man of the psychic mutant mercenary, Black Swan. Believing that Deadpool had murdered his brother, one of the leaders of a yakuza organization known as the Four Winds, Nijo aided Black Swan in a plan to torture and kill the Merc with a Mouth. During the final battle against Deadpool in the German Black Swan Estate, however, Nijo discovered that Black Swan was the one who killed his brother and wanted revenge on Deadpool for stealing credit for his death. Shortly after, Deadpool detonated a powerful bomb that seemingly killed everyone, including himself.

In Agent X #1 (by Gail Simon, Alvin Lee, Rob Ross, Udon Studios, Pierre Theriault and David Sharpe), which was placed immediately after dead Pool #65, an amnesiac man known as Alex Hayden with an eerily similar personality and skills to Deadpool has emerged in New York, intent on becoming the world’s greatest mercenary. After meeting Deadpool’s former secretary, Sandi Brandenberg, Alex formed a company of mercenaries known as Agency X alongside her, Taskmaster, and Deadpool’s mercenary acquaintance Outlaw.

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Throughout its 15-issue series, Agent X strongly implied that Alex was Deadpool in disguise, although the character himself repeatedly insisted that he was not the Merc with the Mouth. With many other concurrent Marvel properties ditching their colorful aesthetic and over-the-top spectacle for a more “grounded” style, Agent X was a breath of fresh air, portraying Alex as a self-conscious parody of the more “serious” direction Marvel was trying to take itself in. Unfortunately, while Agent X was well received by critics, this new direction failed to attract new readers, and sales of the comic quickly dropped to the same level as before the rebranding.

After a protracted creative dispute with Marvel’s editorial staff, Simone left the series, forcing Marvel to hand it over to several replacement writers as its sales continued to plummet, leading to its cancellation. However, following the unexpected success of Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown’s Cable and DeadpoolSimone was allowed to return and finish Agent Xit is script as she had originally planned. In Agent XBlack Swan’s final three-part storyline returned with a catatonic Deadpool and revealed that Alex had always been Nijo, who received his personality and healing factor after Black Swan failed to steal the latter for himself. After a final climactic battle against Black Swan, Deadpool and Nijo reverted to their true identities and parted ways as friends.

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Following the cancellation of Agent X, Nijo would continue to make sporadic appearances as a supporting Deadpool character. During one particularly humiliating outing, he was captured by HYDRA, who infected him with the obesity-causing ‘American gene’, forcing Deadpool and his longtime ally and HYDRA operative Bob to rescue him. save. Later, Nijo went to live in Krakoa, revealing that he was a mutant all along.

While Agent X’s importance within the Marvel Universe has diminished, his history with Deadpool could serve as a unique introduction to the MCU. Given the previous two dead Pool the films penchant for breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool making his debut as Agent X could be an effective way to establish the humor of Merc with the Mouth while paying homage to a little-known but pivotal figure in the world. story of Regenerating Degenerate.

]]> Stranger Things and Deadpool Crossover: Ryan Reynolds Brainstorm Ideas Tue, 13 Sep 2022 02:00:00 +0000

Hawkins, Indiana may soon be overrun by the Merc With A Mouth.

On the Emmys red carpet on September 12, Variety“Stranger Things”‘s Marc Malkin spoke with “Stranger Things” executive producer and director Shawn Levy about the development of the upcoming “Stranger Things” cinematic universe.

“Yes, we’re building the STCU, and now that I’m spending time with [chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment] Kevin Feige, I’m learning a lot about how to run a universe,” he said. “So I take those skills and apply them to the STCU.”

Beyond “Stranger Things,” Levy is set to direct the third upcoming Deadpool movie. When asked if there could be a crossover between the two properties, Levy had a surprising response.

“Pretty amusing, [“Deadpool” star] ryan [Reynolds] and I was trying to figure out how the hell could we do a ‘Deadpool‘-‘Stranger Things’ crossover,” he said. “We haven’t cracked it yet, but it’s on the table.”

In terms of upcoming projects at STCU, the Duffer Brothers are working on a spin-off series, as well as a play.

“Matt and Ross are an exceptionally unique talent with such sharp and clear vision,” said Ted Sarandos, co-CEO and Chief Content Officer of Netflix, during the STCU announcement. “They’re all about the details – it’s no coincidence that ‘Stranger Things’ blew through the zeitgeist to become the epic pop culture phenomenon it is today. We’re thrilled to continue to tell new stories with them as they grow Upside Down Pictures and welcome Hilary [Leavitt] as a creative partner.

look VarietyLevy’s interview below:

Marvel fans frustrated by no-show at D23 Sun, 11 Sep 2022 02:03:16 +0000

While Marvel’s presence at this year’s D23 Expo provided a glimpse into the future of the MCU, with trailers for both night werewolf and Secret Invasion online, many other corners have remained unexplored – at least for the general public.

A few projects, in particular, have felt stalled lately, perhaps most notably those related to the Disney/Fox merger. While the The Fantastic Four The film recently received a confirmed release date and director, but fans were disappointed with the lack of additional information about the project, including the cast of Marvel’s First Family, a topic that rumors are flying wildly about.

The mutant corner of the universe is also unclear. Although both Dead Pool 3 and some sort of X-Men project is definitely coming at some point, with the former even having confirmed a few plot details, this most recent event hasn’t touched on those movies.

While fans maintain their excitement for these upcoming projects, the lack of any real news has ruffled some feathers, especially on the back of a maybe teasing at the wrong time from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld on Twitter.

Fans disappointed and confused by the absence of Deadpool 3


Following the complete lack of news from Deadpool or Mutant at D23 Expo, fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure. Although the reactions were somewhat mixed, there was a question mark in many fan comments about the presentation without Deadpool.

@Garrick Groover accepted the lack of X-Men-centric announcements, but was confused by the lack of any news regarding the Merc with a Mouth:

“I can understand not announcing anything X-Men yet but not even a whiff of Deadpool 3 news?”

@tno98 noted the Deadpool-shaped hole in the proceedings, but expressed understanding and excitement over the rest of the panel’s announcements, believing they had made up for it:

“Like I was wholeheartedly waiting for Deadpool 3 upstream, but we didn’t get it. But we got SO MUCH here. Lots of trailers, Thunderbolts lineup, Werewolf By Night announced, Armor Wars still planned, I I’m definitely excited about it”

@SweetANDSour116 was simply “shocked” by the fact that Marvel chose not to discuss Dead Pool 3:

“Shocked there’s no mention of Deadpool 3.”

@Zack_Parks offered an exasperated explanation for the missing movie, thinking Dead Pool 3 is just too far at this point:

“Sigh. They can’t be far enough on DEADPOOL 3.”

@Real_CalebClay felt that Dead Pool 3 would make the most sense as an addition to the upcoming phase 5, calling out the potential 3-4 year wait “mad:”

“Deadpool should be part of phase 5 just to say… The idea of ​​them making fans wait until 2025-2026 for Deadpool 3 is nonsense to me but that’s just my opinion…brother “

@hhhhekkkk drop a single “WTF” because of Dead Pool 3Absence of at Expo D23:

“WTF… so no Deadpool 3 announcement??”

@Bellagots made a joke at Marvel’s expense, thinking the delayed rollout of Dead Pool 3 even make a The Green Lantern following a better prospect for Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds:

“Wow, still no Deadpool 3 announcement after years of keeping fans waiting? Ryan Reynolds should leave Marvel and go do Green Lantern 2 for Discovery.”

Where is Deadpool 3?

When it comes to Dead Pool 3, the question on everyone’s lips seems to be where she is. While the movie is surely a long way off, Marvel’s refusal to seriously discuss it at a major event is odd. Considering that projects like The Fantastic Four and Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars have already been announced and discussed, the dead Pool threequel could surely get a shout out.

For one, the film’s lack of any kind of Marvel panel may be due to its release distance, as @Zack_Parks suggests. Since any kind of development or production schedule for the project is unclear, it could very well be that far off.

However, secondary evidence suggests this may not be the case. Recent photos of Reynolds’ fitness trainer appear to indicate the actor has started training for Dead Pool 3putting the film closer to production than some would venture to guess.

Plus, if the project is indeed still years away, Marvel could easily announce a generous release window, bring out Ryan Reynolds, or even just reconfirm his status – all moves that would likely have generated considerable fan excitement.

More likely, Marvel is determined to play coy with its Mutant films. With Deadline recently reporting that a x-men film “It hasn’t happened for very long” and Marvel seemingly intent on ignoring its mutant characters in any real way, it looks like a clear plan for MCU Mutandom is still in the works, or at least some way off.

‘Bullet Train’ hits viewers at full speed with action-packed good times – The Oswegonian Fri, 09 Sep 2022 04:06:47 +0000

When you think of action movies with vehicles involved, the usual suspects might include cinematic giants like “Star Wars” or cinematic masterpieces like “Top Gun” and its sequel. You can even opt for the lesser known ones like “2012” or “Speed”.

However, viewers were recently treated to a new action-packed movie that takes place on a train. “Bullet Train” is an action-comedy film directed by David Leitch (“Deadpool 2″). The film is from a script by Zak Olkewicz (“Fear Street: 1978”), and produced by Antoine Fuqua (“The Guilty”), who originally came up with the idea for the film. It is based on the 2010 novel “Maria Beetle” by Kōtarō Isaka (“Remote Control”).

The film tells the story of a man codenamed Ladybug (Brad Pitt, “The Lost City”) who is given the task of boarding a bullet train in Japan to retrieve a briefcase filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars and get off the train undetected. However, Ladybug thinks he has some sort of “bad luck curse” that causes him to take a break from his work thus far.

However, the job is not going to be a walk in the park, as other assassins are not only looking for the same case, but have other jobs that will lead to the fight. There are quite a few comedic scenes and characters, which isn’t surprising since this film was also written by people who had worked on the “Deadpool” series.

Two of these characters, codenamed Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson, “The King’s Man”) and Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”) both hail from Europe and are tasked with escorting the antagonist the son of White Death (Michael Shannon, “Knives Out”) (Logan Lerman, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”) and their mafia group’s briefcase to Kyoto. Lemon is seen constantly referencing his favorite show as a kid, “Thomas the Tank Engine.” He would call his enemies “Diesels”, as Diesel in the series was described as being “sneaky”.

There are other characters with other codenames which make the movie even more action packed and worth watching. There are plenty of twists, and while some of them were unexpected, there were others that lacked that extra momentum.

An exception to this includes the mystery behind a character in the film whose code name is “Prince”. At first, it is revealed that “Prince” was responsible for pushing a father’s son out of a building and the father was told that the person who pushed his son was on the train. However, the revelation of their true identity makes a big twist on the situation.

Meanwhile, an important theme is learned by Ladybug, which is that luck doesn’t decide what happens in life; it’s fate. Fate can be changed but cannot be stopped.

Image by Sony Pictures Entertainment via YouTube

AI brings Rainn Wilson’s Wolverine to life and Marvel needs to launch it, now! Tue, 06 Sep 2022 11:39:14 +0000


The internet has done it again with an AI model, this time taking Rainn Wilson and Wolverine from the X-men as their latest lucky victims, much to everyone’s delight.

Twitter user and TV executive, Micheal McWhorter, going through TizzyEnt on the platform, just couldn’t help himself and gave everyone exactly what they wanted – a Marvel and Office hybrid – using an AI model to generate images from any prompt. Inspired by a photo circulating online from Wilson’s Office character, Dwight, to Hugh Jackman’s ripped figure of Wolverine, the user on Twitter continued to create even more exciting AI-generated images of this fictional character.

Though a bit traumatically realistic, the internet just couldn’t get enough of the idea of ​​Rainn Wilson, known for playing iconic and beloved character Dwight Schrute, to be the next Wolverine, revamping Marvel as we know it. know. Maybe Logan was just part of the plan to bring this new cast to life.

The responses made for mixed reactions, with some fans loving Wilson’s new look, others simply responding with GIFs and quotes from Dwight, naturally pointing out that Schrute would most definitely keep a Wolverine suit in the office.

The AI-generated image also prompted a user to share their own take on another cast member from Officethis time taking on Brian Gaumgartner’s Kevin, as Deadpool in a hilarious yet simple montage.

We’re not sure exactly how, but one thing is certain: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have to make room for Marvel’s new Wolverine and Deadpool duo.

]]> The comic and pop culture festival, in Killeen, completes its first year – already planned for 2023 Sun, 04 Sep 2022 22:00:36 +0000

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) — Central Texas comic book and pop culture fans now have something new to look forward to every year.

Giganticon, a comic book and pop culture festival just wrapped up its first year at the Killeen Civic and Convention Center.

“This place is a different kind of magic, it’s a different world,” said actor TJ Storm.

What do R2-D2, Godzilla and Deadpool have in common?

They were all in attendance for Killeen’s first Giganticon this weekend.

“It’s where you meet your compatriots and hang out with your friends and share art, share comics and exchange interesting ideas. It’s really fun, I love it,” Storm said.

The weekend-long event brought together over a hundred exhibitors showcasing amazing comics, toys, collectibles and artwork.

Attendees also got involved in cosplay, paying homage to their favorite characters with costume replicas so accurate in detail, they’ll make you do a double take.

“You see their love, what they love in their life. Then you see someone across the room with the exact same passion about it and you’re like ‘are we coming to become best friends? “Yeah, we did and that’s that bond you see,” Giganticon owner Brian Fletcher said.

Giganticon also featured special guests from cult classics like Dragon Ball Z, Star Trek, and Stranger Things among many others.

Storm, best known for his roles in Godzilla: King of the Monsters and The Predator, was fascinated by sci-fi movies growing up.

Now he says it’s an honor to work alongside some of his childhood favorites.

“Being able to get lost in novels and movies like Star Wars and Star Trek and stuff like that. The Neverending Story, The Neverending Story guy is here. I love that stuff,” Storm said.

If you didn’t make it to Giganticon this year, I recommend any comic fan to put it on your bucket list for 2023.

Rob Delaney in the cast of Black Mirror season 6 on Netflix Fri, 02 Sep 2022 14:26:00 +0000

by Netflix black mirror cast comedic actor Rob Delaney in Season 6. Many Marvel fans know Delaney from his now-iconic role as “Peter” in Deadpool 2’s version of Team X-Force; Delaney has also starred in movies like Hobbs & Shaw and family reboots like Warner Bros. Tom & Jerry Movie and Home Sweet Home Alone. Delaney will also have a role in Tom Cruise’s long-awaited sequel Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One next year, and will star in Matthew Vaughn’s spy film Argylle, which is in development.

(Photo: 20th Century Studios)

Currently, there are no details on who Rob Delaney is playing in Black Mirror – or what kind of story his segment of the anthology series will tell.

Black Mirror has been on a long hiatus since the release of the groundbreaking interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in late 2018 and the release of Season 5 in the summer of 2019. Rights issues have brought executive producers Charlie Booker and Annabel Jones leaving production company House of Tomorrow Shine and forming their own production company, Broke and Bones. This year it looks like the rights issues have been ironed out and Broke and Bones have gotten to work producing Black Mirror Season 6.

The sixth season (or “series”) of Black Mirror will be longer than the three-episode Season 5 run. The cast of Black Mirror Season 6 also looks pretty stacked, with Rob Delaney joining an ensemble that already includes Zazie Beetz ( Joker, Deadpool 2), Paapa Essiedu (I May Destroy You), Josh Hartnett (The Falculty), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Westworld), Kate Mara (House of Cards), Danny Ramirez (The Falcon and the Soldier of the winter, Top Gun: Maverick), Clara Rugaard (Press Play), Auden Thornton (This Is Us) and Anjana Vasan (Killing Eve), Rory Culken (Succession), Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek) and Salma Hayek (Eternals).

The synopsis for Black Mirror is below. The show debuted in 2011 and is most often compared to The Twilight Zone reimagined for the technological age we live in. Most episodes operate as stand-alone stories, often told as mini-movies (longer than a TV show, shorter film):

“The show looks inward, towards the darker aspects of humanity and society. This is done through the theme of technology, hence the second meaning. The black mirror is the screen that rules our lives.Taking contemporary phenomena (ranging from the wild popularity of TV talent shows to the impact of social media and smartphones on our lives) as a starting point and speculating on how these phenomena could/would evolve in the future. Each episode tells a different story with different protagonists and focuses on a different theme.

Source: Deadline