Lewis Tan Joins About Fate Cast | Entertainment

Lewis Tan was chosen in “About Fate”. The 34-year-old actor will star alongside Emma Roberts and Thomas Mann in the romantic comedy directed by Marius Weisberg. The film tells the story of two people who believe in love, but never seem to be able to find its true meaning. In …

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Shang-Chi: How Deadpool Killed MCU Villain Razor-Fist

One of Shang-Chi’s future MCU villains, Razor-Fist, faced off against Deadpool and learned the hard way how ruthless Wade Wilson can be. Throughout his adventures in the Marvel Universe, Deadpool faced formidable adversaries in his time. From Ajax to T-Ray, Wade Wilson almost always wins in a fight, showing just …

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Why Deadpool 2’s cable looks so familiar

If you are among the masses who recognized Josh Brolin in “Deadpool 2”, you might be a fan of classic 1980s movies, as the actor made his screen debut around the most blockbuster decade. the cinema. He did so in his own bona fide blockbuster, joining the young ensemble cast …

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