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Yesterday, the Canadian actor and his wife Blake Lively announced that they had pledged up to $ 1 million to fight civil rights injustices.

The grant was pledged to the ACLU and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, both of which provide legal support in support of the fight for civil liberties.

The couple will match all gifts up to a total of £ 1million.

Announcing the grant, Ryan posted on social media: “We still believe in you, 2021. Let’s help @ACLU and @naacp_ldf change it together.”

And: “Plus, can you believe that the challenges for democracy have never been greater and that Blake and I will match your contributions to @aclu_nationwide and @naacp_ldf?” ”

On his Instagram Stories, the actor best known for his role as Deadpool who completed the Wrexham AFC buyout with fellow actor Rob McElhenney in February said: “Honored and delighted to launch this.”

“THANK YOU ACLU and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund for your tireless work in defending rights and protecting civil liberties.”

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund thanked the couple. the couple’s charitable efforts on social media.

“LDF is extremely grateful to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds for matching all giveaways up to $ 1,000,000 split between LDF and @ACLU until October 8th.

“Their generosity comes at a critical time for our democracy.”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Image: Instagram / Blake Lively

It comes just a month after Ryan and Blake supported those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

They donated $ 10,000 each to help with the relief efforts.

Ryan and Blake met in early 2010 on the set of the otherwise best-forgotten movie Green Lantern. They got married on September 9, 2012 and have three daughters.

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I don’t know what a free guy is https://reynoldsrecords.com/i-dont-know-what-a-free-guy-is/ https://reynoldsrecords.com/i-dont-know-what-a-free-guy-is/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 15:34:49 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/i-dont-know-what-a-free-guy-is/

Gerard Butler isn’t quite up to date with Ryan Reynolds’ latest movies.

In an interview with UNILAD, the Scottish actor, 51, responded to comparisons for his 2009 film player to Reynolds’ recent action flick, free guy.

In player, Butler plays a death row inmate who participates in an online game in which strangers can control the players.

“I was hoping this was the moment, that people would understand. I thought it was genius,” he said. UNILAD from science fiction film. “It could have been done a little differently, but I really loved the comment he was making about where the world was going, especially in games and kind of losing us in this world, and technology and the world. man binding himself to the machine. ”

He continued, “But I didn’t feel like people really understood back then. It didn’t do amazing business. It became a bit of a cult classic, but I wasn’t aware of this resurgence. ”

Gérard Butler, Ryan Reynolds

Greg Doherty / Getty; Christophe Jue / Getty

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As for its comparison with free guy, which stars Reynolds, 44, as a bank teller who soon finds out he’s actually a non-player character (NPC) in an open-world video game, Butler said he wasn’t not aware of the film.

“I actually don’t know what free guy is, “he said, as actress Alexis Louder (Butler’s co-star in the film, Copshop) informed him that it was Reynold’s last.

“Oh s — is it,” he said. “I don’t watch Ryan Reynolds movies.”

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free guy hit theaters last month after a one-year delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic – and Reynolds has already teased a potential sequel. After its 45-day theatrical release, the film will be available to stream on Disney +.

The film shattered expectations with an opening weekend of $ 28.4 million, grossing $ 51 million worldwide, according to Deadline. The feat is particularly impressive, given that the film is not based on existing intellectual property – intellectual property – like so many other major blockbusters, a point Disney has argued.

Copshop, which also stars Frank Grillo, is now playing in theaters.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Matching Gifts to Legal Defense Fund, ACLU https://reynoldsrecords.com/blake-lively-and-ryan-reynolds-matching-gifts-to-legal-defense-fund-aclu/ https://reynoldsrecords.com/blake-lively-and-ryan-reynolds-matching-gifts-to-legal-defense-fund-aclu/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 21:59:47 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/blake-lively-and-ryan-reynolds-matching-gifts-to-legal-defense-fund-aclu/

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund (LDF) announced via tweet Monday that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would match donations of up to $ 1 million in a “Democracy Building Challenge.”

Funds are to be split between the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and NAACP LDF, and donations will be matched until Oct. 8, according to the tweet.

The ACLU also tweeted about the partnership.

In 2019, Lively and Reynolds donated $ 1 million to the DFL to help migrant children separated from their families, and in 2020 they again donated to the organization following the murder of George Floyd.

The celebrity couple have already made charitable donations to other causes, including fighting hunger and helping homeless and trafficked youth.

They were criticized last summer for hosting their wedding at a former plantation in South Carolina and said they would “still be deeply and wholeheartedly sorry” for the decision.

The LDF website for submitting donations says matches will be made up to $ 500,000, although this may account for the 50-50 split with the ACLU. The Hill contacted the NAACP LDF for more information.

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Conan is jealous of Ryan Reynolds’ abs | Late at night with Conan O’Brien https://reynoldsrecords.com/conan-is-jealous-of-ryan-reynolds-abs-late-at-night-with-conan-obrien/ https://reynoldsrecords.com/conan-is-jealous-of-ryan-reynolds-abs-late-at-night-with-conan-obrien/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 16:00:37 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/conan-is-jealous-of-ryan-reynolds-abs-late-at-night-with-conan-obrien/

Team Coco posted this video clip, titled “Conan Is Jealous Of Ryan Reynolds Abs | Late Night with Conan O’Brien ”- below is their description.

(Original air date: 3/12/04) Ryan Reynolds talks about working with Wesley Snipes and getting in shape for “Blade: Trinity”.

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Kangana Ranaut reacts to Ryan Reynolds’ statement “Hollywood imitating Bollywood”: “And trying to steal our screens …” https://reynoldsrecords.com/kangana-ranaut-reacts-to-ryan-reynolds-statement-hollywood-imitating-bollywood-and-trying-to-steal-our-screens/ https://reynoldsrecords.com/kangana-ranaut-reacts-to-ryan-reynolds-statement-hollywood-imitating-bollywood-and-trying-to-steal-our-screens/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 15:02:44 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/kangana-ranaut-reacts-to-ryan-reynolds-statement-hollywood-imitating-bollywood-and-trying-to-steal-our-screens/ Kangana Ranaut has responded to Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds’ recent statement about “Hollywood finally imitating Bollywood”. While promoting his latest movie Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds made a witty appeal to his Indian fans in a video posted earlier this week.

While describing the various elements of the film, Ryan noted that Free Guy had all the tropes of a typical Bollywood movie. “If you’re wondering if Hollywood is just imitating Bollywood… well the answer is yes. We have no shame, no shame at all, ”Reynolds, known for his great sense of humor, said in the video.

Kangana Ranaut wrote in her Instagram Stories.

Sharing an Instagram story featuring Ryan’s statement, Kangana Ranauat said that by imitating not only Bollywood but Hollywood was also trying to steal Indian theater screens. “And trying to steal our screens …” the Thalaivii actor wrote.

While promoting its recent release Thalaivii, Kangana said at a press conference. “We must discourage American and English films because they invade our screens. We must behave as one nation. We must stop dividing ourselves like North India or South India. We must first enjoy our own films, whether in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu or Punjabi.

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Zachary Levi jealous of Ryan Reynolds as he wanted to play Deadpool https://reynoldsrecords.com/zachary-levi-jealous-of-ryan-reynolds-as-he-wanted-to-play-deadpool/ https://reynoldsrecords.com/zachary-levi-jealous-of-ryan-reynolds-as-he-wanted-to-play-deadpool/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 07:34:39 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/zachary-levi-jealous-of-ryan-reynolds-as-he-wanted-to-play-deadpool/

Actor Zachary Levi who accepts the superhero piece Shazam in the DC Extended Universe movie of a comparable name at a rally has found out which other superhero he should play on screen. The actor said he wanted Ryan Reynolds when he landed the Deadpool job because for a long time Levi expected to play Deadpool. The Shazam! The star further discovered another MCU character that he didn’t need anything to play.

Zachary Levi at Dragon Con 2021 in Atlanta got data regarding the other superhero he is expected to play onscreen, which the actor said he was jealous of Ryan Reynolds for because he expected to play in Deadpool for a long time. Levi added that it is interesting to play Reed Richards otherwise known as Mister Fantastic who is the founding member of the Fantastic Four. The actor explained that despite the fact that he didn’t need anything to play these characters, he was unquestionably happy to play Shazam. MCU has revealed the Fantastic Four reboot, but the film is in pre-production and hasn’t extended the tracks just yet. He was previously found in the MCU movie Thor: The Dark World, where he accepted the Fandral warrior piece.

Levi said, “For a long time I should have been Deadpool. I was unreasonably hot to the point that Ryan… he rocked it… just when you see someone doing something that you’ve been expecting to achieve for a surprisingly long time, and they do it fantastic, you’re like ‘credit, rock’ n roll. ‘ Reed Richards would be fun to some extent. However, to be honest, I don’t even really allow myself to take these roads since I’m doing so well. I am so fixated. The way I’ll even be Captain Marvel / Shazam! / Billy Batson, it’s a particularly fun and truly amazing line of work. In addition, he has so much surprising DNA unlike virtually all the others. [superhero]. “

Meanwhile, we will see Zachary Levi rehash his work in the Shazam sequel called Shazam! Fury of the gods. The film will also star Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Djimon Hounsou, Rachel Zegler, Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu. Shazam! Fury of the Gods is set for release in the United States on June 2, 2023.

]]> https://reynoldsrecords.com/zachary-levi-jealous-of-ryan-reynolds-as-he-wanted-to-play-deadpool/feed/ 0 Kangana Ranaut Responds to Ryan Reynolds Comment “Hollywood Imitates Bollywood”: “Trying To Steal Our Screens” | Bollywood https://reynoldsrecords.com/kangana-ranaut-responds-to-ryan-reynolds-comment-hollywood-imitates-bollywood-trying-to-steal-our-screens-bollywood/ https://reynoldsrecords.com/kangana-ranaut-responds-to-ryan-reynolds-comment-hollywood-imitates-bollywood-trying-to-steal-our-screens-bollywood/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 01:50:15 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/kangana-ranaut-responds-to-ryan-reynolds-comment-hollywood-imitates-bollywood-trying-to-steal-our-screens-bollywood/

Kangana Ranaut has reacted to Ryan Reynolds’ recent statement that Hollywood is imitating Bollywood. The Canadian actor recently appeared in a promotional video for his film Free Guy, in which he addressed his Indian fans.

While describing the different elements of the film, Ryan noted that the film looks like a typical Bollywood film. “If you are wondering if Hollywood is just imitating Bollywood … well, the answer is yes. We have no shame, no shame at all, ”he said.

Sharing an Instagram post featuring Ryan’s statement to Instagram Stories, Kangana said Hollywood was also trying to steal theater screens. She said, “And try to steal our screens …”

Kangana Ranaut reacted to Ryan Reynolds’ recent statement.

Kangana had recently expressed his concerns about Hollywood films eclipsing Indian films in India. As PTI reported, she said at a recent press conference: “We have to discourage American and British films because they are invading our screens. We must behave as one nation. We must stop dividing ourselves like North India or South India. We must first enjoy our own films, whether in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu or Punjabi.

Stating that Hollywood has destroyed French, Italian, German and other industries with its monopoly, Kangana added: “That’s what they’re doing here too … ‘or’ Jungle Book ‘. But we won’t let No chance at a dubbed version of a Malayalam film. It won’t work in our favor. We have to keep our people and our industry our priority. This is the way to make Atmanirbhar Bharat. “

Also Read: Kangana Ranaut Says Getting Into ‘Toxic’ Bollywood Is Like Crossing The Great Wall of China: ‘A Place Without Love’

Hollywood has a large market in India. Over the past few years (before the pandemic), Hollywood films have performed well at the Indian box office, with some even surpassing Bollywood film collections on opening day. Avengers: Endgame, for example, became the second biggest opener in India with a collection of ??52 crores.

Marvel Studios’ recent release Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings collected ??3.25 crore on the day it opened, beating BellBottom and Thalaivii.

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7 new movies you can watch on Netflix this weekend https://reynoldsrecords.com/7-new-movies-you-can-watch-on-netflix-this-weekend/ https://reynoldsrecords.com/7-new-movies-you-can-watch-on-netflix-this-weekend/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 21:27:04 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/7-new-movies-you-can-watch-on-netflix-this-weekend/

There is something to be said for the cinema experience. The aroma of hot and buttery popcorn, the excitement of upcoming attractions, the giant screen… but there are also tons of perks to having your next film festival at home. For example, you can wear your pajamas. You won’t have to deal with boring audience members talking about the most important parts. And, best of all, it’s basically free. Read on to find out which movies are new on Netflix, and plan your own home programming for the weekend.

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Universal Images

The suites may not live up to the original, but it will appeal to the completeists among you that each Jaws The film is now available to stream on Netflix. You can have a four movie weekend marathon—Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3, and Jaws: revenge– or just go to your favorites.

The father who moves the mountains
Voodoo movies / YouTube

In this Romanian / Swedish drama, a father (Adrien Titieni) takes it upon himself to use his intelligence training and contacts to find his son when he disappears into a remote and ruthless landscape. In their review, Hollywood journalist say that The father who moves the mountains “[veers] from a simple rescue drama to an inner journey testing the courage and determination of all involved. “

Winslow Fegley and Krysten Ritter in Nightbooks
Christos Kalohoridis / Netflix

Jessica jones Star Krysten Ritter takes a nasty turn as Natacha, a witch who kidnaps a young horror fan named Alex (Winslow Fegley). She demands that he write a terrifying new story for her every night, the alternative being a prospect that can be a little too spooky for pint-sized viewers. Then again, it’s based on the 2018 book of the same name, which was also aimed at kids, so maybe your brave little ones can pick it up.

Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington in Safe House
Universal Images

Ryan reynolds and Denzel Washington spar – as a CIA interrogator and suspected agency traitor, respectively – in this 2012 action film. The safe house where the latter is interrogated is attacked, forcing the two to escape together. Is there more to the case than what was told to Agent Weston from Reynolds? You can line up this weekend to find out.

David Kross, Hanno Koffler and Robert Finster in Prey
Anke Neugebauer / Netflix

Hiking can be quite a dangerous endeavor without an anonymous assassin looking to kill you. In this German thriller, five male friends, all average men, set off together to exercise and bond, but find themselves on the run when it seems like they’re being targeted. The who and why of it all takes place as they fight for their lives.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Kate
Jasin Boland / Netflix

Birds of prey actor Mary elizabeth winstead gets a solo action hero moment in Kate, a thriller about an assassin who has just ingested a poison with a delay of 24 hours. She has a day to identify and eliminate her assassins, and having nothing to lose, will stop at nothing to do so.

Malcolm X and Mohamed Ali

This new feature-length documentary returns to the close friendship between his two subjects, as well as to the rupture that ended up separating them. These are not just interviews with academics and activists who have studied the impact of Malcolm X and Mohamed Ali but also meetings with people who knew or were even related to men. There are various accounts of why they ended up falling out (and many factors at play in general), but, like Sheila o’malleyThe RogerEbert.com review notes that it was their differences that made their relationship so unique. “They were both bold examples of what a free spirit looked like, what a free spirit could do,” she wrote.

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Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are teaming up in the TikTok trend https://reynoldsrecords.com/ryan-reynolds-and-will-ferrell-are-teaming-up-in-the-tiktok-trend/ https://reynoldsrecords.com/ryan-reynolds-and-will-ferrell-are-teaming-up-in-the-tiktok-trend/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 16:30:41 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/ryan-reynolds-and-will-ferrell-are-teaming-up-in-the-tiktok-trend/

By Amy Wray, CNN

Celebrities walked the red carpet at the Met Gala, Miley Cyrus performs with Metallica and a “megapod” of whales surfaces in Australia. These are the must-see videos of the week.

Strike a pose

After a brief hiatus from the pandemic, this year’s Met Gala returned better than ever with an ode to American fashions. If you missed the highlights, CNN’s Hala Gorani and Richard Quest broke down some of the best – and worst – looks from the Starry Night.

The revival of rock

Miley Cyrus joined Metallica for a performance of their hit single “Nothing Else Matters” on “The Howard Stern Show” to celebrate their recently remastered “The Black Album”. During an interview with the band, Cyrus candidly shared that the cover of the song was his “love letter to music.”

Nature calls

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was halfway through an acoustic performance of the band’s song, “Yellow,” on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” when Clarkson’s son hilariously said he needed some help. ‘a break in the bathroom. When you have to go, you have to go!

Surprise cameo

Comedian Will Ferrell has teamed up with actor Ryan Reynolds for their version of a viral TikTok challenge inspired by MIKA’s song, “Grace Kelly.” Reynolds and Ferrell are currently filming a vacation movie called “Spirited”.

Binge eating

A “megapod” of around 100 humpback whales was filmed off the coast of Australia near Bermagui, New South Wales. It is believed to be the second time that a massive herd of whales have been spotted in Australian waters, said Simon Millar of Sapphire Coastal Adventures. Learn more about the event here.

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]]> https://reynoldsrecords.com/ryan-reynolds-and-will-ferrell-are-teaming-up-in-the-tiktok-trend/feed/ 0 Black Irish, Mariah Carey’s new liquor, cannot be sold in Ireland https://reynoldsrecords.com/black-irish-mariah-careys-new-liquor-cannot-be-sold-in-ireland/ https://reynoldsrecords.com/black-irish-mariah-careys-new-liquor-cannot-be-sold-in-ireland/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 12:46:52 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/black-irish-mariah-careys-new-liquor-cannot-be-sold-in-ireland/

Singer Mariah Carey, announcing her new brand of alcohol last month, said her name was Black Irish in a nod to her father, who was black, and her mother’s Irish heritage.

But, at least for now, she can’t sell it in Ireland or the rest of the European Union.

For more than a year, Ms Carey’s line of Irish cream liqueurs has been in conflict with Darker Still Spirits, an Irish liquor company that has owned the European brand Black Irish since 2015.

Representatives for Ms Carey or her brand did not respond to requests for comment.

Richard Ryan, co-director of Darker Still, said he was confident in his company’s trademark, but criticized Ms Carey’s tactics in trying to reach the European market.

“You are not assimilating yourself into Irish culture while doing everything in your power to harm a real Irish business,” he said.