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The Hollywood Reporter brings us the news of Netflix’s price hike, which, oddly enough, comes almost exactly three years to the day since their biggest price hike in company history. Thankfully, it’s not as dramatic this time around, but subscribers will feel this latest round of bad news in their wallets nonetheless. Those who subscribe to the basic Netflix package – advertised by Netflix (with the new prices already updated, those fast fiends!) as allowing streaming to one screen at a time, but not in HD – can expect this the monthly price goes from $8.99 to $9.99. Standard plans — two screens at once in HD, but not UHD — rose slightly from $13.99 to $15.49. Premium plans, meanwhile, allow up to four screens in both HD and UHD and have gone down to $19.99 per month.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that this development comes with very little warning, as the changes are expected to start rolling through to pre-existing subscribers “over the next few weeks” and are dependent on the billing cycle of each individual, according to the report. However, new subscribers can expect these changes to take effect immediately. These changes also apply to Canadian subscribers, with the exception that the basic package pricing remains the same for the time being.

The ‘Red Notice’ sequel starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds https://reynoldsrecords.com/the-red-notice-sequel-starring-dwayne-johnson-gal-gadot-and-ryan-reynolds/ Wed, 12 Jan 2022 21:30:00 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/the-red-notice-sequel-starring-dwayne-johnson-gal-gadot-and-ryan-reynolds/

Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds will return for two — yes, two — “Red Notice” sequels.

Hot on the heels of Netflix announcing that “Red Notice,” an over-the-top comedic spy thriller, has become the streamer’s most-watched movie of all time, the company is developing a pair of tracking set in the global heist world.

Director Rawson Marshall Thurber is set to return to filmmaking duties and plans to shoot the two sequels back-to-back. According to Deadline, which broke the sequels news, Netflix hopes to begin production in early 2023 given the busy schedules of everyone involved. (That means Reynolds’ previously announced sabbatical could be short-lived.) In the meantime, Thurber has been working on the scripts.

Netflix declined to comment.

Given the (ambiguous) success of “Red Notice,” Gadot, Johnson, Reynolds, and Thurber are planning even bigger salaries for the sequels, which is saying a lot considering Johnson and Gadot each earned $20 million for the movie. first movie.

The producers of “Red Notice” — a long list consisting of Johnson, Hiram Garcia and Dany Garcia of Seven Bucks Productions, Beau Flynn and Scott Sheldon of Flynn Pictures Co., and Thurber via Bad Version Productions — are each expected to return.

In “Red Notice,” an FBI agent (Johnson) reluctantly teams up with a renowned art thief (Reynolds) to catch an even more dangerous criminal (Gadot). The film is unlikely to make it to critics’ top lists (it holds an average of 26% on Rotten Tomatoes), but Netflix subscribers didn’t seem to mind the mostly negative reviews. According to Netflix internal stats, “Red Notice” has clocked 328.8 million viewing hours, breaking the record previously held by Sandra Bullock’s 2018 thriller “Bird Box” at 282 million.

Variety Chief film critic Peter Debruge described the film as “reasonably smart, as long as you don’t examine it too closely”.

“While the film relies a little too much on cumbersome exposition, it moves fast enough that most viewers won’t stumble upon – or even pause to question – the many holes in the intrigue,” Debruge wrote in his review. “Like a skilled trickster, the movie robs you of your time, but makes you feel like you got the better end of the deal.”

10 most versatile comedic actors of the past 20 years, ranked https://reynoldsrecords.com/10-most-versatile-comedic-actors-of-the-past-20-years-ranked/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 06:00:00 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/10-most-versatile-comedic-actors-of-the-past-20-years-ranked/

Comedy films have been around since the beginning of cinema. While many high-value actors have come and gone through the comedy genre, many of the most talented performers are still going strong. While many of these talents have ventured into action and / or drama films, they still seem to come back to what brought them to dance.

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Whether they’ve seen success in Oscar-nominated films or big-studio action movie franchises, these actors have shown they can do it all. Regardless of their success, these comedians return to comedy films or have brought their acting skills to their respective projects.

ten Chris Pratt’s comedic debut on TV helped him launch a movie star career

chris pratt parks and recreation

A lot of fans might not have thought that the funny guy from Parks and recreation would become one of the biggest movie stars. Pratt had small roles in Silver ball and Dark zero thirty, but his real breakout performance came in 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy.

Pratt’s Star-Lord has proven he can mix comedy and action in the two Guardians movie theater. Pratt would also bring his humor and action to the Jurassic World movies, and he continued his MCU journey as Star-Lord in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

9 Ryan Reynolds’ TV success turned into one of Hollywood’s greatest careers

ryan reynolds deadpool

Ryan Reynolds got his first big break from the TV show 2 guys, a girl and a pizzeria. Reynolds would move on to comedies such as van Wilder and Waiting for, where he played the fast-talking boy who cares about nothing but himself. He also starred in romantic comedies Just friends, Proposal, and Definitely maybe, all entertaining films that cemented him as a leading man.

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Reynolds would also star in several hit action movies, including Smoke aces and dead Pool, the latter of which became the highest-grossing superhero film of all time.

8 Steve Carell and The Office’s early films made him a major player on the big screen

steve carell 40 year old virgin

Steve Carell had a few minor roles in the early 2000s, like Evan in Almighty Bruce. He finally landed the TV jackpot with Office. Carell will experience great success with his roles in Presenter and The 40-year-old virgin, the latter being the first film he has titled.

Carell would venture into more dramatic and action roles. Most fans associate Carell with his dry humor. He became even bigger than the voice of Gru, the villain-turned-hero in the animated franchise, Despicable Me.

seven Vince Vaughn’s mid-90s success guided him to some of the funniest roles in movie history

vince vaughn internship

Vince Vaughn’s first landmark role came in the mid-1990s, Swingers. It has since become a staple of 21st century comedy films. Back on his comedic roads in 2003 with Old school, Vaughn also made an appearance in Presenter and Starsky and hutch. the years 2005 Wedding crashes remains his greatest performance to date.

Wedding crashes starred Vaughn and Owen Wilson as two singles who interrupt marriages to meet women. Vaughn would continue his comedic domination with hits like Breaking, Couples retreat, The internship, The watch, and many more that have left viewers in stitches.

6 Will Ferrell started out as a member of the SNL cast but is now considered one of the funniest actors

ferrell the wedding crashers

One of the biggest players in Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell’s television success will lead him to countless memorable movie roles over the past 20 years. Ferrell would star in Old school and Presenter, besides having two hilarious cameos in Starsky and hutch and Wedding crashes.

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Ferrell is reportedly co-starring in goofball comedy films such as Blade of glory, Half brothers, Semi pro, Nights of Talladega, and Become difficult. These films have proven that Ferrell can get people laughing, no matter what the comedic challenge.

5 Owen Wilson’s laid back character presents himself in a hilarious way

Owen Wilson midnight in Paris

Owen Wilson had minor roles in Anaconda, Meet the parents and several other half-successful films in the late 20th century and early 21st century. Wilson co-starred in Starsky and hutch, Wedding crashes, and You, me and Dupree, three of the best comedy films of the past 20 years.

Wilson would also venture into some dramatic roles, such as Midnight in Paris and No leak. He would continue his comedic ways in such comedic hits as Room pass, The internship, and The brains. Wilson even joined the MCU in 2021 Loki, playing Agent Mobius and becoming an ally of God Mischief.

4 Ben Stiller comes from comedic parents but took the plunge on his own

Ben Stiller Tropic Thunder

Ben Stiller, following in his parents’ footsteps, has established himself in television and film since the early 1990s. Stiller is reportedly co-starring in Starsky and hutch, My stepfather, my parents and I, and Along came Polly, besides having a hilarious cameo in Presenter.

Stiller played and directed the legendary comedy, Thunder in the tropics, which featured a huge cast of top celebrities. In addition to playing in The broken hearted child and Little fockers, Stiller would also lend his voice to Megamind. Stiller also appeared in several films of the Night at the museum franchise.

3 Jason Bateman is a rare child actor who broke the mold

jason bateman change

Jason Bateman was a young teenage star throughout the 1980s and 1990s, but would later find success in some early 21st century comedy films. Bateman has had memorable supporting roles, such as Breaking. Bateman has also appeared in dramatic films such as Smoke aces and The kingdom.

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Bateman would be co-starring in some of the best comedies of the century, including The change up, horrible bosses 1 and 2, Identity thief, and Big words. He also returned to his breakout TV show, Development stopped, and currently stars in the hit Netflix, Ozark.

2 Seth Rogen found success on television but broke through in Judd Apatow films

seth rogen long shot

Seth Rogen had a humble start in television in the late 1990s. This led to the Freaks and Geeks star to find minor roles in films such as Presenter and You, me and Dupree. Her first major role was in Judd Apatow The 40-year-old virgin, which led him to star in the follow-up film Apatow, In blister.

After In blister, Rogen became a made man in the comedy film world, co-starring in Super bad, Observe and report, Pineapple Express, It is the end, Sausage festival, and many others. Recently, Rogen brought Pumbaa to life in The Lion King and co-starred with Charlize Theron in the underrated political comedy, Long Shot.

1 Jonah Hill is an award-winning actor who has thrived in drama and comedy

Jonah Hill shows it off

Jonah Hill’s memorable first role was as a confused young client in The 40-year-old virgin, which allowed him to secure a role of friend of Seth Rogen in In blister. After another small but funny role in Accepted, Hill is reportedly co-starring in the teen comedy Megahit, Super bad.

Hill would star in several other successful projects before taking on a role in the baseball drama, Silver ball, which earned him an Oscar nomination. Hill would play a huge role in Martin Scorcese’s comedy-drama, The wolf of Wall Street, where he shared all his scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio. Hill balanced his dramatic roles with comedy films such as It is the end, 21 and 22 rue du saut, Dogs of war, and Do not seek.

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Dumbo, RObin Williams in Toys and Littlefoot The Land Before Time Mistakes That Still Haunt Disney

10 mistakes that still haunt Disney

About the Author

Cottingham businessman who counts Ryan Reynolds and Tyson Fury among his celebrity clientele https://reynoldsrecords.com/cottingham-businessman-who-counts-ryan-reynolds-and-tyson-fury-among-his-celebrity-clientele/ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 05:00:00 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/cottingham-businessman-who-counts-ryan-reynolds-and-tyson-fury-among-his-celebrity-clientele/

A man from Cottingham turned his photography hobby into a premier business, helping celebrities remember loved ones.

Ben Lopez, 33, helps revive “happy memories” by restoring old family photos into modern digital images.

The avid photographer worked as a hotel manager in Oxford before the pandemic, but has been left in the dark about his career future after the lockdown.

Read more real life stories here.

Following the loss of his mother to suicide, and later the loss of his sister, Ben scoured old photographs during the lockdown and began to restore old, worn and pixelated images to their former glory.

Ben uses different computer software, depending on the damage to the photo and says it can take up to an hour to perfect some of the more difficult shots.

What started as its own grieving journey has now grown into a popular business called Loved Ones Forever. Its goal is to help other families remember loved ones or unforgettable memories in a special way.

Loved Ones Forever restored a photo of Fearne Cotton’s parents when the couple got married

Her Instagram page now has more than 21,000 followers, including singer Ella Henderson and TV presenters Holly Willoughby and Eammon Holmes.

Ben, who now lives in Cottingham in his father’s pub, has seen his passion gain popularity over the past year, but confessed that she has gone ‘mad’ as Christmas time approaches.

Ben now has a large celebrity following, including Fearne Cotton, Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Ryan Reynolds, Davina McCall, Holly Willoughby, Cat Deeley, Nick Frost, Greg Davies, and more.

Fearne Cotton contacted Ben on several occasions and he turned her parents’ wedding photo into a modern photo for her.

Ben Lopez, 33, was sent in a photograph of late singer Sarah Harding by Fearne Cotton that was unclear and made it vibrant
Ben Lopez, 33, was sent in a photograph of late singer Sarah Harding by Fearne Cotton that was unclear and made it vibrant

Ben said Fearne also sent in a photo of Girls Aloud superstar Sarah Harding, who tragically passed away in 2021.

He also transformed one of Ammon Holmes’ childhood photographs from the 1960s into one that looks like it was taken with a modern camera.

A big fan of Gary Barlow reached out to Ben when she met his idol, but was disappointed that their image together wasn’t clearer. Now she has a fully restored photo with her favorite singer.

Ben’s most recent project was a Christmas present for beloved chef Jamie Oliver.

Loved Ones Forever owner and editor Ben recently restored an old photo of Tyson Fury and his wife Paris
Loved Ones Forever owner and editor Ben recently restored an old photo of Tyson Fury and his wife Paris

Speaking about the growth of Loved Ones Forever, the 33-year-old said: “It’s really amazing what we’ve accomplished in less than a year. For me, it’s all on behalf of my mom and sister that I unfortunately lost.

“We’ve helped thousands of people with mental health issues by restoring their photos and bringing back happiness. It’s really amazing what we’ve done so far, but what’s to come will be all. simply amazing.

“It’s absolutely phenomenal to be able to bring so much happiness back into the lives of so many people. I can’t seem to figure out every week how another celebrity unexpectedly comes out and makes contact, it has totally allowed me to to pursue the dreams of my life in bringing happiness back to families. “

Recently, the editor received a huge investment of £ 100,000 in the business, which means he can continue to pursue his dream of helping bring comfort to those suffering the loss of a loved one.

He has now been able to bring on board Dr Larisa Corda, who gives health advice on This Morning.

Ben said: “Larisa helps me with anything mental health related, she became my sponsor for Loved Ones Forever and recorded live videos to help people.

Now Ben says his next challenge will be working alongside ITV’s Long Lost Families, helping restore photographs for reunited families.

To take a closer look at Loved Ones Forever’s work, click here.

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Ryan Reynolds teams up with his 12-year-old self in Adam Project Image https://reynoldsrecords.com/ryan-reynolds-teams-up-with-his-12-year-old-self-in-adam-project-image/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 18:52:00 +0000 https://reynoldsrecords.com/ryan-reynolds-teams-up-with-his-12-year-old-self-in-adam-project-image/

Ryan Reynolds teams up with his 12-year-old self for a journey of discovery in a new Adam Project image from the upcoming Netflix movie.

Ryan Reynolds teams up with 12-year-old himself on a journey of discovery in a new Adam Project image from the upcoming Netflix movie. The sci-fi comedy adventure languished in developmental hell for a decade when Tom Cruise initially signed on to star in the film under his title Our name is adam. After a shuffle between Paramount Pictures and Netflix, it would finally start to gain momentum in mid-2020 with Strange things‘Shawn Levy devoted to directing and producing alongside Reynolds.

The Adam project focuses on Adam, a man who discovers a way to time travel, and returns to meet his 12-year-old self and get his help facing their late father in the future. Reynolds leads the cast in the lead role alongside Walker Scobell as himself 12, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo as parents to Adam, Catherine Keener, Zoe Saldana and Alex Mallari Jr. The Adam project was filmed in Canada from late 2020 to early 2021, and with an announcement of Levy’s release in early 2021, audiences get a new preview of the film.


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Within the framework of USA todayan overview of the films expected in 2022, a new Adam Project the image has been revealed. The photo shows the main character Ryan Reynolds standing with himself 12 years old and gazing up at an ominous light in the sky. Check out the new image below:

Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project

New Adam Project The image might not offer many answers to the film’s plot, but it does mark an interesting match in the film’s upcoming adventure. The official synopsis for the project makes it seem like it will be mostly centered around the dramatic conflict between Reynolds and the main character of Scobell and their father, although with Levy at the helm there will certainly be action sequences to be taken. the poster. Additionally, with time travel being central to Reynolds’ involvement in the story, it seems likely that he will be on the run from some form of government agency, be it the present or the past.

Reynolds and Levy are currently reaching heights of their first collaboration, 20th Century Studios’ free guy, which received rave reviews from critics and the public. It also went on to become one of the first real box office hits of 2021, totaling more than $ 331.5 million against its estimated production budget of $ 125 million, although it was original intellectual property. Only time will tell if their reunion for The Adam project turns out to be just as well received as the video game-based film when the time-traveling sci-fi adventure hits Netflix on March 11, 2022.

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Source: United States today

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The road to dead Pool getting to the big screen in all its glory was paved with hardships. With Ryan Reynolds not even receiving studio support, it looked like the movie might never be made at some point.

But Reynolds’ passion kept the film alive, and ultimately, dead Pool ended up in production. Even after filming, however, Reynolds was still nervous about the film. And finally, the Buried star was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.