Ryan Reynolds

BTS, EXO, Stray Kids, Everglow

Who would have thought that a dead Pool-performance inspired by Stray children on the competition program Kingdom: legendary war would lead the group to become Ryan Reynolds’ best friend? Well, that’s exactly what happened! The group caught Reynolds’ attention on Twitter after a Stray Kids fan (@leeknow on Twitter) created …

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“ numbness ” felt during the last mass shot

Numbness, nightmare and tragedy are words used by California officials following a mass shooting in San Jose on Wednesday where authorities say a gunman shot and killed eight people before committing suicide. (May 25) Video transcript GAVIN NEWS: There is a numbness that I imagine some of us feel about …

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Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson arrested

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson struggle with cops in a new image from the sequel to the action comedy The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson get arrested in new image this summer Bodyguard of the Hitman’s Wife. Reynolds played a security expert protecting assassin Jackson …

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