Clark Gable’s Hollywood career is off to a good start

Dillon imagined himself as a modern-day Henry Higgins who transformed Bill Clark Gable of Ohio into Clark Gable the actor. She went so far as to call herself his “drama coach” and said of him, “He is my creation.” Before studios took a look at Gable, Dillon had completely given her young husband a makeover (via Far Out Magazine).

“She paid money out of her own purse for Gable to have his teeth fixed as well as his hairstyle. Dillon also trained him in body language and helped him lower his naturally high-pitched voice. Under his guidance, Gable improved his posture and speaking habits while working on his facial expressions.When Dillon finally decided that Gable was ready to take on the world, they packed up and moved to Hollywood in 1924 as a manager and wife.

After Gable failed to win major film roles, the couple moved to New York where they were able to try their hand at Broadway. According to Dillon, Gable has found both success and a new wife. Upon their return to Los Angeles in 1930, Gable secured supporting roles at Warner Bros. and signed a contract with MGM. In 1931, he divorced his svengali and married a wealthy Texan, Rhea Langham.

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