David Leitch had a tightrope to walk while directing Deadpool 2

In an interview with Collider, Ryan Reynolds reflected on “Deadpool 2” and Leitch’s direction that helped elevate the material from the page to the big screen:

“David [Leitch] raised all across the board. You kind of have to put him in this kind of fictional place, he really was largely responsible for the action. Sure, he was responsible for the action, but he was wonderful at walking the tightrope of tone. Which is always a hard thing to walk, really really hard for everyone. And that’s something you have to be aware of at every moment, every scene in the movie. So he was good at seeing the macro, not just the micro.”

Deadpool” has always been a character who hides his tragic history behind revolutionary humor. It makes sense that joining a “Deadpool” movie requires a delicate balance and understanding that the comedy that Wade Wilson consistently delivers most of the time comes from a place of pain. That’s especially true with “Deadpool 2,” which sees Wade losing the love of his life near the start of the film. Reynolds thought this was something Leitch could exploit, in addition to creating entertaining action sequences.

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