Deadpool 3: Are rumors that Marvel wants Ryan Reynolds and Disney to get along … didn’t they get along?

wonder apparently wants Ryan reynolds play well with Disney. That makes sense, considering that Disney now owns Marvel and all of the movies and characters attached to them. We’ve heard in the past that Ryan Reynolds wasn’t a huge Disney fan. I don’t remember hearing him say this directly, but if they affect dead Pool negatively it is quite possible.

Deadpool 3 rumors have been relentless since the film was confirmed in production. The Molyneux sisters are responsible for writing the screenplay. People have made all kinds of accusations, but neither Disney nor Marvel has really commented on them. Here are some of the things we are sure of.

The script is being written and this will be the MCU’s first R-rated film. Rumors say it will likely be the MCUThe ONLY film rated R so, so as not to conflict with the Disney brand. The film won’t start shooting until next year at the earliest. These are things of which we are sure.

Even though these are the facts, that hasn’t stopped people inside from commenting and sharing. Insider Daniel Richtman has repeatedly claimed that there is discontent between Reynolds and Disney. He also claims that Kevin Feige is acting as a mediator between Reynolds and Disney. Could Reynolds really be so mad at Disney?

Just last month, Richtman said Reynolds was pissed off because Disney continues to censor his ideas. This flies in the face of what Reynolds has said in the past, as he claims he’s been given everything he wants. He may not be willing to speak out against Disney. At the moment, we don’t really know what is really going on.

The film is still a long way off and all we can do is hope that Reynolds and Disney can resolve their differences. Hopefully that doesn’t affect the end product that is Deadpool 3. And hopefully Ryan Reynolds can play well with Disney.

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