Deadpool 3 May Make First Canon Movie’s Deleted MCU Connection

The first Deadpool movie had almost clear ties to the MCU, but the sequel Deadpool 3 may revisit them as part of the newly combined franchise.

An unused and unofficial MCU connection in 2016 dead Pool can be revived in the future Dead Pool 3, taking advantage of its new place in the franchise and possibly connecting it to another Marvel property. The first one dead Pool included a major MCU Easter egg and deleted scene that almost featured a famous Marvel location that appeared later that same year in Captain America: Civil War. With the MCU seemingly heading towards a Love at first sight film, Dead Pool 3 is in the perfect position to connect with it and canonize its deleted MCU connection from the 2016 original.

dead Pool was a faithful and surprisingly heartfelt adaptation of the famously irreverent Merc with a Mouth, frequently directing its jabs at various Marvel movie continuities, particularly 20th Century Fox’s two timelines. x-men franchise. Dead Pool the theatrical release included a third-act action sequence on a decommissioned SHIELD Helicarrier, though the film didn’t draw attention to the vehicle, which had already been made famous by the MCUs. avengers movies. An additional scene, which was left on the cutting room floor, also reportedly showed Deadpool antagonist Ajax released from The Raft maximum security prison. The MCUs Captain America: Civil war presented the decor a few months later.

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Deadpool will be part of the MCU in its upcoming third installment, Dead Pool 3, which not only allows the deleted scene from the first movie featuring The Raft to become canon retroactively, but can also be used to connect Deadpool to the rumored MCU version of the Thunderbolts. Raft and/or Ajax could easily be referenced in Dead Pool 3and the potential of the MCU Love at first sight the adaptation could easily include Deadpool, given Wade Wilson’s background on a team of (mostly) superpowered beings in Deadpool 2 and the fact that the Thunderbolts usually consist of anti-heroes and villains. The Raft version in Dead Pool the detected scene is not the same as Captain America: Civil War version, but whatever brings Deadpool into the MCU may merge the two continuities, tweaking the lore of the first dead Pool slice to fit the MCU version.

Marvel's Deadpool, Moon Knight and the Thunderbolts

Although Marvel Studios hasn’t officially announced a Love at first sight adaptation, recent MCU properties seem to come close to this one. Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) appeared in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Black Widow, recruiting both John Walker and Yelena Belova. This could gradually lead to a reimagined version of the Thunderbolts team in the MCU, which Wade Wilson would be ideal for.

Deadpool may have a high body count in his two movies so far, but he’s not entirely unscrupulous. At a time dead Pool installments, he’s proven to be driven by more than money, with his second outing seeing him form a team to stop a young mutant from becoming a supervillain – rather than just killing him. The comic version of Love at first sight carries a redemption theme, which is fitting for the movie version of Deadpool.

dead Pool and Deadpool 2 are not part of the MCU, but Wade Wilson could enter the franchise via a foray, which could merge the lore of the two film franchises. Deadpool movies may be the only parts of Fox x-men joining the MCU, its story could be changed to conform to the Marvel Studios franchise, making The Raft, which nearly appeared in 2016 dead Poolbecame The Raft seen in Captain America: Civil War. If recognized in Dead Pool 3this would canonize the deleted Raft scene from dead Poolmaking it a legit connection to the MCU.

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