Deadpool Just Made Demon’s Slayer’s Most Iconic Manga Cover Hilarious

Deadpool: Samurai manga returns to its humorously sarcastic roots with a fun yet thoughtful parody of a well-known Demon Slayers cover image.

The worlds of dead Pool and demon slayer don’t have much in common on the surface, but it’s still no surprise that the Merc with a Mouth takes time to poke fun at the mega-popular manga/anime series. Deadpool usually skewers pop culture, and with his new manga Deadpool: Samuraiit makes sense that he’s aiming for such a popular series as demon slayer and parodies its most iconic cover.

In the original version demon slayer Cover image, from the manga’s first volume, series protagonist Tanjiro Kamado is depicted holding his sister Nezuko, a not fully transformed demon. The series focuses on Tanjiro’s quest to cure his sister of her demonic infliction, and this cover captures that perfectly. It’s a touching image that immediately conveys the special bond that Tanjiro and Nezuko share. It is for this reason that the images resonate so deeply with fans and readers of the manga. While the image might be touching with Tanjiro and Nezuko, it becomes hilarious when Deadpool takes both of their places.


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In a Tweet from Twitter user Kimetsu News, the cover of Deadpool: Samurai #3 and Demon Slayer first volume are placed side by side. The Deadpool image depicts Deadpool with a wig, clothing, and earring similar to Tanjiro’s, hugging another Deadpool also in a wig and clothing similar to Nezuko in the original. To make his parody even more obvious, in addition to the character similarities, Deadpool’s image also mimics the original’s design, background, and lettering. demon slayer blanket.

Deadpool’s image plays on the emotions expressed by the original, but then transforms it with Deadpool’s trademark irreverent humor. First, there’s the contrast between Tanjiro, the fair and caring hero who can be trusted to always do the right thing; and Deadpool, the morally ambiguous, sometimes creepy ex-villain who will do whatever it takes to achieve victory. Tanjiro focuses on doing whatever is possible for his sister from oblivion while ridding the world of the demons that possess her. Deadpool is focused on getting what he wants and doesn’t care about the demons of the world as long as they don’t get in his way.

Second, there’s the difference between Nezuko and Deadpool. In the manga, Nezuko has to wear a bamboo muzzle that prevents her from biting anyone, because as a quasi-demon, if she ever were to taste human blood, she would most likely be unable to control her thirst, thus accelerating his complete transformation into a demon. In the image, Nezuko is without a muzzle, and although it looks like she wants to bite her brother, fans of the manga know she won’t because the only person she has ever been able to control her desires with is Tanjiro. On the other hand, in the Deadpool image of Nezuko, she is also without a muzzle but has clearly given in to her craving for chimichanga, Deadpool’s favorite food.

These are just a few of the humorous punches the Deadpool images take on the original cover and are unlikely to be lost. demon slayer fan who crosses him. Deadpool: Samurai is a limited series collaboration between Marvel Comics and Shonen Jump, one of Japan’s leading manga publishers. Originally, the series was released exclusively in Japan between December 2010 and June 2021. However, Viz is scheduled to release an English version in April 2022. Although dead Pool fans will no doubt want to check it out, manga fans love demon slayer may want to give it a read just to see what gets parodied next.

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