Deadpool Just Proved He Deserves To Be On Marvel’s Next X-Men Team

Marvel finally shows how and why Deadpool will be able to become a citizen of Krakoa and a member of the X-Men’s most dangerous team, X-Force.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Wolverine #20

After much blood, sweat and tears, dead Pool finally gets his ticket to Krakoa, placing him as a potential member of the x-men. Marvel explains how and why Deadpool will be able to become a citizen of Krakoa from Wolverine #20.

Deadpool was actually born human. He gained his powers, including his iconic (and often disgusting) healing factor, through experimentation at the secret US-Canadian project Weapon X, where scientists grafted Wolverine’s DNA onto that of mercenary Wade Wilson. Because of this, Deadpool often pretends to be a mutant and an X-Man, much to the chagrin of the rest of the mutant community. Deadpool also claims to be “practically a founding member of X-Force“, due to his long-standing relationship with the team’s founder, Cable, who was sometimes Wade’s ally and, more often, his enemy. After Earth’s mutants founded the nation of Krakoa , their species enjoyed an unprecedented era of prosperity. In Wade’s own words, mutants dominate politics, revitalize medicine, conquer Mars, and “live in a disgusting tropical resortClearly, Deadpool tried to gain acceptance into the new mutant utopia, with hilarious results.

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His attempts started with the Hellfire Gala, where the best he could get was to be part of a short reunion of X-Force, and continued in many ingenious and ridiculous ways which are shown in Wolverine #20, by the creative team of Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert, Frank Martin and Dijjo Lima. Wade tried to land on Krakoa with a parachute, smuggle himself in a barrel of booze, hijack a Cyclops piggyback ride through a Krakoan gateway, and even camouflage himself as Wolverine, but to no avail. . Finally, Deadpool realized he had to prove his worth to his mutant “companions”, so he set out to do just that, aiding Wolverine in his latest dangerous endeavor, a mission to retrieve his severed hand. . Considering that Marvel has already shared the cover of X Force #30 which shows Deadpool as part of Krakoa’s most dangerous team, it’s safe to say he’ll pull it off.

Deadpool attempts to enter Krakoa

Deadpool’s acceptance as a citizen of Krakoa has some interesting repercussions. First, there has been an ongoing debate within the Krakoan scientific community about the status of individuals who were not technically born mutants but became one during their lifetime. The two most prominent examples are Mister Sinister and Cassandra Nova, two murderous, genocidal villains who weren’t born a mutant but were granted citizenship status and attached amnesty for all previous crimes anyway. The debate is seemingly settled, which surely paved the way for Wade’s acceptance: no matter how many people he may have killed in his life, Deadpool is a lamb compared to Sinister and Cassandra Nova. In fact, Wade shows surprising restraint and composure while helping Wolverine. He pointed out that Logan was at risk of a serious diplomatic incident with the United States, which shows how reckless Wolverine and the X-Men have become in the Krakoan era if Deadpool is to be the voice of reason. It’s also an interesting development for the character. Wade often pretends to be a lone wolf, but he’s proven over and over that he has a strong desire to belong to something bigger, and this just might be his best bet.

Deadpool is one of Marvel’s most unique and popular characters. His addition to the big X-Man family is long overdue. Although Wolverine may have his reservations, dead Pool is actually the voice of reason in this mission, proving that he can be a great asset and deserves to be the next member of the x-men.

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