Deadpool just revealed his most disgusting new ability

Deadpool’s healing factor allows him to be sliced, shot, and blown up without dying, but in Wolverine # 13, that also gives him another ability.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Wolverine # 13!

dead Pool is known to be irreverent, and his demeanor at the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala was no exception. Wolverine # 13 shows the Merc with a Mouth returning like a thorn in the side of the X-Men. However, when Terra Verde’s delegates transform into monsters, he ends up being a useful ally – not without raising a few eyebrows by revealing a truly disgusting ability.

The Hellfire Gala is the biggest social event of the year and it was highly anticipated, but with the party in full swing, it’s no surprise that there are issues. In X-Force # 20, Deadpool tried to make his way through the party. He briefly fought Wolverine before being overpowered by Domino. However, Deadpool isn’t a let go, so understandably he’s back. Wolverine # 13, and trying to make his way through the party. The problem comes from Benjamin Percy, Scot Eaton, Oren Junior, Matthew Wilson and Cory Petit of VC.

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Captured by the Terra Verdeans – who rebel against the hijacking of their bodily autonomy by the leader of the X-Force Beast – Domino finds himself in a difficult situation. Fortunately, someone is ready to help him. Unfortunately, that someone is Deadpool. The troublemaker has recovered from Domino’s brutal elimination and is ready to invite himself to the party again, but this time he has one hell of a argument for being let in. Despite swimming to Krakoa using a rubber ring, Deadpool is sort of in possession of an RPG, and point him squarely at the herbal monsters attacking the Hellfire Gala. Although he would bring in the big guns to save the day, his method of being able to bring them in is incredibly questionable, but that’s exactly what Deadpool would do. Asked by Domino where he got the RPG, he reveals his secret hiding place saying: “Oh, you would be amazed at how much I can adapt to my butt.”


As disgusting as that is, it is quite relevant to the character. It’s also one of the only things that would make sense in this scenario. Deadpool is known to store his guns in different branches of Frozen Tasteland – an ice cream store chain – all over America, so he has easy access to guns wherever he is, but it’s doubtful the chain was able to. expand to Krakoa. . Therefore, all he has is exactly what he is able to wear. Sure, pouches are handy for small things, but for big guns more space is definitely needed, and Deadpool has a disgusting but clearly effective solution.

While utterly grotesque and very disturbing, Wade Wilson fans shouldn’t be surprised in the slightest. It’s about the Deadpool brand at its best. The most surprising thing really is that he didn’t mention doing it earlier. When stealth and speed are required to reach a destination, it doesn’t make sense to pack a big baggage. It also suggests how high Deadpool’s desire to check out Krakoa is, although it’s also likely that Wade’s healing factor plays a role in his willingness to risk this particular storage solution.

The Merc with a Mouth mentioned wanting to visit Krakoa as a “Honorary mutant” since the beginning of his reign as King of the Monsters in dead Pool (2019-2020), and Wolverine # 13 sees him make his wish come true after helping in the attack on Terra Verde. Deadpool is awarded for helping X-Force – a team he had previously featured prominently alongside Wolverine – being allowed a few drinks at the gala, so it’s clear his newly revealed ability is the one that paid off for him. The Hellfire Gala was all about building bridges and new alliances for mutants, and as disgusting as dead Pool‘s Krakoa’s defense turned out to be, Wolverine and X-Force are smart enough to recognize that it’s better to have the Merc with a Mouth in your corner than to fight against you – especially given his willingness to adopt. tactics that no one else would even think of trying.

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