Deadpool Marvel or DC? Answered

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Over the past decade, superhero movies have taken over the blockbuster side of cinema.

From the biggest names in comics to obscure characters only fans know about, there’s at least one comic book character for everyone. And a fan-favorite comic book character that confuses viewers is none other than the Merc with a Mouth himself, Dead Pool.

After two successful solo films and a third on the way, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the character played by Ryan Reynolds is also a fan favorite on the big screen – even with an R rating, which significantly narrows the potential audience. Even the Mercenary’s dark sense of humor and tendency to break the fourth wall are successfully maintained in the adaptations. But the movies don’t have any obvious connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Extended Universe, nor are they flagged as “Marvel Movies” or “DC Movies,” so where Deadpool fits in- does he?

Deadpool Marvel or DC?

Although the dead Pool the movies don’t have an obvious connection to the MCU or the DCEU, they’re more obviously connected to the x-men franchise, which is a Marvel property. In fact, Deadpool is one of the Marvel characters that remains under the domain of 20th Century Fox, like the X-Men themselves. His first appearance on the big screen dates back to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he was also played by Reynolds. This film, however, has no connection to the current series, and it was heavily criticized at the time for treating the character so poorly.

While this is something most superhero comic book and movie fans already know – especially those paying attention to production companies – it still isn’t directly stated. This happens because the rights to certain characters and subdivisions of the Marvel Universe have been sold off to other companies, like Fox for Mutants and Sony for Spider-Man. So they can’t make any direct references that would confirm that these characters are part of the same universe – nor can Marvel use them in the MCU.

All of this can be confusing for newcomers and casual viewers who don’t care much about superhero movies. But yes, Deadpool is part of the Marvel universe. And, since Disney completed its acquisition of Fox Studios in 2019, fans have been eager to find out when the character will mix with bigger Marvel properties on the big screen. From what the cast and crew of Dead Pool 3 — including the writers and Ryan Reynolds himself — said, it looks like it won’t take long.

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