Deadpool Shared an Update on Ryan Reynolds’ Sequel, and So It’s On Brand (Literally)

While comic book movies are everywhere, a few franchises have become fan favorites by bringing something new to the genre. Case in point: Ryan Reynolds dead Pool, which proved that R-Rated superhero movies could dominate at the box office. the dead Pool The franchise recently shared an update on Reynolds’ highly anticipated sequel, and it’s so on brand (literally).

While the first two dead Pool movies were shot and released in quick succession, that momentum came to a screeching halt after the release of the 2018 sequel. Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox apparently put the future of the property in jeopardy, though Ryan Reynolds has been in contact with the House of Mouse. Awareness how impatient the audience (and the cast) are for information on Dead Pool 3the official Twitter account trolled us with an “update” that shows Reynolds’ various companies and brands. Check it below,

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the dead Pool The franchise is known for its biting sense of humor, and that includes the official social media presence and any marketing materials. And since we are not so patiently waiting for information on the development of Dead Pool 3people on the franchise’s Twitter are taking the time to poke fun at the current situation.

In this image from the franchise’s social networks, we can see a snapshot of Deadpool 2 featuring non-superpowered X-Factor member Peter. But the longer you look the hilarious secondary character, plus you can see that the various brands of Ryan Reynolds have been added to the frame. Did you catch them all?

On the table next to Peter, we see a bottle of Ryan Reynolds‘ Aviation Gin. We also see a poster for Wembley Soccer, which is co-owned by the Project Adam actor. Peter’s jacket also features the logo for Mint Mobile. The caption pokes fun at this, reading “Dead Pool 3 Update: We have defined brand integrations. Story, character and scenario next!”

Of course, the script is being worked on by Ryan Reynolds and company. Although not much has been revealed about the film in development, Dead Pool 3 will be written by Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin. stranger thingsShawn Levy is directing the blockbusterafter working with Reynolds on The Adam Project and free guy. So contrary to the caption in the post above, the powers that be are definitely focused on the story and the script.

Considering the years that have passed since Deadpool 2 Released in theaters, moviegoers are eager for all the information about the planned trio. There are countless questions about the next installment of the franchise, especially whether it will still be rated R or not. Plus, fans can’t wait to see Wade Wilson crossover with other MCU characters like The Avengers.

The next installment in the MCU is Thor: Love and Thunder July 8. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next cinematic experience.

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