Deadpool & Spider-Man’s Bromance Turns To Romance In New Fan Cover

Spider-Man and Deadpool have one of the most beloved bromances in all of Marvel, but new fan coverage turns it into a heated romance.

Few friendships have left an impact on readers of Marvel Comics quite like the one between dead Pool and Spider Man. While the Merc With a Mouth and the Web-Head are very different heroes with very different senses of justice, their shared love of jokes and humor makes them natural friends. However, the iconic bromance between Wade and Peter takes a romantic turn in fan coverage so well done it’s a crime Marvel hasn’t officially commissioned it.

Although the relationship is now iconic, the two heroes only met in 2006. Cable and Deadpool #24. The two started off as enemies there, but it didn’t take long for the writers to realize that the two had chemistry. Although Deadpool is generally a huge Spider-Man fan, the feeling isn’t always mutual. Peter’s strict moral code often prevents him from justifying Deadpool’s mercenary lifestyle. That, in addition to Wade’s innate obnoxiousness, can even give a famous jokester like Peter Parker pause. Still, none of this changes the fact that they generally work well together, leading Peter to eventually soften at Wade’s antics. It’s natural then to wonder what it would be like if the two took their partnership in a more passionate direction.


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In a piece of fanart posted to Twitter by the artist @thefuzzyaya, an intimate moment between Peter and Wade at a Pride parade is interrupted. The artist clearly has an eye for facial detail, as Peter and Wade’s shock at being watched is clear, even with half of Peter’s mask covering his face. The artwork is incredibly well done and rich in detail that sets it apart. the Marvel Voice: Pride the label in the corner definitely makes it look like a real cover. Even without that, the piece is so amazing that it clearly fooled many who saw the Tweet, as one of the top comments states, “Thought this was a real comic for a while. second-“. The comment directly below best sums up the entire artwork, “It should be.”

One thing this piece of fanart gets better than most things released by Marvel hinting at a Deadpool Spider-Man romance is that the scene isn’t a joke and isn’t played for laughs. Although Deadpool’s pansexuality makes sense for the character, Marvel has often used it as a punchline more than a legitimate part of his identity, which can be seen whenever Marvel implies Wade’s feelings for Peter. are more than platonic. Still, Marvel’s LGBTQ content (as seen with Black Cat coming out as bisexual) has been making big strides lately. So while a relationship between Main 616 Spider-Man and Deadpool wouldn’t make much sense, there’s no reason the two can’t have variants that connect.

Regardless of whether a relationship between the two will have ever been seen in a real Marvel comic, this piece of fanart makes a compelling case for Wade and Peter as a couple. Spider Man and dead Pool having one of the biggest bromances in comics and it’s refreshing to see a potential romance between the two taken seriously.

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Source: @thefuzzyaya

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