Deadpool’s 10 Most Brutal Injuries

Deadpool has worked his way through Marvel Comics since 1991, and not much has changed in his character. He has as many enemies as he has allies, which means he’s had to take a lot of incredibly brutal injuries. Although he has a quick healing factor, those injuries must have hurt a bit.

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From simple beheadings and stabbings to being ripped in two multiple times and worse, advised reader discretion is an understatement. He’s been through a lot in his more than thirty years of existence, but some mutilations are far worse than others.


Turned into a cape

Good Night tortures Deadpool in the comics

In one of Deadpool’s more recent conflicts, he was attacked by a new Marvel character called Good Night, similar to DC’s Dark Knight, in Deadpool #11. As violent as Batman is, Good Night is at least ten times worse. After taking several of Deadpool‘s mercenary jobs, they end up going head-to-head and Deadpool is defeated, but his pain doesn’t end there. Good Night hangs him from a wall and methodically removes all his bones to torture him.

Taking things one step further, Good Night then uses Deadpool’s boneless body as a cape, a very gruesome and twisted action. So why was Good Night so determined to pursue Deadpool? Apparently the mercenary with a mouth killed his parents the same way Batman was killed. Nothing is more brutal than a quest for revenge.

Anvil fell on his head

An advil falling on Deadpool's head in the comics

An injury that could have come out of an R-rated looney tunes, Team Deadpool #885 has the mercenary meeting someone in a dark alley. What makes this even more suspicious is that this person contacted him online. The anvil doesn’t fall on him instantly, however. In typical Deadpool fashion, he’s distracted by the simplest thing: a four-leaf clover, while also not understanding the meaning of a giant X painted on the sidewalk.

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Technically, the anvil slammed into his face rather than land on him, but regardless, it hit with immense force. This is random, gruesome carnage at its finest. Either he saw this sort of thing coming and didn’t care, or he was completely surprised by this turn of events. It’s hard to tell what Deadpool is thinking at any given time.

chewed his arm

Deadpool cuts his arm

No matter the circumstances, an injury is an injury. Deadpool #900 finds Wade kidnapped by dead Pool comic book villains, grotesque aliens, who intended to experiment on him. Since he was already the product of one experience, he was in no rush to barely survive another.

However, he cannot retaliate in his usual manner, as his weapons have been taken from him and he has been stripped naked. As a result, he resorts to drastic measures: chewing off one of his arms. Considering it didn’t take long for him to detach his arm, Deadpool had to know exactly where to bite to quickly pull it out before the aliens could stop him. Desperate times call for desperate measures, apparently.

Crushed by Thanos

Someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to have the mercenary with a mouth facing the cosmic juggernaut Thanos, and so, the Deadpool vs. Thanos The miniseries was born. Why were they fighting? On a love interest, of course. Deadpool has had many weird romances in his life, but the woman he and Thanos fight for is none other than death. Yes, Death is female in the Marvel comics universe.

While Deadpool is after death for more physical reasons, Thanos thinks he’s in love with her, so much so that he’s limit-obsessed and will do anything in her name. This leads to Thanos brutally beating Deadpool to a bloody mush without the Infinity Gauntlet.

Sue Storm blows her head off

Invisible Woman blew Deadpool's head off

Deadpool’s first mass shooting Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe has him confront Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman. Although she is invisible when he reaches her, he is still able to find her, as there are blood spatters on her suit. Considering he just killed his brother, it’s safe to say the blood is his.

Deadpool is about to attack her when she puts a force field in her brain and enlarges it, causing her head to burst like a balloon. The build up of pressure alone must have hurt him badly. Sure, he recovered and managed to kill Sue in the end, but putting his head back together must have been a miserable experience.

Hulk rips it apart

At another event at Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool meets the Hulk in a cave in the desert and they fight. Of course, Deadpool is outmatched and the Hulk brutally rips him from limb to limb, even ripping his head off.

In a rare moment of intelligence, Deadpool tricks the Hulk into thinking he’s dead and waits for the green giant to walk away. It must have been hard to think of a good plan in songs like that. After pulling himself together, he reunites with the Hulk, this time as Bruce Banner, and waits for him to wake up before chopping off his head in a twisted sense of irony.

Stabbed with a chainsword

Deadpool chainsaw sword

What makes this brutal injury quite amusing is that Deadpool is stabbed by Deadpool; well, an alternate version of him anyway. During the deadpool kills saga, the Mouth Mercenary hears a third voice in his head telling him to kill everyone in the Marvel Universe as well as various other fictional characters. In response to this, alternate versions of himself begin to appear and attempt to stop his bloody crusade.

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The main Deadpool is then run through by a chainsaw sword, causing twice as much damage as just one of them. Not only does he get stabbed by the sword, but he also has to deal with the spinning chainsaw blades. The only person who knows Deadpool better than himself is… well, himself. And his alternate self must have known that being stabbed by a chainsaw sword hurt.

Carnage tears it apart

Carnage jokingly impales Deadpool in the comics.

Carnage is a symbiote, meaning he can shape his malleable body into anything he wants. This includes transforming into a giant monster and transforming his hands into edged weapons. Needless to say, Carnage is often a danger to the world in Marvel comics, and he’s a force to be reckoned with. That doesn’t stop Deadpool from pursuing him.

They clash in Deadpool vs Carnage, and the use of red has never been so widespread. The two face off in a brutal, bloody battle with no limits that culminates in Carnage slicing Deadpool to pieces. Neither of them can die easily, so it’s a fight that could go on for ages unless one of them gives in.

Gored by an elephant

Deadpool Elephant Gore

In the weirdest circumstances Deadpool has ever been through, how he came to be hanging from an elephant’s tusk is quite a story. Dead Pool #2 sees a man use magic to bring back long-dead presidents in a misguided attempt to save the United States. Of course, this backfires and the undead presidents decide the only way to save the United States is to destroy it.

Deadpool thinks it’s a great idea to spend the day battling the Presidents, though he’s unprepared for how prepared they are for someone like him. Thus, he is brutally gored from behind by an elephant. Deadpool, to his credit, had enough energy to muster a clever remark through what were surely gratuitous amounts of pain.

Devoured by zombies

deadpool zombies

It’s a situation that even Deadpool couldn’t get out of. In Night of the Living Deadpool, he wakes up from a coma to find that the world has been overrun by zombies, and he is the only living person around. He tries to survive for a while but eventually succumbs to the overwhelming horde.

Considering there were so many zombies, there’s a chance he didn’t suffer too long, at least. An interesting phenomenon happened once the zombies arrived in Deadpool’s brain. his consciousness took over the zombie virus and took control of it, and they began to extend his control to other zombies. He then became a hive mind and achieved omnipotence through the undead. Even when Deadpool doesn’t have a body, he always finds a way to carry on.

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