Deadpool’s Final Kill Is Destined To Be His Daughter

Deadpool loves his daughter Ellie more than anyone, but a deal with Mephisto means she’s destined to be his latest victim.

Whereas dead Pool is relatively heroic in his modern stories, this only happened after a long career as a vicious mercenary and assassin. So there is a certain karmic justice in the fact that thanks to Mephisto, his last victim is destined to be his own daughter.

marvel’s The end The line includes a series of one-shots that serve as end stories for various Marvel heroes and villains. marvel released The end stories for Wolverine, Miles Morales, Hulk, and Venom, among others. In deadpool: the endWade faces her final hour waging war on death herself, having already finished off heroes, including the Fantastic Four, to pave the way for her cosmic deicide.


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deadpool: the end by Joe Kelly and Mike Hawthorne reveals that the Merc with a Mouth is trying to kill the embodiment of death because he wants to keep his daughter Ellie – now an old woman – from being claimed. Of course, killing Death will have dire consequences, so his 97-year-old daughter Ellie shows up to stop him. She initially arrives in a mechanized Deadpool costume to fight him. In the costume, Ellie ends up cutting off Deadpool’s legs before coming out and revealing herself. However, since that won’t be enough to stop her, she uses a Black Hole Bomb to disintegrate and destroy them both. For Deadpool, that’s a relief, because it means he won’t live without his beloved daughter. However, it turns out that by “forcing” Ellie to kill them both, Deadpool also made a long-standing contract he signed with Mephisto.

Deadpool kills Mephisto's daughter

Although Deadpool didn’t physically kill his daughter, he forced her into a position where dying was the only option left. Although both Ellie and Wade are pleased with this considering his recent cancer diagnosis and long life, it is enough to fulfill his promise to Mephisto to kill his own daughter, allowing him to escape Hell. that the heck of Marvel had planned for him. However, while it was a smart move on Wade’s part, it’s unclear exactly when he signed Mephisto’s contract, opening up the possibility that it was something he’s done in the past. main Marvel timeline, unbeknownst to readers. Given that it’s unlikely Marvel will tell the same story twice, it’s possible that Wade will face the challenge of this contract in the near future and have to find another way to follow through with it. There’s also the question of what he might have been desperate enough to get him ready to sign that deal in the first place.

Deadpool is written off a lot in the Marvel Universe as someone who doesn’t take his life-and-death adventures seriously, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid. Because his mind is so erratic, he can sometimes come up with ridiculously unexpected plans that no one sees coming. Mephisto prides itself on being able to outsmart any mortal, but it’s hard to outsmart someone as irrational as Deadpool. It is therefore very appropriate that his The end the story led him to find a way to outsmart Marvel’s version of the devil. dead PoolThe daughter of is the person he cares about more than anyone else, so it’s only fitting that the perpetually tortured Wade is destined to “kill” her – and that he finds an unexpected way to do it that gives him the last laugh at Ellie.

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