Deadpool’s Ideal Self Revealed The MCU Hero He Secretly Wants To Be

Deadpool often likes to do things his own way, but on a handful of variant covers, he reveals he wants to be one of the MCU’s greatest heroes!

In a previous series of serialized variant covers, the hilarious Marvel mercenary known as dead Pool secretly sees himself as the hero of the MCU, Iron Man, complete with his own set of badass robot armor! This Merc With A Mouth may never come close to becoming someone even remotely resembling Tony Stark in the real world, but at least in his mind, Wade Wilson is already there.

Seen on one of the final variant covers which, when read together, act as a Deadpool #SecretComic, written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Scott Koblish, Deadpool found himself on a journey through time and space in an effort to return to his own home in the Marvel Universe. Accompanied by a sentient barcode named UPC-PO, Deadpool and his scannable pal find themselves inexplicably able to time travel, encountering various Marvel heroes from decades past and eventually stumbling upon a version of Doctor Strange along the way.


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Swallowing a special gem that Doctor Strange villain Dormammu hopes to obtain, Deadpool and UPC-PO seek out a witch named Clea to get it out of his system as quickly as possible. Direct everyone present to send their astral forms in Deadpool to retrieve the gem, Clea tells Wade and company that when they arrive their spirits will “create your ideal physical selves”, giving fans a way to see what MCU hero Deadpool has always secretly wanted to be.

deadpool secret comic ideal self

Immediately sucked into Deadpool’s body, Clea notices how everyone manifested “color-optimized body images” of themselves, with Deadpool receiving one of the coolest new designs of them all: a robot costume on the Deadpool theme! Excited about his transformation, Deadpool removes his armored helmet and reveals that he is not a full robot but rather a “just handsome man with a few robot wires”, his face now looking suspiciously like a blonde version of the one and only Only Tony Stark. aka Iron Man, with a sweet mustache and a multi-million dollar smile!

Considering that Iron Man is one of the richest, handsomest, most powerful, smartest, most respected, successful, funniest and most popular heroes in Marvel Comics, one of these reasons could explain why Deadpool’s ideal self is a Tony Stark lookalike. And while Deadpool has his own cool wires and explosive weapons to use in the field, armor capable of replicating Iron Man’s vast abilities is the one thing Wade secretly can’t pass up, especially when he could have dreamed. to be quite literally anything – and anyone – else.

So while this login variant cover story was nothing more than an entertaining yet fun sales gimmick, seeing Deadpool decked out like Tony Stark is made doubly intriguing since Wade’s transformation occurs when he reveals to what his ideal self looks like. Wade Wilson and Tony Stark are two totally different heroes, but it’s good to know that dead Pool can remove a Iron Man look if necessary.

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