Deadpool’s MCU Debut Could Use Forgotten X-Men Character Agent X

Ever since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been waiting to see how the many beloved Marvel characters Fox owned the movie rights to will be adapted to the screen. Ms. Marvel surprised audiences with the reveal that Kamala Khan is the MCU’s first mutant and set the stage for the arrival of the X-Men. However, there’s no indication how the franchise will feature the team’s longtime co-star Deadpool.

With Dead Pool 3 Already confirmed and set to take place within the MCU, it’s only a matter of when and how the Merc with the Mouth will make its long-awaited debut. While Deadpool‘s entry may end up being straightforward, there is a plan for a more creative and appropriate “meta” introduction in the form of Agent X. This obscure character served as the cornerstone in one of the storylines. most aware of Regenerating Degenerate. .

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In the early 2000s, long-term sales dead Pool had reached unprecedented lows and many attempts to revitalize them had failed. Ultimately, Marvel Comics management opted to end the series with one final storyline before rebooting it from issue #1 with a new “X-theme” title to tie it into the larger X-Men franchise and hopefully… the, increase sales. However, instead of giving Deadpool a new identity to reflect the title and tone of the upcoming series, incoming writer and industry veteran Gail Simone decided to play with readers’ expectations by embracing the self-referential nature. by Merc with the Mouth.

Agent X, aka Nijo, was first introduced in dead Pool #65 (by Gail Simon, Udon Productions, and David Sharpe), the final issue of the series, as the right-hand man of the psychic mutant mercenary, Black Swan. Believing that Deadpool had murdered his brother, one of the leaders of a yakuza organization known as the Four Winds, Nijo aided Black Swan in a plan to torture and kill the Merc with a Mouth. During the final battle against Deadpool in the German Black Swan Estate, however, Nijo discovered that Black Swan was the one who killed his brother and wanted revenge on Deadpool for stealing credit for his death. Shortly after, Deadpool detonated a powerful bomb that seemingly killed everyone, including himself.

In Agent X #1 (by Gail Simon, Alvin Lee, Rob Ross, Udon Studios, Pierre Theriault and David Sharpe), which was placed immediately after dead Pool #65, an amnesiac man known as Alex Hayden with an eerily similar personality and skills to Deadpool has emerged in New York, intent on becoming the world’s greatest mercenary. After meeting Deadpool’s former secretary, Sandi Brandenberg, Alex formed a company of mercenaries known as Agency X alongside her, Taskmaster, and Deadpool’s mercenary acquaintance Outlaw.

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Throughout its 15-issue series, Agent X strongly implied that Alex was Deadpool in disguise, although the character himself repeatedly insisted that he was not the Merc with the Mouth. With many other concurrent Marvel properties ditching their colorful aesthetic and over-the-top spectacle for a more “grounded” style, Agent X was a breath of fresh air, portraying Alex as a self-conscious parody of the more “serious” direction Marvel was trying to take itself in. Unfortunately, while Agent X was well received by critics, this new direction failed to attract new readers, and sales of the comic quickly dropped to the same level as before the rebranding.

After a protracted creative dispute with Marvel’s editorial staff, Simone left the series, forcing Marvel to hand it over to several replacement writers as its sales continued to plummet, leading to its cancellation. However, following the unexpected success of Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown’s Cable and DeadpoolSimone was allowed to return and finish Agent Xit is script as she had originally planned. In Agent XBlack Swan’s final three-part storyline returned with a catatonic Deadpool and revealed that Alex had always been Nijo, who received his personality and healing factor after Black Swan failed to steal the latter for himself. After a final climactic battle against Black Swan, Deadpool and Nijo reverted to their true identities and parted ways as friends.

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Following the cancellation of Agent X, Nijo would continue to make sporadic appearances as a supporting Deadpool character. During one particularly humiliating outing, he was captured by HYDRA, who infected him with the obesity-causing ‘American gene’, forcing Deadpool and his longtime ally and HYDRA operative Bob to rescue him. save. Later, Nijo went to live in Krakoa, revealing that he was a mutant all along.

While Agent X’s importance within the Marvel Universe has diminished, his history with Deadpool could serve as a unique introduction to the MCU. Given the previous two dead Pool the films penchant for breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool making his debut as Agent X could be an effective way to establish the humor of Merc with the Mouth while paying homage to a little-known but pivotal figure in the world. story of Regenerating Degenerate.

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