Deadpool’s Peter comes to Spidey’s rescue in Hilarious No Way Home edit


Peter from Deadpool 2 jumps in a parachute to save Peter Parker from the clutches of Doctor Octopus in hilarious new fan art from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Deadpool 2Peter saves Peter Parker from Doctor Octopus in hilarious short story Spider-Man: No Path Home fan art. Rob Delaney played decidedly non-super powerful X-Force team member Peter in the 2018 dead Pool following.

The normal schlubby and Peter has indeed become a fan favorite thanks to Deadpool 2smart marketing. Sadly, Peter’s role in the film itself would be brief, as he memorably passed away from acid vomit shortly after being dropped to the ground on Deadpool’s Firefist rescue mission. But Peter would have a second chance to live in Deadpool 2The wacky end credits scene when Wade Wilson used Cable’s time travel watch to warn him not to join the X-Force, preventing him from facing his demise.

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It remains to be seen whether Peter’s resurrection in time means he will return for Deadpool 3 (when and if ever this film is made). In the meantime, Peter has other business to deal with, including saving Peter Parker from Doctor Octopus – as shown in hilarious new houseofmat fan art. See the image in the space below:

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The art is of course a play on Doc Ock’s now famous phrase “Hello, Peter” in the recent Spider-Man: No Path Home trailer (the line probably also occurs in the movie, although we never know). The image uses a recently revealed photo that shows Doc Ock using his CGI rendered tentacles to immobilize Spider-Man. A small Peter can be seen in the upper frame, parachuting as in Deadpool 2. In case anyone missed little Peter in the first frame, the second frame makes it clear who’s rushing to save Peter Parker.

Of course given Deadpool 2 Peter’s lack of superpowers, it’s hard to imagine what exactly he can do to stop Doc Ock once he lands. But planning ahead is surely not Peter’s long costume, as everyone has learned when he ridiculously responded to an ad to join a team of people with superpowers. Apparently Peter wants to land and then figure out how to beat Doc Ock. A good tentacle sweep should be enough to take care of him, but then again, who knows. And even if Peter encounters his demise again, fans have no reason to despair, as that can also be easily undone by time travel or a Doctor Strange spell or other handy character resurrection plot device. that one chooses to use. Indeed, the unleashing of the multiverse in Spider-Man: No Path Home Apparently opens a lot of doors when it comes to the arrivals and resurrections of mad characters. When it comes to the future of the MCU, almost anything goes, even an R-rated Disney product Deadpool 3.

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Source: houseofmat / Instagram

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