Disney+ Changes Fix a Big Deadpool 3 Problem

Disney’s change to allow more mature content on Disney+ solves a big problem in Deadpool 3 before Ryan Reynolds’ superhero joined the MCU.

Disney+’s latest changes fix a big problem Dead Pool 3 problem for Marvel Studios regarding its streaming home. Ryan Reynolds’ x-men The franchise is currently poised to be the sole survivor of the Fox universe after Disney acquired the studio in 2019. The R-rated superhero action/comedy series has been a massive hit over the of its first two installments. While Disney and Marvel aren’t typically part of the R-rated entertainment industry, that will change with Dead Pool 3which raised a number of questions about the future.

Dead Pool 3 is still in the early stages of development, as the sequel has no director or release date. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed Dead Pool 3 will be rated R and will take place in the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As fans wondered how Wade Wilson would join the MCU after playfully interacting with Fox’s confusion x-men canon, the future of the Merc with a Mouth is undoubtedly bright. However, integrating R-rated content into the MCU is not an easy task for various reasons. One of the many problems Dead Pool 3 faced the odds that it won’t ultimately air on Disney+ alongside the rest of Marvel Studios’ movies and shows.


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It’s no secret that Disney+ has been a family-friendly streaming service since it launched in 2019. The Mouse House has gone to great lengths in some cases to maintain that image. As a result, all Disney-controlled R-rated and TV-MA shows went to Hulu instead of Disney+, but that has now changed. Netflix’s old Marvel shows are coming to Disney+ in March 2022 with revamped parental controls. These two announcements are just the start of Disney+ becoming a home for more mature content and expanding the types of shows and movies subscribers will find there. This is great news for Dead Pool 3as he should no longer have a problem joining the other MCU movies and shows on Disney+ instead of being potentially alienated from Hulu.

Part of the announcement of Marvel shows moving from Netflix to Disney+ focused on the streaming service becoming a hub for all Marvel content. These changes in content and settings allow Dead Pool 3 to stay with the essentials of Marvel Studios programming. Disney+ is currently the exclusive streaming home for nearly every MCU movie. The Incredible Hulk is missing because Universal owns the rights to the film. by Tom Holland Spider Man The trilogy is also missing from Disney+ thanks to Sony’s control over their streaming rights. However, these films are expected to be available on Disney+ in the near future as part of Sony and Disney’s recent deal to Spider Man contents.

Now that there’s a way Dead Pool 3 streaming on Disney+, the film can really serve as a bridge between the MCU and Fox x-men franchise. The main x-men the movies are already on Disney+ and it won’t be surprising to see dead Pool and Deadpool 2 join the service before too long thanks to these changes. Supposing Dead Pool 3 finds a clever way to bring Ryan Reynolds‘ superhero to the MCU as he leaves Fox x-men continuity, the film could play a role in marking the end of this franchise while setting up the future of Wade Wilson’s MCU.

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