Euphoria Cast Says Tom Holland Should Appear in Series as Spider-Man

The cast of Euphoria says Tom Holland should appear as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the HBO series.

The cast of Euphoria says Tom Holland should appear as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man in the HBO series. After making his MCU debut in 2016 Captain America: Civil War, Holland’s first solo release, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), saw his character juggle the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with school, his personal life, and his relationship with Zendaya’s Michelle Jones/MJ. In the popular Euphoria– who recently returned for its second season – Zendaya plays another angsty, but very different teenager attending East Highland High School.

While promoting the latest film in Jon Watts’ Spidey trilogy, Holland was asked when he would be making an appearance in Euphoria. After expressing his excitement about the idea and revealing that he visited the show’s set at least 30 times during the filming of Season 2, Zendaya playfully promised to talk to the folks at HBO. Now Zendaya’s other Euphoria teammates sounded off on a potential cameo from Holland.


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In a new video for IMDB, Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Colman Domingo, Maude Apatow, Nika King and Jacob Elordi answered fans’ “burning questions” about the HBO series. Building on the previous video where fans asked Holland about Euphoria, the show’s cast commented on who Holland should play if he were to make that desired appearance, to which Domingo replied, “Tom Holland.” Read what the rest of the cast had to say about how it might look below:

“Like what, Spider-Man?” asked Nika King. “In a fantastic sequence. Hey, you never know with [creator] sat [Levinson]. It’s possible.”

“I don’t know, I really feel like we just need Spider-Man to come save the day,” Sweeney replies. “Because Highland is screwed.”

“A crossover episode,” Apatow suggested.

‘Euphoria’ meets the MCU,” Sweeney joked.

“I don’t know what Disney would think about it, but yeah,” laughed Zendaya.

Tom Holland wants to guest star on Euphoria

While Disney/Marvel Studios may have mature projects on the horizon with Disney+ Moon Knight and Dead Pool 3, the MCU is still certainly nowhere near as potentially triggering as Euphoria. Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, Zendaya even released a statement on social media reminding everyone that the HBO show is for “informed public, will be “deeply emotional” and particularly “hard to watch“In addition to that, Euphoria and, in turn, HBO/Warner Bros., is a direct competitor to Disney/Marvel Studios and Sony. They’re unlikely to greenlight a meta MCU crossover with Spider-Man, no matter how hilarious.

After No coming home, Holland has been very open about leaving Spider-Man and focusing on other projects or appearing as a mentor in the franchise rather than a leader. Still, his love for the web character remains strong, and Sony has announced three subsequent Spider-Man projects they’d like Holland to star in. Anyway, with movies like Unexplored to come, it is clear that Holland will continue to do other things. So, with the help of Euphoriaof the lead actor, it’s entirely possible that Holland will appear in future seasons.

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