Fall in love with these Jeremy Renner action movies, check out

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Due to his role in Marvel Studios’ world-conquering cinematic incarnation of their superhero team, The Avengers, Jeremy Renner has become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces, but the actor also has a Impressive resume of roles in critically acclaimed films that some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans may not know about.

The Hurt Locker

In the eyes of critics, Kathryn Bigelow’s revolutionary war film masterpiece remains Jeremy Renner’s best film, earning him his first Oscar nomination and making history as the first film directed by a woman to winning Best Picture, with Bigelow also becoming the first female director. to win the Best Director award. Renner plays a soldier charged with bomb disposal duties during the worst period of the Iraq War, his nerve-wracking journey redefining modern warfare film and creating an entirely distinct character study.

american hustle

David O. Russell’s crook’s comedy-drama combined real-life events with old-school movie magic to acclaim from critics and audiences alike. It was another strongly Oscar-nominated film, for which Amy Adams received a well-deserved nomination. Renner portrays a politician who is based on one of the key figures in the FBI’s “Abscam” undercover operation, which is dramatized in the film, and who becomes a source of intense emotional turmoil in the plot.


Denis Villeneuve’s first alien contact thriller was a breath of fresh air for critics thanks to its tight script and evocative atmosphere, noticeably less bloody than 28 Weeks Later, but no less gripping. Despite being nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Adapted Screenplay, Renner’s co-star Amy Adams was snubbed.

28 weeks later

Renner plays a soldier in the sequel to Danny Boyle’s original film 28 Days Later, tasked with managing the repopulation of London following the horrific effects of a zombie outbreak successfully brought under control in the UK. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s successor is a visceral experience with an excellent cast, and it’s a rare case of a sequel to a high-concept cult film that lives up to expectations.

Avengers: Endgame

After skipping the last Avengers movie, Jeremy Renner reprized his role as Hawkeye in the grand finale of the MCU’s Infinity Saga. While it’s unclear if Endgame will be the hero’s final big-screen appearance, the Hawkeye Disney+ series is still slated to premiere in 2021.

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