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After nearly 30 years on the Hollywood radar, Philippe philippe continues to find herself the most satisfying role to engage in, both on and off camera.

The beloved actor celebrated his 47th birthday earlier this month on September 10 and while Phillippe still has his cinematic look the world has come to know he playfully realizes he’s not. plus the new guy on the scene. “I still consider myself relatively young and still look relatively young, but I’m not. (Laughs), clearly, ”Phillippe jokes with me at Forbes.

With the defining roles of his career in films such as Cruel intentions, I know what you did last summer and 54, Phillippe is now starring in new comedies like Lady of the Manor, where he plays Tanner Wadsworth, a spoiled trust fund kid, irritatingly reckless beyond his years. Like many of his memorable ’90s roles, Phillippe says he still likes to take on these less than likable on-screen characters at times.

“Well, there’s a lot of freedom and license to play with those kinds of characters. A lot of times when you are the dramatic protagonist or the protagonist of the movie there are limits and when you play a character that is a bit over the top, a silly personality, someone who is obviously suffering from arrested development, that to me is funny. . The immaturity of the character and the lack of consciousness. Playing characters like this tends to be more fun because there are fewer rules to consider.

Earlier this year, Phillippe finished filming in Albuquerque on the set of the upcoming Peacock series Mac Gruber, which allowed him to reprise his theatrical role from Lieutenant Dixon Piper and happily return to his 2010 Mac Gruber film co-stars Kristen Wiig and Will Forte.

“The first day we all got together was for a promotional photoshoot and in five minutes the three of us were making a human pyramid and I felt like I had never left the first set, ”recalls Phillippe. “We all fell into it very easily. It’s a movie that kinda bombed when it came out and nobody really cared and it developed this huge cult following and became a favorite for a lot of people. You never know what to expect sometimes. When that movie came out and we were all very disappointed with how it performed you could never have convinced me that we would be coming back to this world again and we ended up doing a series and they are potentially talking about doing more. seasons. It’s a joy to work on it, really.

The ever-changing landscape of the Hollywood industry and Phillippe’s mature approach to his business are areas he recognizes and seeks to develop, even as advancements in technology come into play. complications that weren’t there when I started with regard to streaming, what happens to residue and all of those things that I think haven’t been completely sorted out. I have people who represent me and who are interested in this aspect of my career and I try to focus more on creation. It has certainly changed, no doubt about it, but it’s inevitable in any industry and I think you have to learn to deal with it and not resist it and find the way you feel satisfied with it. succeed.

Phillippe goes on to say that the selection of Hollywood roles for himself lately will come down to his story. He also says that over time the experience you are going to have and who you are going to work with becomes a much more important factor for him when deciding on a project.

“You read a script when you’re young, you’re like Oh, I can’t wait to do this badass thing and we’ll be in that far away place. As you get older, it’s a bit like Well what will the hours be and can I go home to see my family?

Speaking of family, Phillippe says he finds it shocking that he now has a 22-year-old daughter, Ava elizabeth philippe, which he had with his Cruel intentions co-star and ex-wife Reese witherspoon, followed by their son Deacon Reese Phillippe, 17.

“It’s the best part of my life being a father. You could take all of these other things away and if you still have them then my life would feel or be valuable. It’s also a healthy thing in a lot of ways because it gives you that separation and gives you that selflessness and not just getting caught up in your own successes and accomplishments. I’m so proud of them and Deacon is starting his music career and trying to support that and be a part of it in any way I can to get him where he wants to go. I’m ready to get started. I am ready to be the support dad and focus less on myself. “

Phillippe and Witherspoon married in 1999, announced their separation in 2006 and finalized their divorce in 2008, but Phillippe says the two Hollywood stars have been able to co-parent effectively for the sake of the love they all have. both for their children.

“The root of it all is communication and to make sure that even once you’re no longer together, you cooperate to put children, their needs and their well-being first. I think it’s something that she and I have always done really well. We have raised two truly amazing human beings.

Beyond his Hollywood projects and family priorities today, Phillippe also has passionate plans already in the works to break into other industries. “I am involved in a few restaurants. I am fascinated by the hospitality industry in some ways. I have dreams of opening a vineyard with my sisters and as a bed and breakfast type thing. I think I’ll start to branch out a bit more into this stuff. I’ll continue to act and produce and direct and that sort of thing, but I like the idea of ​​experiencing other industries. I love investing in new businesses and new products and seeing if they work and it’s really exciting.

Being a big screen idol since the start of her career, I asked Phillippe if he could have words of wisdom for these young Hollywood actors on the rise today, who find themselves in the midst of the thrill and the pressures. of fame that Phillippe once experienced.

“It’s so different with social media and all things, good and bad. It can really break careers and it can really create careers too, so they face a whole host of new challenges in this regard than we have in the future. I think focusing on the job and being true to who you are is always going to serve you well in the long run.

As Phillippe reflected on his continued Hollywood journey and the purpose of his commitment to fatherhood, I concluded our conversation by wondering what advice he would give to his former self, the Ryan Phillippe who was struggling to make one. name in the early 90s, after all the life he has lived up to this point.

“Not everything went the way I wanted it to all the time, personally and professionally, but I have always been a decent person. I have always treated people with kindness and would probably reinforce something like that. You can’t control everything. You can’t control how everything is going to turn out, but you can control the way you treat those around you.

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Elizabeth Olsen & Scarlett Johansson MCU Movies, Ranked Wed, 22 Sep 2021 15:40:00 +0000

Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johansson have appeared in many MCU movies together, although they haven’t shared much screen time. Here are all classified movies.

that of Scarlett Johansson Black Widow and Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet witch has appeared in many MCU movies together, and here’s how their releases rank. Johansson joined the MCU as Natasha Romanoff from the 2010s Iron man 2, and the character went from “hyper-sexualized” – as the actress herself would later declare – from a feast for the eyes to a fully fleshed out superhero. Johansson was able to explore Natasha’s full emotional range and said goodbye to the role after 2021 Black Widow. Sadly, the release of his final outing would later be overshadowed by the resulting controversy over his lawsuit against Disney and their response.

Elizabeth Olsen has had a somewhat similar journey with her MCU outings. The character has been sidelined somewhat in previous appearances, but in recent years – and especially after his Disney + series. WandaVision – Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch has gradually grown into one of the franchise’s most unique and layered heroes.

Related: The MCU Just Upgraded WandaVision’s Villainous Twist By Accident

Sadly, Johansson and Olsen haven’t shared a lot of screen time in their MCU movies, despite both appearing in several of the same entries.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Joss whedon Avengers: Age of Ultron properly presented Wanda and her hapless brother Pietro, in addition to new villain Ultron, Paul Bettany’s Vision, the seeds of an ideological clash between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers and much more. For this reason, Age of Ultron feels overloaded and often gives in under the weight of so many stories. This served as a good introduction to Wanda, although it was criticized for Natasha’s sudden love affair with Bruce Banner and in particular her “monster” line.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers: Infinity War had more elements to juggle than Age of Ultron, including making Thanos the primary threat – and technically, the protagonist – when nearly every major MCU superhero has played a role. The love story between Scarlet Witch and Vision was at its heart – Olsen often stealing the show – and it features some of the MCU’s most iconic moments to date.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

The Russos’ second MCU outing looked like Avengers 2.5 in many ways, though like the story of Wanda / Grounded Vision Infinity war, Cap and Bucky’s friendship held all other stories together. Olsen and Johansson don’t have much to do with this entry, but even then they make an impression.

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Avengers: Endgame (2019)

End of Game was the MCU’s decade-long cumulative, and aside from being loaded with Easter eggs and callbacks, it manages to wrap up many of the franchise’s major storylines up to this point. It’s an impressive narrative balancing act and results in lots of sets, character beats and shock deaths. Olsen’s Scarlet Witch only really appeared during this outing, although Natasha plays a major role in the story and its outcome.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is arguably the best full stop movie in the MCU, being a character-driven blockbuster that mixes action with an exciting plot plot. The events of the sequel had major ramifications in the series, including the dismantling of SHIELD and the introduction of Bucky as the titular assassin, while the film is one of the more standalone entries in the MCU. It’s also the outing that really tied Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow to Steve, although Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch only made a small appearance during the credits.

Next: Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow / Disney Trial: Every Update

Hawkeye Monica Rambeau the Marvels Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

Every Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie and TV Show in Development

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Invasion by aliens? “Not today”, growls Sam Neill in Apple TV + Sci-Fi Trailer Wed, 22 Sep 2021 15:30:27 +0000

“What is visited on our Earth … is not from our Earth.” This ominous statement is made by the President of the United States in the full Apple TV + trailer Invasion, integrated above.

Set on multiple continents, Oscar and Emmy nominated 10-part sci-fi series from producer Simon Kinberg (The Martian) and David Weil (Hunters) follows an alien invasion through different perspectives around the world.

More from TVLine

The cast includes Sam Neill (jurassic park) as Sheriff John Bell Tyson, a rural lawyer about to retire; Shamier Anderson (Wynonna earp) as Trevante Ward, a soldier stationed in Afghanistan; Golshifteh Farahani (Generation: Lock) as Aneesha Malik, a first generation Syrian immigrant, wife and mother living on Long Island, and Firas Nassar (Sirens) as a businessman, her husband Ahmed; and Shioli Kutsuna (Deadpool 2) as Mitsuki, a member of the mission control staff of the Japanese space program JASA.

The first three episodes will air on Friday, October 22, followed by new episodes every Friday.

Emmy nominee Jakob Verbruggen (The alienist) directed and is executive producer alongside Kinberg and Weil, writer Andrew Baldwin, Audrey Chon, Amy Kaufman, Elisa Ellis and Katie O’Connell Marsh.

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3 fast online loans with monthly payments Wed, 22 Sep 2021 13:17:51 +0000

LOS ANGELES – September 22, 2021 – (

iQuanti: There are many short term loans that last 30 days or less for people who need to cover expenses quickly. But if you need to borrow more money and want to pay it back over a longer period of time, you can consider a loan with monthly payments. Fortunately, there are several online loans with monthly payments which can make you money fast. Here are a few options to check out.

Installment loans

An installment loan is a short-term personal loan that offers you a lump sum of cash. With these loans, you can make fixed monthly payments over a fixed term. The repayment term for an installment loan can range from a few months to a few years, depending on the lender and the terms of the loan.

Many installment loans require credit checks and other financial documents. However, many lenders have more lenient requirements and will consider other factors besides your credit rating, such as your income and work history.

Securities lending

Securities lending allows you to use the title of your vehicle as collateral for a quick loan if you own the vehicle. After you complete an application, the lender will assess your vehicle to determine its value. Many lenders will offer a loan amount of 25 to 50% of the value of your car. Since you are providing your car as collateral, you may need a good credit rating to qualify.

If approved, you can get the loan as quickly as the day you apply. Plus, you can continue to drive your car while the loan is in progress. Many securities loans last for 30 days, but many securities lenders offer loans with terms of up to several months or even a few years.

Loans secured by savings

Loans secured by savings allow you to use your savings account as collateral to borrow money. Loan decisions are often quite quick since your savings balance and income largely determine your eligibility.

Once you have taken out one of these loans, the financial institution prevents you from accessing this savings amount. As you pay off the loan each month, more of your savings become available. Loans secured by savings can be great for people trying to build or rebuild their credit, as lenders tend to have less stringent requirements when it comes to your credit score.

The bottom line

There are many loan options online with monthly payments that can get you money fast. Paying off a loan over several months can help you meet larger expenses and budget for the loan. And in some cases, you can even improve your credit score by paying off a loan over time. Be sure to compare lenders and loan options so that you can choose the loan that best suits your needs.

Notice: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Consult your financial advisor about your financial situation.

Press Releases Department

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3 fast online loans with monthly payments

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively pledge $ 1 million to fight for civil liberties Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:12:21 +0000 The good deeds of WREXHAM AFC co-chair Ryan Reynolds aren’t limited to roles like Free Guy on the big screen.

Yesterday, the Canadian actor and his wife Blake Lively announced that they had pledged up to $ 1 million to fight civil rights injustices.

The grant was pledged to the ACLU and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, both of which provide legal support in support of the fight for civil liberties.

The couple will match all gifts up to a total of £ 1million.

Announcing the grant, Ryan posted on social media: “We still believe in you, 2021. Let’s help @ACLU and @naacp_ldf change it together.”

And: “Plus, can you believe that the challenges for democracy have never been greater and that Blake and I will match your contributions to @aclu_nationwide and @naacp_ldf?” ”

On his Instagram Stories, the actor best known for his role as Deadpool who completed the Wrexham AFC buyout with fellow actor Rob McElhenney in February said: “Honored and delighted to launch this.”

“THANK YOU ACLU and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund for your tireless work in defending rights and protecting civil liberties.”

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund thanked the couple. the couple’s charitable efforts on social media.

“LDF is extremely grateful to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds for matching all giveaways up to $ 1,000,000 split between LDF and @ACLU until October 8th.

“Their generosity comes at a critical time for our democracy.”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Image: Instagram / Blake Lively

It comes just a month after Ryan and Blake supported those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

They donated $ 10,000 each to help with the relief efforts.

Ryan and Blake met in early 2010 on the set of the otherwise best-forgotten movie Green Lantern. They got married on September 9, 2012 and have three daughters.

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NBC commissions thriller Bank Heist with Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe in series Wed, 22 Sep 2021 01:54:10 +0000

The end of the game is on NBC: The network has placed a serial order for the bank heist thriller, which stars Morena Baccarin (Gotham, Country) and Ryan Michelle Bathe (All stand up, First Wives Club).

The show centers on Baccarin’s Elena Federova, a recently captured international arms dealer and brilliant criminal mastermind who, even in captivity, orchestrates a number of coordinated bank heists. Bathe plays Val Turner, the principled, relentless and socially excluded FBI agent who will stop at nothing to thwart Elena’s ambitious plan.

More from TVLine

NYPD Blue vet Nick Wootton is the showrunner and will serve as an EP alongside The Fast and the Furious franchise veteran Justin Lin, who helmed the pilot. Other EPs include Jake Coburn (Arrow, Quantico) and Julie Plec (The vampire diary).

Baccarin played Lee Thompkins in Fox’s prequel to Batman Gotham and won an Emmy nomination as the wife of Nicholas Brody Jessica in the Showtime thriller Country. His other TV credits include V, The good woman and The mentalist. She also starred alongside Ryan Reynolds in the dead Pool movie theater.

Bathé recently reprized lawyer Rachel Audubon in CBS legal drama All stand up, which was called off over the summer after a two-season run, and made appearances on It’s us, Empire and The recruit. She also stars in the comedy BET + First Wives Club.

The end of the game the cast also includes Kamal Angelo Bolden (Chicago fire), Costa Ronin (Americans), Noah Bean (Nikita), Jordan Johnson-Hinds (Suit) and Mark D. Espinoza (Major crimes).

Launch gallery: 2021 Emmys: 16 of the best, worst and strangest moments

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Who is Summer Monteys-Fullam? Paul Hollywood’s ex-girlfriend who dumped judge Bake Off Tue, 21 Sep 2021 22:22:00 +0000

BAKE OFF judge Paul Hollywood will be back on our screens with the new series of The Great British Bake Off 2021.

While we’re all excited to finally see him back on our TV screens, let’s take a look at his past relationship with Summer Monteys-Fullham and who she is …


Summer Monteys-Fullam splits from Paul Hollywood in August 2019 Credit: Andrew Styczynski – The Sun

Who is Summer Monteys-Fullam?

Summer Monteys-Fullam is a 24-year-old former bartender who previously dated The Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood, whom she met in the summer of 2017.

Until November 2017, she worked at her local pub, the Duke William, in Ickham, Kent, but quit after getting fed up with her colleagues taking her new beau’s mickey.

Summer’s parents live in a £ 1million house and run a tattoo removal business in London.

Prior to working at the pub, Summer, who also has three sisters, had posed for a wedding magazine.

    Summer dumped her former beau Paul Hollywood


Summer dumped her former beau Paul Hollywood

Why did Summer Monteys-Fullam and Paul Hollywood break up?

The couple broke up in August 2019, with a source at the time saying “It’s over for good” and the former bartender was furious at her “controlling behavior.”

It had been reported that the beauty believed the TV chief would come up with.

According to The mirror, she thought a ring was on the way, because he had obtained a Nisi decree.

But without a proposal, and Summer’s reservations about her lover’s behavior, the couple broke up.

    Summer Monteys-Fullam had an argument with Paul Hollywood's ex-partner Alex Hollywood


Summer Monteys-Fullam had an argument with Paul Hollywood’s ex-partner Alex HollywoodCredit: Rex Features

Did Summer take on Paul Hollywood’s ex-Alexandra?

Yes – In February 2019, The Sun reported that Summer had a heated feud with her boyfriend Paul’s ex-wife.

The two men had passed each other while shopping at Marks & Spencer.

Witnesses said Alex Hollywood, 54, called Summer Monteys-Fullam, 23, a “bitch” and a “whore.”

Cops were called amid claims one of Summer’s party pounded on her window as it drove off after the row spilled into the parking lot.

Furious Alex told Summer, “Do you know how much you hurt my son?”

A client from Canterbury, Kent said: “I was totally disgusted with the language. She called the young woman a bitch and a whore.

“It’s just not the kind of behavior you would expect at Marks and Sparks.

But she also said, ‘Do you know how much you hurt my son? “, and that’s when you realize what it was about.”

But mum Alex insisted she was an innocent victim in the row at 4 p.m. – and called the police to complain about the harassment.

The fireworks began when the two men passed each other at the store checkouts. Summer was with her sister Saskia, 26, and mother Sabina, 48, while Alex was alone.

A friend of Alex’s said: “She was so shocked to see Summer that all she could say was, ‘Do you know how much you hurt my son?’

Summer laughed and started filming as Alex walked over to his car.

“That’s when the other women started verbally abusing her. Alex was shaken and called the police.

Kent Police confirmed they had witnessed reports of a disturbance, adding: “Investigations have been carried out in which all parties involved have received advice.”

Alex thinks it’s no coincidence that Summer has appeared next to her in the M&S queue.

A source said: “Alex would see this as a vindictive and childish summer. It looks like Summer is saying “f *** you” to Alex and “Watch this space!” To anyone who said her relationship with Paul would not last.

    Summer is a 24 year old former bartender


Summer is a 24 year old former bartenderCredit: Ray Collin – The Sun

When did Summer Monteys-Fullam date Paul Hollywood?

The couple first met in early 2017 when the star threw a birthday party for his wife Alexandra at the bar where she worked.

He reportedly loaned Summer his chauffeured Rolls-Royce for her 22nd birthday in May, before getting closer to her when he and his wife separated.

The couple were first romantically linked in November 2017 when Judge The Great British Bake Off drank and dined in the summer at London hotel The Dorchester.

A spokesperson for the star insisted at the time that there had been no romance.

On March 31, 2018, The Sun on Sunday exclusively revealed that Summer was taken by Paul to stay in a £ 1,000-a-night villa in Mauritius.

A source said: “Despite the appearance of a father and daughter, they looked each other in the eyes a lot and there is no doubt that they were a couple.”

Paul, who was born in Cheshire, gave Summer two ponies and also bought his young lover a £ 1million pillow after leaving his wife Alex.

They were regularly pictured kissing each other on public outings, however, the famous baker is not on her Instagram feed, nor on hers.

Then, on Friday August 2, 2019, The Sun exclusively revealed that Summer dumped judge The Great British Bake Off.

    Summer dated Paul Hollywood for two years


Summer dated Paul Hollywood for two yearsCredit: Instagram

Did Paul and his wife Alexandra get divorced?

    Paul is now divorced from his ex-wife and mother to son Alexandra


Paul is now divorced from his ex-wife and mother to son AlexandraCredit: Rex Features

Paul Hollywood of the Great British Bake Off and his wife Alexandra announced the news of their separation on November 20, 2017: “It is with sadness that we have decided to go our separate ways.

“Our goal continues to be the happiness of our son, and we call on the press and the public to allow us privacy as a family during this very difficult time.”

An insider told The Sun following the news of the split: “The truth is they worked really hard to save their relationship but just couldn’t recover from the damage that had been done.

“The more famous Paul became, the more attention he gained, and it strained the marriage.”

The estranged couple were divorced on Friday July 19, 2019 by District Judge Robert Duddridge of Central Family Court in London.

He granted a Nisi judgment, which is the first step towards finalizing the divorce.

Divorce is not complete until an absolute judgment has been issued.

Born in Cheshire, Paul met his wife Alexandra in Cyprus in 1996 while she was working as a diving instructor at the five-star hotel where he was the head baker.

They were married in this country in 1998 and had a son in October 2001 named Josh.

Paul, who is the son of bakery owner John F. Hollywood, and Alexandra nearly divorced in 2013 after reports spread that he had a romance with his American Baking Competition co-host, Marcela Valladolid.

The Great British Bake Off returns for 2021
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Bob Chapek defends Disney – Deadline Tue, 21 Sep 2021 19:41:00 +0000

Coincidentally, this morning at Goldman Sachs’ 30th Annual Communacopia Conference, Disney CEO Bob Chapek was asked about compensation for Hollywood talent in the wake of the upheaval of long-standing distribution models and the benefits of the studio in terms of being a place this talent wants to work in a direct-to-consumer market.

This question to the confab following an ongoing heated lawsuit with Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson, who sued Disney for loss of money over the theatrical release of PVOD Day and Date on Disney +, as well as the studio that repairs with Cruel star Emma Stone for a sequel.

Replied Chapek, “Disney has a long history of having very symbiotic and cooperative arrangements with talent and we will continue to do so.”

“Shang-Chi” entering homes on November 12, which Bob Chapek advertises as “Disney + Day”; Here is the range of content

Bob chapek

He added, without naming names: “The world is certainly changing, and future talent contracts will have to reflect the fact that the world is changing.

“We are in a time when movies were viewed with a common understanding of what the world would be like, because frankly, that hadn’t changed much,” he said.

“Remember, these movies were made three or four years ago; these agreements were made three or four years ago. Then they are launched in the midst of a global pandemic where this pandemic itself is accelerating a second dynamic, which is this change in consumer behavior. So we’re sort of putting a square peg in a round hole right now where we have a deal designed under a certain set of conditions, which actually results in a movie coming out under a completely different set of conditions.

He added: “So there is a bit of rest right now. Ultimately, we’ll think about it as we do our future talent contracts and plan for that and make sure it’s incorporated. But right now we have that kind of middle position, where we try to do well through talent, I think talent tries to do well through us, and we’re just looking for our way to bridge the gap. At the end of the day, we believe our talent is our most important asset, and we will continue to believe this, and as we always have, we will compensate them fairly according to the terms of the contract with which they have agreed to us.

Disney’s most recent maneuver in Johansson’s lawsuit saw the studio trying to push the legal battle into confidential arbitration, one that actress John Berlinski’s attorney criticized. Previously, following Johansson’s legal deposit, the studio had publicly criticized her, exclaiming through a spokesperson, “There is no merit in this deposit. The lawsuit is particularly sad and distressing in its callous disregard for the horrific and prolonged global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Disney has fully honored Ms. Johansson’s contract and, moreover, the release of Black Widow on Disney + with Premier Access has dramatically improved her ability to earn additional compensation on top of the $ 20 million she has received to date. The Oscar-nominated double’s agent slammed Disney for attacking Johansson’s character, leaving talent out of the studio’s streaming equation.

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I don’t know what a free guy is Tue, 21 Sep 2021 15:34:49 +0000

Gerard Butler isn’t quite up to date with Ryan Reynolds’ latest movies.

In an interview with UNILAD, the Scottish actor, 51, responded to comparisons for his 2009 film player to Reynolds’ recent action flick, free guy.

In player, Butler plays a death row inmate who participates in an online game in which strangers can control the players.

“I was hoping this was the moment, that people would understand. I thought it was genius,” he said. UNILAD from science fiction film. “It could have been done a little differently, but I really loved the comment he was making about where the world was going, especially in games and kind of losing us in this world, and technology and the world. man binding himself to the machine. ”

He continued, “But I didn’t feel like people really understood back then. It didn’t do amazing business. It became a bit of a cult classic, but I wasn’t aware of this resurgence. ”

Gérard Butler, Ryan Reynolds

Greg Doherty / Getty; Christophe Jue / Getty

RELATED: Ryan Reynolds says Free Guy gets a sequel midway through the successful opening weekend: “Woo Hoo !!”

As for its comparison with free guy, which stars Reynolds, 44, as a bank teller who soon finds out he’s actually a non-player character (NPC) in an open-world video game, Butler said he wasn’t not aware of the film.

“I actually don’t know what free guy is, “he said, as actress Alexis Louder (Butler’s co-star in the film, Copshop) informed him that it was Reynold’s last.

“Oh s — is it,” he said. “I don’t watch Ryan Reynolds movies.”

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free guy hit theaters last month after a one-year delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic – and Reynolds has already teased a potential sequel. After its 45-day theatrical release, the film will be available to stream on Disney +.

The film shattered expectations with an opening weekend of $ 28.4 million, grossing $ 51 million worldwide, according to Deadline. The feat is particularly impressive, given that the film is not based on existing intellectual property – intellectual property – like so many other major blockbusters, a point Disney has argued.

Copshop, which also stars Frank Grillo, is now playing in theaters.

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Canneseries unveils the competition’s lineup – The Hollywood Reporter Tue, 21 Sep 2021 10:23:11 +0000

French TV festival CanneSeries has unveiled the lineup for its 2021 event, a program that includes world premieres of some of the most anticipated international TV series.

This year’s cosmopolitan competition lineup includes Israeli dramas Sad city girls and Unknown, Russia Alice’s dreams, the italian series ChristianSerbian drama Awake, French spy drama TotemsGerman police drama The allegation, and the Argentinian melodrama Limbo … Hasta que lo decided. The Nordic territories are represented by the Finnish series Mister 8, about an over-performing career woman juggling high-profile work alongside seven separate lovers – and finding her lifestyle challenged when she falls for an eighth – and a Norwegian comedy-drama Compatriots, around four city dwellers who settle in the countryside and end up, almost by accident, founding Norway’s first halal cheese-making company.

Out of competition, CanneSeries highlights this year include the world premieres of two updated versions of TV classics: Around the world in 80 days, a new version by Jules Verne with David Tennant and Leonie Benesch (Babylon Berlin), and Sissi, an updated version of the Austrian royal classic about a teenage empress.

This year’s CannesSeries Festival will open with the World Premiere of Season 2 of All the way up (Validated) a French drama on Canal + about an aspiring rapper who, after being “validated” by one of the country’s hip-hop stars, quickly becomes his mentor’s rival. The series will be screened out of competition. The festival will end with the world premiere of the final season of Sky Italia’s acclaimed mafia drama Gomorrah.

The CanneSeries 2021 will take place from October 8 to 13 in Cannes.

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