Free Guy 2 may give Ryan Reynolds a better Disney franchise than Deadpool

Deadpool is one of Ryan Reynolds’ most successful films, but Free Guy 2 gives the actor a better Disney franchise because of that element.

Although Free Guy 2 has yet to be confirmed, it would arguably be a better Disney franchise for Ryan Reynolds than dead Pool. During the summer free guy has proven to be a huge success despite a drop in attendance in theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, the movie offered a refreshing take on what constitutes a Hollywood movie franchise. Looking ahead, this could be creatively beneficial for Reynolds.

What is important is that free guy was a very original idea. The story of Guy’s rise from a non-playable character in an open-world video game to a full-fledged hero was not a remake, reboot, or adaptation (all of which are major staples for studios). Plus, the perfect mix of slapstick action and comedy footage was reminiscent of Reynolds’ other action movie franchises, like dead Pool, that’s why Disney is right to Free Guy 2. It’s cinematic territory that Reynolds excels in and his fans love to watch.

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As refreshing as dead Pool was when it first came out, free guy 2 is the best potential Disney franchise for Reynolds precisely because free guy was fully autonomous. Indeed, all the narrative threads of the film were completely tied at the end. While the door to exploring more stories in Free City was certainly left ajar, there wasn’t too big a gesture towards the intention of sequels. This ultimately positions Free Guy 2 in a place where it can build a single IP, which unfortunately cannot be said of dead Pool. As exciting as it is, the Fourth Wall superhero will officially join the MCU in Deadpool 3 and by expanding his narrative in turn, he will essentially be part of a larger, strongly interconnected narrative and therefore must abide by the rules of the MCU.

Ryan Reynolds discovers the world of video games in Free Guy.

The founding element of dead PoolMarvel’s initial luster was that it shed light on a more mature perspective on the Marvel Comics film adaptation. That’s not to say, of course, that this was the first comic book movie to receive an R rating.However, it’s significant that at the height of the incredibly successful Marvel superhero franchises that arguably sweetened their comic book backgrounds, dead Pool dared to bring grainy, more violent and more adult themes to the screen. Therefore, dead Pool was singular in his approach to comic book film and his characterization of the superhero. It is a positive sign that Deadpool 3 will be an R-rated MCU movie, so the spirit of its standalone films will be present. However, the concern now is that Deadpool is indeed one of the many MCU hero franchises. Indeed, with the current roster of MCU movies in production and reports of many Disney + series in development, there is a risk that the superhero narrative will be out of date.

Especially, that of Reynolds Deadpool 3 will once again have a harder time parting with the MCU fray. All of his solo adventures will have to deal with larger, general MCU themes at some point. In fact, that interconnectivity is arguably one of the MCU’s biggest weaknesses right now. The new versions do not have the space to breathe on their own; instead, they often sacrifice the answer to their own narrative questions to lay the groundwork for future versions. That is why free guyThe isolated account is definitive proof that Hollywood franchise’s approach is wrong. As dead Pool, free guy is singular in that it is a blockbuster film that does not eclipse its own individual value to establish itself as a franchise. It offered a completely satisfying ending while leaving room for more. Now the beauty is that Free Guy 2 is free to go wherever he wants, ultimately giving Reynolds unmistakable narrative freedom.

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