Guy watches Deadpool on his phone to pass the time during robbery, gets called out for making small child behind him cry during gruesome scene

Surviving a flight in a packed plane, especially when there is serious air travel chaos in the world right now, can be a daunting mission. Luckily, a can of Coke, headphones, and a movie you’ve downloaded to your phone can make it if not really enjoyable, at least bearable.

That’s what the author of this viral r/AITA story did. “Downloaded a few movies on my phone including the second Deadpool,” wrote the 19-year-old who was on the flight to visit his parents.

While watching it on his phone with the headphones on, the part where Deadpool is torn in half happened. “I hear a (muffled) scream behind me.” The author looks back, and surely enough, there is a kid under the age of six crying because of what he saw.

Now the child’s mother steps in and before you know it there’s a scene on board.

Mom made a scene on a plane because her child got upset over an r-rated movie scene another passenger was watching on his phone

Image credits: Jep Gambardella (not the actual photo)

The passenger shared the whole incident in a post on the IATA subreddit

Image credits: Daniel McCullough (not the actual photo)

Image credits: 20th Century Studios

The author then clarified a few more points about the incident

Image credits: rmovieplanethrowaway

Internet users agreed that the only person responsible for this situation was the mother

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