Hellfire Gala Week One: Emma Frost welcomes the world

HELLS # 12

To close the first week of the Hellfire Gala, writer Zeb Wells and artist Stephen Segovia met the Krakoa misfits in HELLIONS # 12. Unsurprisingly, Greycrow, Orphan-Maker, Nanny, Empath, and Wild Child weren’t on the guest list. On the other hand, Sinister was thrilled to be a guest, if only to show off his latest fashions. Havok and Psylocke also made the note. And Greycrow was so impressed with Psylocke’s dress that he couldn’t hide his romantic interest in her.

Psylocke trusts Greycrow enough to put him in charge of the team in his absence. But it only took three hours for Greycrow to be frustrated, and he decided to interrupt the party alongside his teammates.

While Havok recently bonded with his fellow Hellions, he snubbed Greycrow and the others when they unexpectedly arrived. Psylocke was more generous and she claimed the team as her plus-one when Kid Omega tried to kick them out. The only other mutant who greeted the Hellions with open arms was Nightcrawler, but maybe that was simply because he seemed to have swallowed one too many bottles of foam.

Before that, Sinister openly dated the Avengers and chatted with Black Panther and Thor. Unfortunately for Sinister, Nanny took the opportunity to speak out against Sinister for his many crimes, which sent Odin’s son and the King of Wakanda to find an excuse to be elsewhere. Meanwhile, Havok tried to use his remaining influence to lobby for Madelyne Pryor’s resurrection. Magneto used this request to embarrass Havok when he reunited with his other ex-girlfriend, Polaris.

Speaking of ex, Wild Child also had an awkward reunion with Aurora, the woman he loved. It’s also clear that he still has very strong feelings for her. However, Aurora rejected Wild Child’s invitation to dance and maintained her emotional distance from him. Greycrow was actually very generous to Wild Child when he saw how much he was in pain. He advised Wild Child to demonstrate to Aurora that he has emotional maturity. Psylocke was suitably impressed with Greycrow’s gesture.

Unfortunately, Greycrow and Wild Child misinterpreted the situation. Aurora had already passed to Daken, Wolverine’s son. Greycrow was forced to intervene to prevent Wild Child from attacking Daken. Simultaneously, a very … “well-oiled” nanny … tried to kill Sinister, while Empath faced her former teammates Hellions, Catseye and Roulette. Back in HELLIONS # 1, Empath used her emotional powers to force Catseye and Roulette to try and kill each other. Now they’ve paid him back.

This was the last straw for the Hellions at the Hellfire Gala, as Magneto convinced Magik to teleport the team. Only Havok was able to stay at the party, largely by turning his back on his team. In the process, the Hellions could still see the telepathic fireworks promised by Emma. And again, you’ll have to wait for PLANET-SIZE X-MEN # 1 to see what they saw.

In the meantime, the Hellions have a new problem. Remember the Sinister clone that was killed in Otherworld during X OF SWORDS? Guess who hasn’t actually died and just returned to the island? Now there are two Sinisters on Krakoa, and that’s still bad news.

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