Hollywood Casino offers login bonuses to attract applicants

Hollywood Casino at Kanas Speedway needs to hire more people and even offers login bonuses to attract applicants. They have over forty part-time jobs and over twenty full-time jobs open.

All new hires in the Service, Security and Kitchen qualify for a login bonus of $ 1,500. This bonus is for full and part time positions and would be paid in thirds at 30, 60 and 180 days.

Jobs at Penn National Gaming, Inc. (icims.com)

The casino is to hire seven full-time servers who would be eligible for benefits, including medical and dental. It made a big difference for full time waiter Alexzandria Pierce.

“Now I can go to the doctor and do whatever I need to do. I wasn’t able to do that before and serve, ”she said. “Some people want a career, so with perks you can do it. “

There are four positions available for full-time security guards. Fredie Lee Bush has worked in security at the Hollywood Casino for almost a decade and loves people. He said attention to service and safety is essential.

“Make sure they don’t have handguns on them, don’t bring alcohol and just have a good attitude,” he said as we greeted the customers as they entered.

If you’ve ever wanted to work as a dealer in a casino, they have some outlets for that as well, no experience required.

“We would like them to go ahead and apply now because these dealer schools are running constantly and we really need you to come and smile and provide great customer service. We’ll teach you the technique, ”said Rick Skinner, vice president and general manager of Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway.

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