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The Oldenburg Film Festival, Germany’s largest independent film festival, is getting physical again, with a return to in-person screenings and galas for its 2021 edition. The 28th Oldenburg Film Festival will mark a return to the normal for the independent event, with the northern German city once again welcoming guests, the public and the international industry.

Oldenburg hosted a hybrid festival last year, combining online screenings with in-person events for a limited number of local guests and fans. The 2021 festival will incorporate some of these digital innovations – including live online screenings and Oldenburg’s patented ‘salon galas’ that saw locals attend festival premieres directly from their homes – as well as screenings and performances. traditional evenings on the red carpet.

Hollywood journalist will be Oldenburg’s exclusive international media partner and report from the grounds of the 28th festival.

Under the leadership of co-founder and festival director Torsten Neumann, Oldenburg has established a reputation as one of the world’s leading independent festivals, with a focus on world cinema outside of the mainstream. Along with its official selection of independent feature films – many of which are world or European premieres – Oldenburg also hosts a series of industrial events to bring together filmmakers, producers and financiers.

Neumann sees cooperation with THR as a recognition of the value of Oldenburg’s “continued promotion of young, independent cinema that is deliberately breaking out of the mainstream” and sees it as a sign “towards a paradigm shift” in the cinematic landscape.

“The growing dominance of streaming providers deprives cinema of its livelihood as a true home of cinema. If mainstream cinema continues to withdraw from mainstream channels to its own online platforms, this is an opportunity for independent films and cinema. This is exactly where the new cooperation between Oldenburg and Hollywood journalist will start.”

The mayor of Oldenburg, Jürgen Krogmann, said that the media cooperation with THR “Impressively shows, once again, the great international reputation of the Oldenburg Film Festival [a reputation] he won over 20 years. Looking forward to the 2021 event, Krogmann said he hopes for a return to the “festival feeling” that defines Oldenburg and “that we have missed so much in 2020”.

The 2021 Oldenburg International Film Festival runs from September 15 to 19.

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