Hollywood Stereotypes of Women Journalists Cultivate a ‘Vicious Circle’ of Sexism

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When a fictional female journalist appears onscreen, she may be trying to sleep with one of her sources. University of Florida researcher Dr. Frank Wadel says it’s a metaphor in the news media that infuriates real women and can have real-life consequences.

In shows like “House of Cards” and movies like “Thank You for Smoking”, female reporters quickly exchange sex and information. Depicts unethical behavior, even when having sex with sources has nothing to do with ambition, like reboots of “Sharp Objects”, “Top 5”, “Trainrec” and “Gilmore Girls” . I go.

“Over the past 20 to 30 years, Hollywood has really taken an interest in this. It’s incredibly consistent, ”said Wadel.

at the same time, Growing threat to women journalists.. According to a UNESCO survey of 901 journalists from 125 countries, 73% have been victims of online harassment. And 2019 survey Of female and male journalists in the United States and Canada, 70% experience threats and 85% believe they have become less safe in the past five years.

Wadel, an assistant professor at the University of Florida at the University of Journalism and Communications, wants to know who believes these sexist representations because studies show we are affected the most. I did. media We think it is realistic. Research Was announced in Journalism researchHe was surprised to find that there was no difference between men and women, or liberals and conservatives, who tended to have low levels of trust in the mainstream media. Not so surprising: those who already had a sexist belief about female journalists thought the description was believable. To reiterate, Wadel explains, these views are more firmly established and Vicious circle..

Understanding who applies to the distorted portrayal of women journalists is the first step in finding a solution, he says.

“It’s part of a very specific cake, but in the context of a larger conversation about declining trust in the media as a whole,” one of the University of Florida’s interdisciplinary consortia said on confidence in media and technology. The department, Wadel, said.

In his first concept of experimentation, Wadel wanted to oppose the reaction of women journalists to sexist representations in popular shows and films with positive reactions. He found nothing.

“I actually had such a hard time coming up with a positive example that I couldn’t do this part of the study,” he said. (“Spotlight”, Boston Globe Report Record Child sexual abuse In the Catholic Church, with one rare exception, Wadel feared the subject might distort the data. )

Hollywood can be a huge influence because most people rarely meet journalists in person. The way to counter this is with the general public. journalistWhether it’s due to an event at town hall, extensive social media interaction, or a creative approach to clearly explaining what’s going on in the newsroom, Wadel said. Said.

“I also hope Hollywood can do a better job of finding ways to dramatize journalistic practices,” he said. “People treat Women The newsroom has nothing to do with real life because it cannot recognize what it is looking at. “

New research reveals social media practices lagging behind in TV newsrooms

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T. Franklin Wadel, Do you think women journalists have sex with their sources? Test the association between sexist beliefs, mistrust of journalists and the perceived realism of fictitious women journalists, Journalism research (2021). DOI: 10.1080 / 1461670X.2021.1938636

Quote: Hollywood Journalist Stereotypes are from https://phys.org/news/2021-06-hollywood-stereotypes-female-journalists-vicious.html on June 15, 2021. Cultivate a Vicious Circle (June 15, 2021)

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Hollywood Stereotypes of Women Journalists Cultivate a ‘Vicious Circle’ of Sexism

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