How Deadpool, Punisher, Wolverine and the Avengers fought the Marvel Universe

From Wolverine and the Punisher to Squirrel Girl, some of Marvel’s most famous have taken the rest of their universe on their own.

Before taking the Marvel Cinematic Universe by storm, Shang-Chi makes a triumphant return to comics in another titular series. This time around he’s in charge of his late father’s criminal cult, the Five Weapons Society, and he’s trying to turn the tide in every way. Sadly, that puts him at odds with just about every other hero in “Shang-Chi vs. the Marvel Universe”.

However, this isn’t the first time readers have seen a hero take on almost everyone, and the only way to see how he compares to the story is to walk down a very bloody memory trail.

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Punisher kills the Marvel universe

In 1995, Frank Castle faced off against every other costumed vigilante he could think of in what would be one of the bloodiest stories the Marvel Universe had ever seen. The Punisher kills the Marvel Universe of Garth Ennis and Doug Braithwaite reimagined the origin of the titular antihero in an even more tragic way than usual, with Frank Castle’s family being killed in the crossfire between the Avengers and the battling X-Men against a Kree / Skrull invasion. After witnessing the aftermath of the tragedy, Frank threw a hail of bullets at the overpowered mob, killing several X-Men as well as Hawkeye. Despite being imprisoned for his crimes, Frank was broken up by a wealthy benefactor and tasked with eliminating anyone who claimed to be superhuman, culminating in a final and fatal showdown with Daredevil from which no victor strayed.

Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher

Limited edition in four parts from 2010, Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher by Jonathan Maberry and Goran Parlov, gave readers a glimpse into a gruesome world where nearly every hero and villain on Earth had been turned into a cannibalistic predator, and the only man able to handle it was none other than Frank Castle . Accidental exposure to a dangerous chemical left Frank immune to its effects, although once he found his way through the water system there was no hope for the rest of the world. What started with Spider-Man eating the Rhino on live TV as the world watched quickly turned into an all-out apocalypse led by former Kingpin of Crime and then current King of Fear, Wilson Fisk. Again, no overkill target count could prove to be too high for the Punisher, and the Marvel Universe has fallen in front of him in no time.

Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine

Jonathan Maberry returned the following year with artist Laurence Campbell for Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine, following the titular hero during the Fall of the World which was shown in Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher. Wolverine was in the hockey stadium where Spider-Man consumed the Rhino, but after the Fantastic Four intervened, Logan’s life returned to normal for the most part. At least, until Psylocke disappeared, and when she finally did arrive, it was like the remains of her recovered corpse. Once it became clear that the infection had spread to the mutant homeland of Utopia, Wolverine took it upon himself to eliminate any infected members of the X-Men he could find, as well as any others who got in his way, including the two from the Marvel Universe. the biggest brawlers.

Deadpool kills the Marvel universe

2012 witnessed one of the most brutal massacres ever committed during the events of Deadpool kills the Marvel universe by Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic. Set in an alternate universe eerily similar to the main Marvel Universe, Wade Wilson was delivered by the X-Men to Doctor Benjamin Brighton in hopes of curing his debilitating and violent madness. Unbeknownst to the heroes, Doctor Brighton was none other than Psycho-Man in disguise, and when he tinkered with Deadpool’s mind, he eradicated all the little voices in Wade’s head and replaced them with one. Sadly, all that voice wanted to do was kill, as it was very aware of Deadpool’s existence as just a piece of fiction. And so, with no other voice to interrupt, Deadpool listened and launched a bloody crusade through his own universe over the course of four issues before focusing on all of the fiction itself in Deadpool: killed the next year.

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Marvel Universe vs. Avengers

The overkill horror story continued in 2012 Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers by Jonathan Maberry and Leandro Fernandez, giving readers a glimpse into what happened to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes during the cannibalistic plague that overtook their world. When the Avengers and SHIELD lose control of New York after failing to find a cure for the virus, they are forced to kill each other as each former ally turns around. When hope finally arrives, it is in the hands of Doctor Doom, who has truly developed a way to tackle the epidemic – although he is only willing to share it with the rest of the world once he does. he is crowned emperor. Of course, it doesn’t take long for Doom’s benevolent facade to fade into something much more sinister.

Squirrel Girl defeats the Marvel universe

2016 was the year Squirrel Girl took the entire universe by storm in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl beats the Marvel Universe! by Ryan North and Erica Henderson. During her meeting with Tony Stark, Squirrel Girl is caught in a strange room after an attack by the High Evolutionary flunkies supported by her Humanimals Evolved. In the end, the bedroom was a duplicating device, and soon enough, two Squirrel Girls are ready to save the day. When the Squirrel Girl clone proves to be as unbeatable as the original, no hero in the world has a chance to stop their plot to replace the humans at the top of the food chain. No one other than an original Squirrel Girl wielding Mjolnir.

Deadpool kills the Marvel universe again

Deadpool returned to slaughter every cloak he could once again in 2017 Deadpool kills the Marvel universe again by Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic. The series begins with the bloody and fresh corpse of Gambit before readers see Deadpool igniting his own Avengers Unity Division team members with just a few simple words spoken by MODOK Soon it becomes apparent that some of the world’s greatest villains have been brainwashed. Merc With a Mouth and turned him into their own personal assassin. Unfortunately, Wade couldn’t help but murder the entire world population of heroes at the behest of his villains, but he could turn his attention to them once the initial bloodshed was over.

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